Kubz is a collection of 10,000 pixelated lion cub NFTs living on the blockchain. Kubz represents the second-tier level of the Keungz ecosystem, providing access to all Keungz-related projects, including YogaPetz. The Kubz is mainly used for relics and a gateway to NFTs from various collections. [1][2][3]


Kubz holders are allowed to partake in the Keungz play and earn game-to-win prizes ranging from ETH to NFTs. They also have exclusive access to the members-only channel within the Keungz Discord, along with priority access to all projects created or advised by . Many people aim to get the Kubz relic, as it houses the most random and valuable NFTs from multiple collections. [1][2][4] Users who own Kubz NFTs can also own Kubz Relic, Ordinal Kubz, , and . In June 2023, KUB 01 #1 became the most expensive Kubz NFT sold at $8,000. [5]

Objectives of Kubz

Kubz works in three phases: [3]

Phase 1: Baby Keungz

  • Baby: Exp + Level + Gear
  • Breeding
  • Adventure play and earn

Phase 2: Hold/Play and Earn

The steps involved in this phase are: [3]

  • A team of 3 is to be formed using Genesis or Kubz
  • Spirituality is used to join and defeat enemies
  • Enemies are defeated to win prizes such as 1,000 ETH+ NFTs and tokens

Phase 3: Gashapon

This is another phase where: [3]

  • Gashapon machines allow holders to earn tickets to draw different rewards (daily, weekly, or monthly).

  • Rewards include different bluechip NFTs, tokens, gears, etc

  • More prizes are being added continuously

Treasure Freemint for Kubz NFT Holders

  • One Kubz NFT equals one Freemint
  • From the freemint, only uncommon/rare/legendary treasure can be gotten: 75% Uncommon, 24% Rare, 1% Legendary, and 0% Mythical
  • The same Kubz cannot be used to mint twice. For instance, if an individual has Kubz #65 and minted their treasure, and they later transfer it to their wallet, they cannot mint the new holding wallet treasure again
  • A checker, live on the Keungz website, can check Kubz that has already minted their treasure

Kubz Relic

Kubz Relic is a collection of mysterious pixelated box NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. This collection is meant for only those that participated in the auction for the Kubz NFT collection and holders of a Kubz NFT. An NFT holder that crafts a Mythical Kubz Relic NFT is eligible to win other NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Moonbirds, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, and more. [1]

What is crafting?

Basis: [6]

  • Crafting can be done with at least one Kubz or Genesis
  • Up to one Genesis and three Kubz, and any combination can be chosen
  • A relic can be opened without Kubz or Genesis

Crafting requirements: [6]

  • 1x Relic (Uncommon / Rare / Legendary) for crafting

  • At least 1 X Kubz or Keungz Genesis

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