GT Protocol

GT Protocol is a decentralized investment pool protocol incorporating AI technology for both and .[1][2]


Founded by Peter Ionov and Vlad Balaban in 2019, GT Protocol has developed from a startup into a significant player in the industry, offering a range of crypto products. With a team of over 45 employees across Europe and Asia, the protocol focuses on and development.

Its flagship product, an AI-driven crypto manager, is designed to facilitate trading, market analysis, algorithmic trading, IDO investments, purchases, and tailored educational content.

The protocol aims to make crypto trading more accessible by providing a conversational interface for managing investments and online purchases, rewarding users with GTP tokens. It seeks to simplify crypto transactions and offer comprehensive AI-driven tools through its API SDK to enhance user experience.[3][2][4][5]

Blockchain AI Execution Technology

The GT Protocol ecosystem integrates AI Execution Technology, which is designed to enable users to execute various crypto commands, such as trades, swaps, and investments, through text or voice prompts to the AI model.

This technology strives to simplify crypto investment and trading for Web 2.0 users while enhancing the user experience for professionals.

Its features include portfolio management, automated trading, market analysis, trading signals, arbitrage trading, management, shopping assistance, and onboarding and education. Users can interact with the , , , and markets using the conversational interface, facilitating seamless management of crypto portfolios and receiving automated reports on mobile devices.[6][7]

Investment Protocol for Web3 decentralised funds

The investment protocol integrated into the GT Protocol ecosystem aims to facilitate decentralized funds management for .

It provides a platform for fund managers, hedge funds, venture capitalists, and professional traders to create -based funds, intending to securely raise and manage liquidity from investors without the ability to withdraw or misuse funds.

This technology seeks to offer investors a secure means to provide liquidity and invest in various , , and strategies, with the goal of mitigating the risk of fund theft or rug pulls.[6][8]

GT Protocol API SDK

The GT Protocol API SDK aims to provide a means for third-party platforms to integrate GT Protocol features, including GT AI Execution technology and GT decentralized funds, into their systems.

This integration aims to incorporate AI-driven assistance and investment functionalities, such as , , investments, AI trading, and market analysis, accessible through an AI interface within their applications.

Vendors can choose to integrate pre-vetted pools offered by the GT App team or utilize the technology to create their own -based funds. Integration requires a setup fee in $GTAI tokens or transactional fees deducted from user transactions for $GTAI swap transactions on platforms.[6][9]

GT App

The GT App aims to provide a comprehensive platform for users to access , , and markets, offering features such as investment marketplaces for investors and funds management tools for managers. 
It also facilitates AI and algorithmic trading for traders, allowing seamless execution of deals and asset purchases across various platforms.

Additionally, users can create and list custom strategies in the marketplace for transparent profit-sharing collaborations.[6][10]

AI Shopping Assistance

The GT AI system aims to streamline users' daily tasks by providing support with various activities, such as booking hotel, restaurant, and flight tickets, along with facilitating online purchases.

It assists users in finding high-quality products at competitive prices and favorable delivery terms, offering the opportunity to earn crypto cashback in $GTAI tokens. Users can reinvest their earned crypto cashback to grow their crypto portfolio.

Moreover, GT AI offers tailored tips and crypto education based on each user's level of knowledge and expertise. With over 2.3 billion individuals making online purchases worldwide in 2022, GT Protocol endeavors to onboard 100 million users to its ecosystem in the next four years.[6][11]


GT Protocol Token ($GTAI)

The $GTAI token plays a crucial role within the GT ecosystem, aiming to offer several utilities such as profit fee discounts, reductions in transactional and trading fees, and fees associated with vendor services like API and SDK operations.

It also facilitates the creation and listing of funds in the marketplace. Users can receive cashback payouts in $GTAI tokens through AI shopping assistance.

Holding $GTAI tokens aims to grant eligibility for participation in votings and provides access to special GT passes, offering fee-free access to GT products.

Additionally, token holders may stake $GTAI tokens to earn rewards and contribute to the GT AI model learning process or engage in community activities to earn tokens.[12][4]

Token Allocation

The total token supply for GT Protocol is 75,000,000 tokens, with a circulating supply of 3,840,000 tokens. As of March 2024, this is the allocation:

  • Private: 26% (Unlocked: 0.52%, Locked: 25.5%)
  • Liquidity: 20% (Unlocked: 5.15%, Locked: 14.8%)
  • Ecosystem Incentives: 12% (Unlocked: 0.33%, Locked: 11.7%)
  • Team: 10% (Unlocked: - , Locked: 10%)
  • Marketing: 9.00% (Unlocked: 0.36%, Locked: 8.64%)
  • Staking Pools: 5.00% (Unlocked: 0.21%, Locked: 4.79%)
  • Seed: 4.00% (Unlocked: - , Locked: 4.00%)
  • Public: 4.00% (Unlocked: 1.13%, Locked: 2.87%)
  • Advisory: 4.00% (Unlocked: - , Locked: 4.00%)
  • DAO: 4.00% (Unlocked: - , Locked: 4.00%)
  • KOLs: 2.00% (Unlocked: 0.46%, Locked: 1.54%)[13][14][15]


The governance framework of GT Protocol is structured around its model, which aims to encourage community involvement in decision-making processes. members are invited to participate in voting events to express their opinions and contribute to the protocol's development direction.

Eligibility for voting requires possession of $GTAPPxDAO tokens, distributed to participants of Seed and Private rounds as outlined in SAFTs. These tokens function as proxies for voting in decisions and offer utility within the GT Protocol platform.[16]

GT Protocol Ambassador Program

The GT Protocol Ambassadors Program offers participants the opportunity to engage in various social media tasks, with the potential to earn , $GTAI, and rewards. Ambassadors gain exclusive access to a range of events, including updates and announcements, aimed to foster connections with fellow enthusiasts.

Additionally, membership grants access to additional sweepstakes and exclusive opportunities, providing unique experiences within the community.[17]


  • Peter Ionov: CEO and Founder
  • Vlad Balaban: CBDO and Founder
  • Alex: CTO
  • Ksenia: CFO[5]
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GT Protocol

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