The Potatoz

The Potatoz is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs that feature rarity-powered traits inspired by internet memes and pop culture. Each Potatoz is an entry ticket into the ecosystem. [1][2]


On July 20, 2022, The Potatoz was launched as a free mint on the by 9GAG[3] - an internet meme community that created the   project. It became a top 150 collection in less than 69 days. [4]

“Each Potatoz is your entry ticket into the great Memeland ecosystem. They make for a great side dish, but some may feel a calling to become the main course.” -  the Potatoz notes


Holders of Potatoz can participate in the ‘stake to win’ mechanism and, on August 6th, 2022, 9GAG[3] launched the “GROW-TO-WIN” (staking) system and website. This function is similar to the ‘Nesting’ feature of , which is essentially a form of to evolve it from Stage 0 to Stage 5. [4]

The Potatoz website states:

“Potatoz represents the base-level membership of . You are not only part of the fun and energetic community, and you are like a co-founder of Memeland!”

Potatoz are companions of . They are described as small, strong, cute, and killer. Holding a Potatoz grants access to private club membership, tickets for a weekly prize draw, allowlist spots, and IRL (in real life) events, and whitelist privileges in upcoming 9GAG[3] drops and projects. [4]


Growing The Potatoz

Stage 0 (Type): Much like the life cycle of any authentic potato, the Potatoz initially started out as seeds in pixelated dirt. [5]

Stage 1 (Mutation): It is possible to stake one's NFT and watch it grow its stalks. [5]

Stage 2 (Element): Users who have nurtured their Potatoz for 14 days will now be in the next stage, where the stalks will grow into their individual elements. These potatoes are not ordinary, and the NFT will start to be revealed, beginning with the bottom. [5]

Stage 3 (Size): In 14 days, the Potatoz NFT will start growing. Stages 4 & 5 include the final stages of growth of The Potatoz . [5]

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The Potatoz


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