Arthur Britto

Arthur Britto is the Co-Founder and President of PolySign and Founder at . He is also an Angel investor. He has never been interviewed, photographed, or spoken to public forums. Rumors -or better put, conspiracies - have circulated that he does not exist. But, a former advisor to Ripple confirmed he'd met Britto many times. Ripple's communications team also confirmed Britto's true name and identity.


In 2011, Britto began to develop the XRP ledger with David Schwartz and . In 2012, he formed Ripple (the company was called NewCoin Inc at that time) with Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen.[3] He used to run an old Bitcoin exchange called Prior to Ripple, he served as Chief Executive Office at Information Access Technologies Inc. , one of the first ISPs.[1]
Britto had served in an advisory role in Ripple Labs until April, 2019.[4]
From 2006, Britto filed patents to protect 13 inventions. The listing includes patents applications that are pending as well as patents that have already granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).[2]

Personal Life

Britto joined Twitter in August 2011 but hasn't tweeted. He has always been hidden from the general public. There are no known pictures of him. A Ripple's spokesperson explained in 2019 that Britto was an introvert, super private, and had no desire to be a public figure due to personal reason.[4]

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Arthur Britto


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