Keungz Genesis

Keungz Genesis, created by , is a collection of pixelated (non-fungible token) characters built on the blockchain. It is found in the Keungz ecosystem, where holders have priority access to all projects.[1][2]



Keungz Genesis comprises 432 meditating pixelated character NFTs developed on the blockchain. The collection was created by on September 22, 2022, and auctioned for 5 ETH. Keungz Genesis grants NFT holders priority access to all projects within the Keungz ecosystem as well as any projects advised by Keungz.

Keungz Ecosystem

The Keungz Ecosystem includes two collections: Keungz Genesis and . Both collections allow participation in 'Hold & Earn' and 'Gashapon,' offering advantages for joining the upcoming YogaPetz Ecosystem. [2]


Being a Keungz Genesis holder offers the following advantages in the upcoming YogaPetz ecosystem: [3]

  • Numerous benefits: Keungz Genesis holders can enjoy various advantages in the YogaPetz ecosystem.
  • Airdrops: They will receive Kubz airdrops in both Ether and , along with two free YogaPetz airdrops.
  • Breeding NFTs: Holders have the opportunity to breed Kubz NFTs with a staking score (spirituality) of 30. This process takes approximately 30 days and enables them to obtain free Kubz every month.


Lion characters were chosen for Keungz Genesis because they symbolize passion and fire. Lions call people to themselves and are indifferent to the opinions of sheep. [2]

The Team

The Keungz ecosystem team consists of six people: [2]

  • Keungz and Kakarot: Founders
  • Pandaman: Community Lead
  • Laurenn and Tarrobbt: Community Builders
  • Nicole: Pixel Animator


YogaPetz showcases pixelated characters in various yoga poses, with yoga being chosen as the main theme of the collection to simplify the project's aim for the public to understand. [2]


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Keungz Genesis


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