Sui is a decentralized Layer 1 delegated (dPoS) blockchain that redefines asset ownership, providing everyone with equal access to its programs.[15] Sui was developed by , a company founded by , , , , and Kostas Chalkias, and was launched on May 3, 2023.

Overview And Name Origins

Sui is the water element in Japanese philosophy. The power of the sui element lies in its fluidity, its ability to easily adapt to and transform any environment. Similarly, the Sui platform seeks to provide a flexible network that a user can leverage to shape the landscape. The Sui platform is built on Sui Move, which is derived from the core Move programming language. [1]

Sui could run on Sui , Sui Testnet, and Sui Devnet networks. Sui is a  platform maintained by a permissionless set of validators that play a role similar to validators or miners in other blockchain systems.


Parallel Execution

In traditional blockchain networks, when a transaction is created, it is included in a block, and if someone trades the token on a , it is included after the first transaction, sequentially. But with Sui Blockchain's Parallel execution system, instead of executing one transaction after another, users can perform multiple transactions at the same time. It could handle up to 120,000 transactions per second. [7]

Gas Fee

In traditional blockchain networks, gas fees rise and fall based on network demand. Sui runs in a sequence of 'epochs' (24 hours). Each epoch is managed by a validators' committee. From one epoch to the next, the validators set has no right to be reordered. Instead of gas prices fluctuating minute by minute, it remains stable over a 24-hour period. [6]

Features For Web3

Few other features that the Sui blockchain supports are:[4]

  • On-chain and traditional finance (TradFi)
  • Reward and loyalty programs
  • Complex game and business logic
  • Asset tokenization services
  • Decentralized social media networks
  • Upgradable NFT

Components of Sui Blockchain

  • Objects - Sui has programmable objects built and managed by Move-powered , also known as Objects.
  • Transactions - Any modifications and updates to the Sui ledger are described by transactions. Sui employs the state-of-the-art Bullshark protocol to order transactions involving shared objects.[10]
  • Validators - Independent Validators manage the entire Sui network on different machines, each running a unique version of the Sui software. [5]

Sui Move

Move is a programming language specifically designed for the Libra blockchain, now known as Diem. It was developed by Facebook's Libra project, which aimed to create a global digital currency and financial infrastructure. Sui Move is an open-source language for writing safe . Sui Move can define, create, and manage programmable Sui objects representing user-level assets.[12]


Object Centric Global Storage

In Core Move, global storage is part of the programming model. When a module is published, it’s stored in a newly generated module address inside Move. Current cannot handle storage-heavy applications such as marketplaces and social apps. There is no global storage in Sui Move. None of the global storage-related operations are allowed in Sui Move. When a module is published, it is stored in Sui storage, instead of Move storage.

Object ID's

A special address type of 16 bytes is used to represent addresses in core Move. Core Move needs to know the address of an account when dealing with global storage. In Sui, the address type is used to represent the Object ID.

Key Ability

In core Move, the key ability is used to tell that the type can be used as a key for global storage. Sui requires any struct with key ability that starts with ID field with the ID type. The ID type contains both the Object ID and the sequence number.

Module Initializers & Entry Points

Core Move modules are published through Move kernels. It is called through global storage operators. Sui Move modules are published into Sui storage. It has entry functions that can be called directly from Sui. [13]

Organization & Community

  • SUInami DAO is a built on the Sui . This innovative platform allows individuals and organizations to participate in a self-governing and transparent ecosystem that is designed to empower its members.[2]
  • 'Sui'piens is a one-stop community for all Sui blockchain news feeds. It provides updates on Sui ecosystem.[3]
  • The Sui Foundation is an independent organization that is dedicated to the advancement and adoption of the Sui network/blockchain. The Foundation fulfills its mission by educating, activating, funding, and promoting builders and creators within the Sui ecosystem.
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