BlockBeats becomes the first Chinese source of crypto knowledge for IQ GPT


Thu Oct 19 2023

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IQ GPT is an AI-powered assistant for blockchain knowledge powered by (formerly Everipedia), that empowers users with real-time, relevant blockchain knowledge. It provides reliable crypto insights from diverse sources, catering to exploration, development, and trading needs. With streamlined research processes and context-specific content, it helps you stay informed in the ever-evolving blockchain domain.

Established in 2018, BlockBeats has solidified its reputation as a trusted Chinese source for the latest developments in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency industry. With a comprehensive coverage of both domestic and international blockchain news, it has become a vital resource for enthusiasts, professionals, and investors alike.

IQ GPT has been trained on data from information platform CoinGecko, The Associated Press, Korean crypto news outlet CoinNess, InvestHK, the Hong Kong Government's Department of Foreign Direct Investment, decentralized finance (DeFi) content provider Flywheel DeFi, and's repository of encyclopedia entries. By joining forces with BlockBeats, IQ GPT aims to further enhance its capabilities in delivering precise and timely information to its users.

"We are excited to partner with BlockBeats," said Navin Vethanayagam, the Chief Brain of "We see Asia as the future and BlockBeats is the leader in Chinese language reporting for the blockchain industry. This collaboration will undoubtedly enrich the experience of users looking for a global perspective on markets as well as Chinese users seeking high-quality, reliable cryptocurrency information."

"BlockBeats proudly supports in its mission to enhance the accessibility and reliability of blockchain knowledge through the application of artificial intelligence," stated Thomas Zhang, the Executive Editor of BlockBeats. "Through this strategic partnership,'s decentralized app (dApp) will be amplified, harnessing the full potential of AI to overcome challenges within the crypto industry."

"IQ GPT, an innovative solution, empowers users with a comprehensive tool that caters to diverse needs, including learning, development, and trading activities," continued Thomas. "As a pioneer at the forefront of making blockchain information more accessible, scalable, and trustworthy, is set to revolutionize the blockchain landscape."

BlockBeats' role as IQ GPT's first Chinese language crypto information source is a testament to the platform's dedication to providing diversified, reliable, and globally relevant data. This partnership will strengthen both organizations' positions in the industry and empower individuals seeking to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency world.

BlockBeats and IQ GPT are committed to revolutionizing how knowledge is accessed, making it easier for anyone to stay informed in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency. With this partnership, users can expect an even more streamlined and enriched experience when chatting with IQ GPT in Chinese.

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About IQ GPT:

IQ GPT is a groundbreaking AI-powered assistant designed to provide precise and up-to-date information in the cryptocurrency space. Through the use of advanced algorithms and machine learning, IQ GPT empowers users with the freshest insights into the world of cryptocurrencies.

About BlockBeats:

Founded in 2018, BlockBeats is a distinguished blockchain research institution and information platform. Its comprehensive coverage of international and domestic blockchain news has made it a trusted source for professionals, enthusiasts, and investors in the cryptocurrency sector.

About IQ

The IQ token is a cryptocurrency dedicated to building a more intelligent future through artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia. integrates AI for tasks including summarizing wiki articles. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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