Baby Doge Coin

Baby Doge Coin is a deflationary that was created as a spinoff from . It was launched in June 2021 and is built on the , making it -compatible. [1]


Baby DogeCoin was launched on June 1st, 2021 to be a decentralized meme project with a purpose. According to the "Woof Paper,"[8] the goal of Baby Doge Coin is bringing crypto to the average person and helping dogs in need. The team behind it has donated to several animal charities, and the token itself has been successful, posting a return of more than 3,500% at one point. [1]

Although Baby Doge Coin had an initial supply of 420 quadrillion tokens, almost 43% (180 quadrillion) were burned, which means they were destroyed. Since then, the development team has continued burning tokens monthly. These burns are a way to manage the supply and potentially increase demand, but they don't always coincide with price increases. [1][9]

Baby Doge Technology

Baby Doge Coin is a token built on the (BSC), providing enhanced speed and efficiency compared to other , resulting in lower gas fees and transaction processing times as quick as five seconds. [9]

The Baby Doge Protocol imposes a 10% fee on each transaction, with half of this fee (5% of the original transaction) redistributed to all existing Baby Doge Coin holders through a reflection mechanism. [9][10]

The remaining 5% is divided equally once more. Half remains as Baby Doge Coin, while the other half is converted to (BNB 4.18%). Both tokens are then deposited into a BABYDOGE/BNB liquidity pool on (CAKE 1.36%), facilitating trading between Baby Doge Coin and Binance Coin while maintaining liquidity in the pool. [9][10]


BabyDoge Swap

BabyDoge Swap, the decentralized exchange of BabyDoge, provides discounted swap fees for BabyDoge token holders, making swapping more effective and enhancing the user experience. [9]

Prepaid Card Integration

By loading BabyDoge onto a prepaid card, holders can spend their tokens like any other currency. Fiat is loaded onto the card after depositing BabyDoge, enhancing its real-world utility. [9]

Token Locker Contract

BabyDoge provides a token locker contract for free on both BNB and ETH chains, which contrasts with competitors charging a percentage of tokens and a fee. [9]

AI Image Generator

Users can use Baby Doge to pay for creating memes, content, and other AI-generated images. They can also mint these images into NFTs by paying with Baby Doge. [9]

Gaming Integration

BabyDoge has created a chess game that allows users to play against each other and integrates tokens, adding a new dimension to BabyDoge's utility. The company aims to develop more games for its community in the future. [9]

Payment Integration

BabyDoge can be used as a payment method for various services, such as Uquid, PIP, AntX, Travel Care, NowPayments, and CoinPayments. [9]

Community Token Gated Discord

A unique aspect of BabyDoge’s utility is the creation of a community token gated discord. This creates a space for community members to interact, discuss, and collaborate, reinforcing the sense of community. [9]

Exclusive Merch

BabyDoge holders can purchase exclusive merchandise, fostering a sense of community. [9]

BabyDoge NFTs

BabyDoge NFTs consist of 10,000 unique NFTs on the . Users can use the BabyDoge NFTs to play inside the as BabyDoge. Each Baby Doge was constructed algorithmically by mixing a variety of traits with different possibilities in the following categories: Background, Clothing, Fur, Eyes, Mouth, Headwear. [10]

Baby Doge Mechanism


With every transaction involving BabyDoge, a 5% fee is levied. This fee is then redistributed to all existing holders of BabyDoge. This means that by holding BabyDoge tokens, users can receive more Baby Doge tokens over time as transactions take place. [8]

LP acquisition

Another 5% fee is charged on every transaction, which is split into two halves. One-half is sold by the into (Binance Coin). The other half of the BabyDoge tokens are paired automatically with the previously mentioned BNB and added as a liquidity pair on Pancake Swap, The BNB half acquired through this fee is used to power the project in various ways including but not limited to covering project expenses and facilitating donations to charity, while the BabyDoge half is . [8]


BabyDoge has a built-in deflationary mechanism with over 50% of the total supply . This means they’re permanently removed from circulation. This burn isn’t a one-time event, but it happens continuously with every transaction. Because of the Reflection mechanism, over 50% of the 5 % redistribution fees are burned with each transaction. [8]

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Baby Doge Coin

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