Age of Tanks

Age of Tanks is a 3D turn-based play-to-earn strategy game that uses and  technology to allow players to own, create, and command a fleet of tanks in order to conquer Earth Zero and dominate the battlefields.[1]


In many aspects, Age of Tanks is comparable to the well-known . In this game, users must assemble a tank crew to fight in turn-based tactical battles. These  tanks, like Axies, will be produced and minted and should be made up of a variety of various pieces.[2]

The tanks that users will like to create can be pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different parts and abilities, much as axies can be pure breed or a hybrid of many different types with many different parts and abilities. Each tank component has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. And because of this approach, they can make each combat a unique experience.

The idea is to mix and match tank parts and custom squads to create an unlimited number of strategic options.[3]

Game Plot

The game begins with a narrative set in the year 23100. Earth Zero is a fictional planet that exists in the universe. The ozone layer that once shielded the earth is no longer present. There were enormous sand dunes in lieu of the previously dazzling turquoise waters. The sky rage with turbulent winds when exposed to strong solar storms, which frequently kick up dust, resulting in sandstorms that blanket the whole globe. The Earth's desolation may be traced back to a single catastrophe, the 2nd Impact.[4]

Comet C/16505 was predicted by scientists, and in the face of hardship, all of Earth Zero rallied together. Scientists developed a weapon that may knock the comet out of its orbit, preventing it from being destroyed. As the globe's saviors rocketed towards the skies, the world erupted in applause.[5]

The outcome, on the other hand, was erroneous. C/16505 shattered on contact, which was the first hit. As the splintered comet continued speeding towards its destination, the entire planet screamed. The comet's fragments scattered over the sky, raining fire down on the world. The second impact occurred after that. It was never known if the bits of C/16505 or the aftermath of storms and ashes were responsible for the loss of ozone. What was certain was that elements from C/16505 and Earth's elements mixed in the midst of the pandemonium.[6]

Brodium, the most valuable element of all, is the result of this process.[7]

Humans from Earth Zero, or Champions, scattered around the globe in the aftermath of the second catastrophe, seeking sanctuary wherever they could. Eventually, towns will be built around water sources and oasis areas. Champions learn to be resource-efficient in order to survive in such a severe environment. They assemble any old technology and antiques they can find to create durable machinery. Because of their frugality, they became territorial, and tensions arose between the surviving cities.

Brodium's enormous strength was found through an accidental encounter. AOT, a process of purifying Brodium to its real essence, was devised as research continued.[8]

Soon after, champions began to emerge. Some are motivated by an idealistic desire to unite all of Earth Zero, while others are motivated just by greed. On this planet, where sea transport was irrelevant and the flight was hopeless, the battle for domination was fought on land.[9]

With the ability to construct and assemble armored vehicles, Iron Forges became the ultimate power. AOT is controlled by whoever controls the tanks. Whoever has the power of the AOT has control of the earth.[10]


Age of Tanks' dynamic campaign advancement and leveling system rewards players as they go through the game. As they go through the campaign's stages, players can continue to gain experience points to improve their champion Level.[11]

Champions are subsequently combining old and new technology to create weapons or armor. These blueprints and parts would be brought to the Iron Forge for further development and assembly once they were complete. Champions who have amassed enough parts to create tank fleets will practice their talents in the arena against other Champions.[12]

Gamers can either sell the components they've collected or build a super tank out of four separate sections for conquest and conquest. Every part has its own set of skills, with some having specific extra traits to use on the battlefield, providing for endless strategic possibilities Tanks will be minted into actual  and exchanged in the NFT marketplace once they have been assembled.[13]


Players will begin with a Сhampion and a Basic Tank and will scavenge for Brodium in Campaigns, Brodium Arenas, and Player versus Уnvironment battlegrounds. Once a user has enough Brodium, they may spend it to unlock mysterious Warchests of various rarities (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic). Each Warchest provides a random part of selectable rarity, such as a Hatch, Gun, Hull, or Engine, which may be used to manufacture greater rarity parts or put together a Tank.


When users have a part inventory, they may enhance it via Forging. Forging is the process of combining common components that have been farmed in order to obtain stronger pieces of higher rarity. Parts utilized in the forging process will be incinerated. While new components are being created, old ones are being burnt or removed from circulation. Because players must sacrifice components to enhance their Tanks, this technique overcomes the problem of overcrowding. As a result, supply and demand will remain balanced, causing rare components and NFT to become more scarce.[14]

Gamers may keep farming to improve their tanks to Ultimate War Machines since they can acquire, assemble, and upgrade new pieces into their own unique tanks.

Battle and Conquer

The Player versus Player arena is one of the game's most important elements, allowing players to compete for Brodiums and $A.O.T tokens while climbing the rankings. The better the benefits, the higher a gamer's rank. Top players will also be awarded $A.O.T tokens at the end of each season, which will function as an incentive for the more professional scene.

There are 3 main types of different PVP Arenas.

1v1 Brodium Arena

Brodium awards are offered for basic tanks and tank NFTs, and players will battle it out with one tank apiece.

1v1 $AOT Arena

For $A.O.T awards, players will compete with one tank each. In this arena, only tanks having four pieces of Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mystic can compete. In $A.O.T., there will be a seasonal ranking with better incentives.[15]

7v7 $AOT Arena

There are three methods for forming a team.

  • They can use their own seven tanks.
  • Join forces with a pal(s).
  • Users can send up to six of their tanks to be randomly matched with other players and formed into a team.

Matchmaking will take into account a variety of parameters such as rank, recent match outcomes, the player's skill level, tank qualities, and so on. A system like this would allow users to match-make with other players who have comparable general talents, increasing gaming satisfaction and allowing them to earn $AOT at a faster rate.

Monthly tournaments will be held in Age of Tanks, with top-ranking players competing for tempting prizes like as $A.O.T, limited edition parts/tanks, and so on. This competition will be dubbed King of the CHAMPION. CHAMPIONS become restless as their authority grows. They frequently look beyond their borders to buy territory on which to build their own base. It was time to unite Earth Zero, whether through ideology or greed.

Earth Zero's metaverse is one of the most important features, as it will provide a wide range of options for gamers to engage and satisfy the game's social component. It's a good idea to have a fleet with a variety of ships so you can compete against different opponents. When a player's CHAMPION achieves a particular level and controls a "LAND," he or she can pay a nominal price to form a guild.

To improve the quality of their Guild membership, Guild Masters might impose Guild membership criteria. Any player can join any guild if they match the guild's conditions. Guild invites are another way for players to join.

Tanks Features

There are four main parts of a tank in the game: Engine, Base, Hull, and Gun. Each component has five different rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mystic, each with its own set of characteristics and looks.

These pieces can be obtained by unlocking the mysterious warchest with Brodiums collected during gaming. Gamers can also choose to make their own secret warchest or buy one. In addition, players may buy individual parts and even fully constructed NFT tanks straight from the game's NFT marketplace.


To unlock Warchests and gain new pieces, Brodiums are necessary. Brodium costs vary based on the Rarity of the Warchest selected.

Brodium is an in-game resource that may be obtained through PVE campaign conquest or PVP Brodium battles. Brodium may be utilized to open a mystery warchest of varying rarities. Brodium acquired is unique to each CHAMPION and hence cannot be exchanged or transferred.

Brodium Mine

Humans discovered the incredible potential of Brodium while on a mission to unearth buried old technology, whether by coincidence or fate. Brodium quickly became Earth Zero's primary energy source. Dominus would construct mines to harvest them on a regular basis in order to power cities and refine it.


Energy is the most important resource in the game; every Champion will have daily energy replenishment to carry out PVE and PVP conquests.

Having additional tanks increases the daily energy threshold (excluding common tanks). This energy distribution aims to achieve a real balance in how time, money, and abilities impact the game's "play to earn" component.

Earth Zero Land

Being a Dominus (landowner) on Earth Zero implies having users' own facilities to boost $AOT and Brodium production and get their champion closer to the grand prize. Gamers may buy and possess property on Earth Zero in order to build different military complexes. NFTs and smart contracts will be used to represent the land and facilities. The game gives players a variety of options for collaborating on a common objective and pooling resources to influence the Dark Earth's ever-changing environment. Dominus can allow other players to collaborate and contribute to their territory, allowing them to construct together.

$A.O.T Token

Age of Tanks' digital native money, $A.O.T, is developed on the  to support the ecosystem. The primary goal of introducing $AOT tokens is to create a fair and transparent payment mechanism amongst gamers, making the ecosystem more dependable and secure. The $A.O.T token was launched at a price of U$0.10 per token on three launchpads: Seedify, Enjinstarter, and Metaplay. On December 1, 2021, the token was added to PancakeSwap.

Wining PVP battles, achieving seasonal top-ranking, owning a $A.O.T Refiner, and selling Tank NFT or components in the in-game marketplace are all ways for players to acquire $A.O.T tokens.

They can be used for:

  • Forging components and minting Tank NFTs.
  • Using the in-game marketplace to make a purchase.
  • Gamers are rewarded for their active participation in the game environment.
  • DeFi Staking allows players to receive staking incentives as a percentage of game income.

AOT also gives players the authority to make crucial decisions about the ecosystem's development based on token holders' votes. There will also be incentives for voters to participate in the election process.

$A.O.T Rewards Pool

When players play and participate in-game, they will be awarded $A.O.T from the Rewards Pool. At 0000 hours (GMT+8) the next day, the Rewards Pool will be accounted for, and $A.O.T will be credited to the Player's account. The daily $AOT Reward Pool St is determined by the amount of $AOT used in the system.


' strategic partners include:


1.Jackson NeoThe One | Co-FounderJackson is a proven serial entrepreneur with over 15 years in the Fintech sector managing several multi-million dollar projects. A veteran brand strategist, early blockchain adopter, decentralized evangelist, and lifelong gamer, he's passionate about creating awesome teams and powerful DeFi products. His go-to games include NBA 2K and Dota2[35]
2.Maestro SimMorpheus | Co-FounderMaestro has a successful track record of more than 15 years which includes high-profile leadership positions and recognized sales achievements in the Fintech sector. He spearheads the business and product development of our game through design thinking and collaborative ideation. He likes to think outside the box and dream up creative incentive models to keep players engaged. His favorite game is King of Glory.[36]
3.Kelvin IsseyThe ArchitectThe creative brain of the house, Kelvin has bagged multiple awards for his works. Integrating his natural eye for design and a drive to inspire dynamic ideas, he had directed and produced various commercials for clients such as Bentley, Citibank, LV, Google, Sony, Red Bull, Nokia and Universal Studio. With his unique blend of creative vision and business sense, Kelvin is the ultimate candidate to captivate our consumers. His favorite game is Clash of Clans.[37]
4.Lucas LuThe OracleLucas is a highly creative writer and concept illustrator that builds both the game logic and metaverse that lays the foundation for our games. Directing a solid aesthetic across our games, he is a witty dreamer, adventurer, and above all, a true nerd gamer. His favorite game is Dune and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.[38]


  • Tank (Lead Game Developer)
  • Shuan Sung (Dozer)
  • Brian Tan (The Keymaker)
  • Kenneth Ang (Link)[39]


Q1 2022

  • CEX Listing
  • Website reloaded
  • Alpha game
  • INO
  • NFTs airdrop for $A.O.T. stakers
  • Beta game

Q2 2022

  • Full game
  • Advanced NFT staking
  • Marketplace
  • Iron forge
  • Guild system
  • Concats Academy
  • champion center
  • Land & facilities sale
  • Governance DAO

Q3 - Q4 2022

  • Brobot companion
  • Cross-platform system
  • Multi-chain feature
  • NFT Bridge
  • Cross-game skin designs
  • Champion battler
  • NFT burning
  • Game upgrade
  • Open-world Metaverse[34]
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Age of Tanks


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