Echelon is the gaming ecosystem behind , with its native token PRIME. It is a non-profit organization focused on establishing and supporting a gaming and Play-to-Earn (P2E) ecosystem for game developers. [1][2]



TCG is a science fiction-themed trading card game. Beta access began in July 2023. Players can utilize PRIME in Parallel through designated products and experiences known as PRIME Sinks and earn the token within Parallel through gameplay. [3]

Parallel Colony

Parallel Colony is a simulation game where players collaborate with an AI Avatar to manage a mining colony. Each avatar is in control of a 6551 wallet, signifying ownership of digital assets, including and PRIME tokens. [4]


Games within the Echelon ecosystem have access to a range of technologies provided by the Echelon Prime Foundation. These technologies are accessible to members of the Echelon ecosystem through the utilization of Echelon's software tools and Software Development Kits (SDKs). [5]


Inb0x is a messaging tool created for applications. It employs end-to-end encryption to enable secure communication to and from addresses. Users can connect to inb0x using their wallet (with additional wallet options expected in the future), engage in conversations with the owner of a specific wallet, make offers on , and utilize ENS to contact wallets through their associated ENS address. [5]


A Bond refers to a player-formed collective within the Echelon ecosystem. These Bonds are designed to span multiple games within the ecosystem and accumulate distinct privileges and functionalities in each game. [5]

When a player is a member of a Bond, their in-game username will include the name of their respective Bond. [5]

The functionality for private messaging within Bonds will be facilitated through inb0x. [5]


The pack reservation system, known as PR[SYS], is a proprietary NFT distribution mechanism. PR[SYS] allows projects issuing NFTs to efficiently manage, package, and fulfill orders in a manner that minimizes strain on the Ethereum network. It also enhances the user experience by significantly reducing instances of "gas wars" and automated bot purchases. [5]


The Faucet serves as an additional method for distributing NFTs. Users with access to the Faucet can acquire an NFT by paying a gas fee to initiate the transaction. Upon activation, the Faucet randomly allocates one NFT from a pre-defined set. [5]

Echelon Foundation

The Echelon governance body should comprise 11 members, each from distinct categories: player representation, game development studios, technical expertise, security expertise, economics expertise, and legal expertise. At least one community member should be included in each of these categories. [5]

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