BingX is a exchange founded in 2018 serving over 10 million users worldwide. It offers various products and services, including spot trading, derivatives, copy trading, and asset management. [1]


BingX operates as a crypto social trading network, offering a range of services such as spot trading, derivatives trading, copy trading, and grid trading. [2]

The trading platform offers various services, including spot trading and grid trading. Spot trading enables users to trade cryptocurrencies like at the current market price, while grid trading involves placing multiple buy and sell orders at different price levels to profit from market fluctuations, minimizing risks and maximizing gains in volatile markets. [2]

Additionally, BingX provides spot grid copy trading, a feature that enables users to replicate the trading strategies of experienced traders. Engaging in copy trading allows users to leverage the expertise of others and enhance their trading outcomes without the need for continuous market analysis. [2]

BingX has sponsored events such as Taipei Blockchain Week and TOKEN 2049, and has been nominated in Trading View’s Broker Awards. [3][4][5]

BingX Dual Price Mechanism

The BingX Dual-Price Mechanism includes the mark price and the last price, providing protection against abnormal market conditions and minimizing the risk of forced [6]

The dual price mechanism operates using two prices: the market price and the index price. The market price, also known as the last traded price, represents the most recent transaction between a buyer and a seller on the BingX platform. The index price, on the other hand, is derived from multiple leading spot exchanges to accurately reflect the market-wide spot price. [6]

To ensure fair trading and reduce the risk of forced liquidations, the dual price mechanism uses the index price as the reference price for liquidations rather than the market price. This helps protect trades from abnormal market conditions that may occur due to exaggerated price fluctuations. [6]

Guaranteed Stop Loss

The Guaranteed Stop Loss feature helps traders protect their positions during market volatility. Using this feature provided by BingX, traders can effectively reduce potential losses. This solution allows traders to set a predetermined price level for their stop-loss orders. When the market reaches this specified price, the order is automatically executed, minimizing losses. This ensures position protection during sudden price swings and volatile market periods. [7]

BingX Wealth

BingX Wealth offers financial products to help users grow their crypto holdings. It provides an asset management service designed to optimize users' idle funds and generate steady returns. BingX Wealth offers guaranteed principal deposits with competitive , covering mainstream asset classes like , , and . [8]

BingX Wealth's guaranteed principal deposit option includes two types of earnings: Flexible and Fixed-Term, with durations of 30 days and 90 days. Fixed-Term deposits are tailored for users seeking predictable returns with competitive , while Flexible deposits allow users to manage their assets conveniently, with the ability to subscribe and redeem as needed. Both options accommodate diverse asset management preferences. [8]

There are no transaction fees associated with subscribing to or redeeming these products, enabling users to maximize their earnings. BingX maintains high standards of security and reliability, having undergone and passed the Proof of Reserves (POR) audit to ensure reserve backing for user assets. The exchange employs risk management systems, security measures, and infrastructure to enhance the safety of user funds. [8]

Social Trading

In social trading, users can follow experienced traders and replicate their trades automatically for a fee. This feature provides access to different market insights and helps users improve their understanding of digital investments. [9]

Copy Trading involves an experienced trader initiating a position and sharing relevant information for other traders to replicate. This activity occurs regularly on social copy trading platforms such as BingX. [10]

Once a cryptocurrency trader demonstrates proficiency, they may have numerous individuals copying their trades, potentially reaching 100-200. [10]

Utilizing social trading on BingX offers several advantages: [10]

  • Market insights: Observing the actions of other traders provides valuable information about market trends, aiding in making well-informed trading decisions.
  • Learning opportunities: The social trading platform serves as a learning environment where users can glean knowledge from more seasoned traders, refining their skills and expanding their understanding of trading techniques.
  • Time and cost efficiency: By following established traders and replicating their strategies, users can save considerable time and effort that would otherwise be spent on developing their own trading approaches.
  • Collaborative atmosphere: BingX's social trading platform fosters a community of interconnected traders, allowing for the exchange of ideas and experiences between experts and novices alike.

Elite Traders Program

The Elite Traders program consists of high-performing traders who have demonstrated a track record of successful investment strategies. [1]

Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a feature in crypto trading that enables ordinary investors (copiers) to replicate the trading signals of elite traders with ease and align with the trader's trading pattern. [11]

Elite Copy Traders Program

The Elite Copy Traders Program (referred to as "the Program") is a trader incentive scheme introduced by BingX for Copy Trading. Its goal is to provide additional rights and benefits to traders who consistently engage in copy trading and to cultivate a positive social trading environment where skilled traders are recognized. [12]

Rule Overview: Traders are evaluated based on metrics like Account Assets, Copiers, Trading Volume, or Copy Assets (real-time equity of copiers) to determine the rights and benefits they will receive. Traders are categorized into different account levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, each offering corresponding resources and benefits such as increased profit share, additional salary, and rewards. [12]

Affiliate Program

BingX offers an affiliate program to content creators, community leaders, social media influencers and key opinion leaders who are looking to monetize their traffic. The platform offers its affiliates up to 50% of commissions on trading fees, daily settlement, and a 100% proof of reserves. [13]

It offers services such as a user management platform where users can track their earnings and promo data in real life, exclusive promotion campaigns, exclusive support and industry leading products. [13]

Global Broker Program

The program offers the opportunity to earn commissions through trading on BingX’s Perpetual Futures and Spot markets. Participating brokers receive rewards based on their trading volume and fees generated on BingX, with additional bonuses for successful referrals who complete the broker onboarding process. Brokers involved in the BingX Broker Program enjoy several advantages, including up to 55% in trading commissions, daily settlements, and other financial incentives. BingX also provides specialized API support tailored to individual needs, including rate limits and other exclusive services. Additionally, the company offers round-the-clock support, ensuring brokers have continuous assistance for any queries or technical guidance. Furthermore, brokers can access support for personalized marketing plans. [14][15]

BingX Charity

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

BingX partnered with Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC), a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting whales and dolphins. WDC, founded in 1987, focuses on ending captivity, stopping whaling, and creating safe seas. The collaboration aimed to ensure the long-term survival of marine mammals through financial support, efforts to end captivity, and symbolic adoptions. It sought to raise awareness of marine wildlife challenges and garner global support for preserving marine ecosystems. [17]

Hurricane Otis

BingX Charity, the philanthropic arm of the cryptocurrency exchange BingX, announced a donation of basic necessities to assist communities in Acapulco, Guerrero, and surrounding areas in Mexico affected by Hurricane Otis. In response to the natural disaster, BingX collaborated with its local team to support relief and recovery efforts. [16]

“BingX wishes to express its solidarity with residents of Acapulco and reaffirms its commitment to support the community as much as possible during this difficult situation,” said Megan Nyvold, Head of Branding at BingX. “At BingX, we believe that blockchain technology and crypto can do good for global communities. In times of crisis like this, it is essential to come together as one and provide support. Our donation is a small step toward the recovery of Acapulco, and we are committed to continuing to provide assistance to the best of our capabilities.”

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