Keungz is the founder of , , Kubz Relics, AV Yacht Club, and YogaPetz. He is an investor in startups and blue-chip projects, as well as a long-term advisor to Memeland. Keungz has a collection in the ecosystem as a way of enabling on-chain 2-factor authentication (2FA) to strengthen the guardian wallet's security. [1][2][3]

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Keungz resides in Hong Kong. He has a degree in computer engineering from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. [2]


Keungz had over 15 years of experience in software development and management before becoming an / veteran. In November 2021, he joined Cyberkongz to release Keungz #46, an NFT on ERC721X developed to secure users’ NFT wallets. The following year, he launched his own NFT collection, the Keungz ecosystem, which consists of , , and Yogapetz. [2][4][5]

Keungz Collection in Cyberkongz

In 2021, when , a gorilla-themed NFT collection, released the ERC721X standard to provide more security for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Web3, Keungz was among the first people to implement the standard to create the NFT Keungz #46 collection and other collections. [3][6]

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Keungz Genesis

was released in 2022 and minted as an auction the same year. The successful bid price was 5 Ether, and the total supply was 432. Holders of all have the advantage of being in the YogaPetz ecosystem, where they can get Kubz airdrops (both and Ordinals) and two free YogaPetz airdrops. [7]


represents the second-tier level of the Keungz ecosystem and, like , was minted through an auction. Holders enjoy priority access to all projects created or advised by Keungz, as well as exclusive membership in the members-only channel within Keungz Discord. Here are the benefits of holding Kubz NFTs: [2]

  • Three Kubz holders are guaranteed a whitelist (WL) spot for YogaPetz.
  • Six Kubz holders are guaranteed a WL spot for YogaPetz Resort.

In summary, each of the six holders will have a total of two guaranteed WLs for YogaPetz and one guaranteed WL for YogaPetz Resort. [7]

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