Fastex is a comprehensive solutions ecosystem in the space, functioning as a centralized hub for various offerings under its brand umbrella, including the FTN token, ftNFT, and Fastex Verse. [1]

SoftConstruct, a software development company, powers Fastex.[1]


Founded by in 2017, Fastex operates as a derivatives exchange platform, facilitating spot and OTC trading across a broad range of crypto and and offering various order trading types, including limit, stop-limit, market, stop-market, trailing stop, trailing stop-limit, and trading API, with futures and leveraged tokens planned for future implementation. The Fastex wallet is a unified solution for all services within the Fasttoken ecosystem, including the NFT marketplace, Fastex payments, and multiple decentralized applications. [2]

Additionally, Fastex provides a unified payment services system that encompasses both online and hardware payments. It also introduces a cryptocurrency-to-cash mechanism through cryptocurrency ATMs, enabling users to directly convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat and withdraw cash instantly from the machine. This unified system operates alongside the Fastex cryptocurrency exchange, allowing users to share and utilize the same wallet for all transactions and operations involving both fiat and cryptocurrency. [2]

Fast Channels

FastChannels are a variation of state channels, designed to enhance processing speed and scalability by moving gaming processes and data transfer off the main . This strategy reduces the frequency of blockchain interactions to initiating games and synchronizing the latest state with the blockchain. Shifting processes off-chain significantly reduces costs by making data transfers between the and the user independent of the blockchain, free of charge, fully verifiable, and cheat-proof. Users can engage in multiple simultaneous games without experiencing latency, lag, or other limitations. FastChannels consist of two main components: [2]

  • Channel Contract: This component stores the latest channel state, including account balances, prizes, and random numbers.
  • Off-chain Channel: This component stores the current state data locally on each participant's device and is fully verifiable by the smart contract using the algorithm during the signing process of off-chain messages.


Bahamut Chain

Bahamut operates as an EVM-compatible layer1 blockchain, featuring a new called Proof of Stake Activity (POSA). The Bahamut Chain unveiled its Sahara Mainnet on May 3, 2023, introducing its execution layer, Caravan, and consensus layer, Bedouin. Since it shares similarities with EVM, developers can create and launch on Bahamut using familiar programming languages and tools. Using EVM and PoSA, Bahamut works to establish a scalable and secure blockchain network that accommodates various decentralized applications and use cases. [2][3]

ftNFT Marketplace

Founded in 2022, the ftNFT is an platform dedicated to providing digital solutions to users of all levels, whether experienced or new to the technology. The platform ensures accessibility to NFT technology through a marketplace within the Fastex ecosystem and physical NFT stores in the UAE. Through the marketplace, users can participate in activities such as buying and selling digital assets. [2][4]

Phygital NFT Space

In March 2023, Fastex expanded its ftNFT marketplace into Phygital NFT Space, a store specializing in NFTs in Dubai Mall. The space provides an interactive environment to explore NFTs firsthand and learn about their technology and possibilities. It also offers virtual reality services and solutions, including 3D avatars and rooms within the . [5]


FastexVerse serves as a metaverse platform within the Fastex ecosystem. It enables users to create and use 3D avatars to engage with the digital realm of Fastex and access all its products and services seamlessly, eliminating the need for site or currency switching. Developed internally atop the Panda MRB2B metaverse platform by SoftConstruct, FastexVerse provides a unified environment for users to navigate and interact within the Fastex ecosystem. [2][6]


Cerebrum enables entrepreneurs and enterprises to digitize their businesses regardless of size or location. It offers a platform where companies can be managed directly from a three-dimensional space, providing the tools to enhance digital presence and offer an interactive experience to customers. Users can purchase virtual spaces, showcase and sell products and services, and organize events such as concerts, exhibitions, and virtual tours. [7]

Fasttoken (FTN)

Fasttoken (FTN) is the official token of the Fastex ecosystem and the native currency of the Bahamut blockchain. Within Bahamut, FTN is the , facilitating , block creation, validation mechanisms, and cross-chain operations. Initially launched as an token, FTN functions as a within the SoftConstruct ecosystem, enabling users to settle various business and personal transactions across SoftConstruct's products and services. [2]

The FTN token sale comprised four phases: presale, private sale phase 1, private sale phase 2, and public sale. The initial exchange rate of FTN was 1 FTN = €0.15. Initially, the lowest price was offered to the SoftConstruct network's workforce and close relatives. During the token sale, 30% of the total token supply was available, with proceeds directed towards improving product delivery rates, marketing, PR, and brand recognition and expanding the Fasttoken team to enhance development and delivery rates. Fiat and major cryptocurrencies were accepted during the FTN Token Sale. As the token is ERC-20, any supporting wallet is compatible. The public sale was conducted via an IEO, following the payment and wallet rules of the Exchange overseeing the process. [2]

Fasttoken was audited by , a security company, in October 2022, and the summary was four issues were found, with three being resolved and one being acknowledged. In the same month, Hexens, a cybersecurity company, also audited Fasttoken and discovered seven issues, which were resolved. [8][9]


The FTN Token was based on ERC-20 standard. A total of one billion (1,000,000,000) FTN Tokens were issued in a single TGE within 30 days before the commencement of the FTN token sale. No further token issuance was possible other than that envisaged in the TGE. [2]

The distribution of FTN was as follows: [2]

  • Founders: 20% of the total supply was reserved for the Fasttoken team and founders for future distributions and to attract strategic partners. According to the smart contract, the tokens remained locked for 24 months and were gradually unlocked at 10% per month.
  • Advisors: 3% of the total supply was allocated to the advisory board as a reward for their contributions to the project. According to the smart contract, these tokens were locked for a 12-month and unlocked at a rate of 10% per month.
  • Partners: 6% of the total supply was issued to selected partners based on their market share, contribution to the SoftConstruct network, and partnership longevity. These tokens were released immediately.
  • Ecosystem: 24% of the total supply covered various operational costs, such as providing liquidity for cryptocurrency exchanges and managing payment systems. These tokens were released immediately.
  • Blockchain: 12% of the total supply was reserved and released on Bahamut to support the initialization and operation of the blockchain. These tokens provided easy access to Bahamut's native currency without the need for ERC-20FTN conversion.
  • Marketing and PR: 10% of the total supply was held to cover marketing and PR expenses, released immediately.
  • Presale: 6% of the total supply was offered to SoftConstruct's workforce and partner network, with a vesting period of 9 months. The presale was conducted via the Fastex exchange.
  • Private Sale Phase 1: 8% of the total supply was offered to institutional investors and veteran blockchain industry participants, with a lock-up period of 12 months. Afterward, the tokens unlocked gradually at a rate of 10% per month.
  • Private Sale Phase 2: 10% of the total supply was offered to individual and corporate investors, with a lock-up period of 12 months. Afterward, the tokens unlocked gradually at a rate of 10% per month.
  • Public Sale: 1% of the total supply was offered to the public and released immediately. The public sale occurred via the Fastex exchange as an Initial Exchange Offering.
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