Core Wallet

Core is a non-custodial wallet browser extension developed by Ava Labs, an open-source platform for creating . It is designed to enable users to securely access and utilize technology powered by . [1]


Launched in June 2022, Core is a comprehensive operating system built on , integrating Avalanche apps, Subnets, bridges, and into a seamless browser experience. It simplifies Web3 access on Avalanche, offering automated functions like token portfolio management. It transforms the wallet into a multi-purpose platform, featuring nine primary functions at launch, including bridging , token swapping, and cash funding. With Ledger compatibility and support for multiple addresses, Core caters to experienced and new users, welcoming Bitcoin users to Avalanche's ecosystem. [1]


is a platform known for its decentralized application ecosystem, emphasizing interoperability, decentralization, and scalability. It utilizes a robust consensus mechanism to achieve near-instant transaction finality, enabling rapid processing and verification in under 2 seconds. Developers can leverage Avalanche to create application-specific or utilize existing Subnets in various programming languages. Avalanche is energy-efficient and can operate on consumer-grade hardware, consuming minimal energy compared to other blockchain networks. It offers compatibility with Solidity for developers and supports custom VMs for advanced use cases. With its scalable consensus, Avalanche ensures security even with thousands of validators concurrently. Custom blockchains deployed on Avalanche can also accommodate specific rulesets tailored for compliance purposes. [2]


Seed Abstraction

Developed by Ava Labs, Seed Abstraction was introduced into the Core app in December 2023. It is a method for generating and managing keys for . Unlike traditional methods that rely on , seed abstraction allows users to create and handle keys using familiar Web2 methods like Gmail and Apple logins. This approach aims to simplify the user experience while maintaining security and custody over digital assets. With Seed Abstraction, users can utilize the same seed across various blockchains, potentially streamlining cross-chain transactions. [3]

“Core unifies the key tenets of by enabling simple, frictionless, and seedless onboarding while preserving self-custody and high security. Core’s users are free to choose their favorite form(s) of sign-up, login, and recovery without any trepidation or anxiety. ” - Akash Gupta, Head of Consumer Products at Ava Labs.

Core Web

In October 2022, Ava Labs introduced Core Web, a user-friendly and comprehensive platform designed for seamless interaction with Web3 on the Avalanche network, Avalanche Subnets, and . It is tailored to work with the Core browser extension, offering users a hassle-free experience. Core's primary goal is to simplify the user experience, allowing users to concentrate on their on-chain activities without being bogged down by technical complexities in navigating the Web3 landscape. [4]


Launched in March 2023, Discover is an educational platform within the Avalanche ecosystem, providing users with curated content to enhance their understanding of . It offers a personalized experience tailored to individual interests, allowing users to delve into specific topics of interest. Integrated into Core Web, Discover provides a convenient and accessible way for users to explore and expand their knowledge of cryptocurrency in a simplified manner. With Discover, users can stay up-to-date on the latest projects, crypto news, and events on Avalanche. [5]


In June 2023, Ava Labs launched AvaGPT, an AI-powered user assistant chatbot, to the Core app. AvaGPT was developed through a partnership between Kapa AI, the service provider for ChatGPT, and integrated into the Ava Labs Core platform. [6]

“The two things [AvaGPT] is providing is answering general questions for Avalanche users quickly, while also letting them still access our support team. It was out of an effort to help answer questions quicker and get to the source material immediately.” - Ava Labs Technical Product Manager Kieran McShane.

Core Mobile

In December 2023, Ava Labs launched Core Mobile, a free mobile designed to cater to both experienced users and beginners in , ensuring the security of crypto assets and digital collectibles through self-custody. The wallet is optimized to provide swift and intuitive access to the expanding , , and gaming networks on the blockchain, with added support for , , and EVM-compatible . Core mobile addresses typical issues found in wallet applications, offering a fast and user-friendly experience for connecting to Avalanche and other EVM-compatible chains. [7]

“Core mobile is designed to give people maximum control over their crypto, while ensuring the product is intuitive enough for anyone to use. Mass adoption is coming, and Core will be the gateway for people who want a single platform that can do it all without the hassle of multiple wallets.” - Nick Mussallem, SVP, Head of Product at Ava Labs.

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Core Wallet

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