IceCreamSwap, founded in June 2022 by Simon K., is a offering multichain support for various . Operating on a fully decentralized and trustless model, it utilizes unmodified Uniswap V3 for security. IceCreamSwap is the first and largest on the Bitgert blockchain.[1][2][3][4]


IceCreamSwap serves as a multi- ecosystem aiming to facilitate trading, bridging between , and earning passive income in a non-custodial manner, ensuring users maintain control over their assets.

As a , it enables token swapping, liquidity provision, and rewards. Originally working through Uniswap V2, IceCreamSwap is now leveraging Uniswap V3 for security.

Operating as a multichain exchange, IceCreamSwap facilitates various functions across different networks. It currently provides support for several chains, including , Neon EVM, Shimmer EVM, Scroll, , Telos, Bitgert, , Doge, Fuse, XODEX, , and (Testnet).

Through its platform, users can engage in bridge operations, swap and provide liquidity for tokens, participate in farming activities, stake assets, and access essential network information.[2][3][4][5]

From V2 to V3

IceCreamSwap has transitioned from utilizing Uniswap V2 to V3, altering its liquidity provision and trading strategies. Uniswap V2 employs the constant product model, while V3 introduces concentrated liquidity, intended to enhance capital efficiency and provide finer control over trading. V3 also offers multiple fee tiers and liquidity positions.

This transition brings benefits like lower trading costs and customizable strategies but may pose challenges, including added complexity and potential liquidity limitations.[6]

AI DEX Aggregator

IceCreamSwap incorporates an AI-powered aggregator, simplifying liquidity access across ) via a unified interface. This aggregator employs sophisticated algorithms to identify efficient trading paths, consolidating liquidity across chains.

It aims to distinguish itself by optimizing trading opportunities, facilitating smooth execution through route simulations, and offering an accessible API for seamless integration into external platforms.[7]

KYC Delegator System

IceCreamSwap has introduced a delegation system to address the growing concerns of scams on . The system allows project founders to delegate their verified status to their , displaying a badge in the token list.

This initiative aims to enhance safety and trust within the platform. Upon verification, users and projects receive a soulbound token, indicating their status. Verified projects gain additional functionality and community trust, while users can access and participate in community activities. [8]

Token Locker

IceCreamSwap has implemented a Token Locker feature with the aim of enhancing fund security and stability for tokens listed on its . This program allows users and projects to lock their tokens for a specified duration, after which they can claim the tokens.

The Token Locker is deployed on multiple chains including Network, Bitgert chain, and Dao chain, intended to ensure transparency and immutability of transactions.

By locking tokens, projects can mitigate potential risks such as rug-pulls, while also reducing selling pressure on their tokens, contributing to price stability.

Additionally, users have the flexibility to lock any token of their choice for a customizable period on IceCreamSwap.[9][10]


IceCreamSwap introduced ICEPAD, a Multichain LaunchPad designed to facilitate secure project launches on the Dao Network. ICEPAD serves as an incubator, aiming to provide transparent fundraising opportunities through early user contributions.

It emphasizes transparency and fund security by conducting checks on new projects to prevent fraudulent activities. ICEPAD utilizes a unique IDO model to ensure equitable token distribution based on project tokenomics, with Softcap and Hardcap models implemented for fundraising objectives.

Users can participate in token sales using ICE tokens, and token distribution is determined by the amount of ICE contributed during the IDO.[11]

Token Deployer

IceCreamSwap offers a Token Deployer tool designed to streamline token creation for project developers in the sector. This tool enables developers to input essential token details like name, symbol, total supply, and initial liquidity through a straightforward interface.

Once entered, the Token Deployer automatically generates and deploys the to either the Base or chain, based on the selected network. This process is intended to be trustless, allowing users to create tokens efficiently without direct involvement from the IceCreamSwap team.[12]



IceCreamSwap Token (ICE)

The ICE token functions as the native and for IceCreamSwap's , initially established on the Bitgert chain. It is available in different variations across multiple chains, including , Telos, , and Shimmer EVM.

Users have the opportunity to generate passive income through or farming activities with the ICE token. Additionally, ICE token incorporates a deflationary mechanism with a buyback feature.

As new functionalities are introduced, ICE aims to provide increased profitability for its holders and users. The total supply of ICE tokens is capped at 10 million, with a current supply of roughly 400,000.[13][14]

IceCreamSwap StakedCore Token (SCORE)

The StakedCore (SCORE) token, introduced by IceCreamSwap, aims to enhance staking on the DAO network through .

Users convert tokens to SCORE, staking them in the section of the Satoshi Plus Consensus mechanism. This process automatically compounds rewards, increasing the SCORE token's price. SCORE closely tracks the price of while consistently outperforming it due to additional staking rewards.

Unlike traditional staked tokens, SCORE remains accessible for utilization like other tokens. Introduced on February 25, 2023, via Twitter, users can hold or use the SCORE token within .

The deposit and withdrawal processes for SCORE tokens are managed through IceCreamSwap's SCORE smart contract, simplifying conversion between and SCORE. Additionally, IceCreamSwap aims to establish a substantial /SCORE for seamless trading.[15][16][17]


CertiK Audit

In 2023 IceCreamSwap underwent a rigorous security audit by CertiK, a top security firm, affirming its commitment to user safety and trust in the space. Enhanced security measures, including a system and smart contract audits, bolster the platform's credibility and mitigate potential scams. [18]

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