Konnect is a platform that provides a variety of services, including membership services, marketplaces, and e-commerce from Konnect and its partners. The platform aims to lower the barriers to entry for purchasing and distributing goods in the global market by leveraging its infrastructure and technology. [1]


Konnect is an OMO (Online Merge with Offline) platform based on its own digital asset, aimed at integrating online and offline business operations. This platform merges digital asset e-commerce with Konnect’s existing infrastructure, providing a comprehensive solution through the KCT membership platform. Users benefit from services that span both online and offline environments. [2]

Konnect operates in over 15 countries, including the US, China, EU, Australia, Vietnam, and Indonesia, within the duty-free market. The company distributes more than 60,000 products and has 300,000 registered B2B accounts, with a global trade volume in the duty-free market reaching 13 billion USD. Konnect's operations also include accommodation, travel, and beauty care services, supported by diverse offline infrastructures. By combining these infrastructures with blockchain-based membership services using KCT, Konnect aims to expand the market through its OMO platform. [2]

Konnect aims to create a travel token economy by integrating web3 utilities with web2-based membership services, including duty-free store distribution, K-pop, medical services, tourism, and telecommunications infrastructure.

Supported chains include , , , and Binance Smart Chain.


Konnect Concierge

Konnect Concierge is a platform designed to integrate and enhance premium sectors, offering a comprehensive ecosystem for global consumers. By leveraging strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology, Konnect Concierge provides seamless access to an array of services and products.

K-Pop, Luxury Goods, Fashion, and Beauty

Konnect Concierge offers exclusive access to K-Pop, luxury goods, high-end fashion, and beauty products. Clients can procure coveted items from renowned brands, ensuring they stay ahead of trends and enjoy premium quality.

Medical Tourism

In collaboration with KT IS Medical Platform and KT Travel Points, Konnect Concierge facilitates seamless medical tourism services. Clients can access world-class medical care while enjoying a hassle-free travel experience, supported by global telecommunications companies for constant connectivity.


Konnect Concierge partners with major global telecom companies, ensuring clients remain connected wherever they are. This supports all aspects of the concierge service, from medical tourism to enhancing the travel experience.


Konnect focuses on B2B distribution channels, specializing in duty-free and brand distribution. Through the Daigou system, clients can purchase and receive products directly from international markets.


Konnect Concierge has established partnerships with top-tier hotels, transportation services, and telecommunication infrastructure providers. This network guarantees premium accommodations, efficient travel solutions, and uninterrupted communication.

Konnect Membership

Konnect membership is a service designed to secure users and transactions within the inbound ecosystem. The Konnect Membership offers benefits both online and offline, domestically and internationally.

Internal Membership

Konnect Membership creates an RWB (Real-World Benefits) ecosystem, providing genuine offline usage benefits. Members can access exclusive offers and services at home and abroad, enhancing their lifestyle and travel experiences.

Collaborative Membership

Konnect expands its ecosystem through collaborations with companies, governments, and influencers. These partnerships enable a wider range of benefits and services, enriching the Konnect Membership experience.

Technical Collaboration

Konnect membership service supports the activation of technologies like , EVM, , and .

KCT Token

The Konnect Token, known as KCT, operates on the blockchain as an token. The KCT token enables users to access membership benefits, participate in token swaps, and engage in various activities within the Konnect network.

KCT utilizes 's Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to enable transfers across multiple blockchain networks. Chainlink CCIP ensures secure and efficient cross-chain transactions, enhancing liquidity and accessibility.

Total Supply and Distribution

The total supply of KCT is 100 million tokens. The distribution is designed to promote growth, community participation, and long-term development. Its distribution is as follows:

  • Founders and Team: 20%
  • Development Fund: 25%
  • Ecosystem and Partnerships: 30%
  • Community Incentives: 15%
  • Reserve Fund: 10%

Minting and Token Burn

KCT can be minted using fiat currency or such as ETH and through the app service. The tokens minted can be used for various purposes:

  1. Membership Minting: Users can mint tokens to access membership benefits.
  2. Commerce Activities: Tokens can be used to purchase branded products, hotel services, telecommunication services, and other brand vouchers.
  3. Medical Vouchers: Tokens can be used to obtain medical vouchers.
  4. Promotional Participation: Users can participate in promotional events (excluding secret box promotions) by using tokens.

A portion of the tokens used in these activities will be burned, reducing the total supply over time and potentially increasing the value of the remaining tokens.


Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

The partnership between Konnect and Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok is focused on enhancing travelers' experiences. Through this collaboration, customers can enjoy special experiences at the hotel and benefit from Konnect membership to make their travels easier. [3]

Benefits of the agreement include special discount benefits for Konnect membership users at Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. Additionally, the Konnect platform offers convenient booking and management options for hotel stays. Konnect membership also provides access to various other benefits and services at the hotel. [3]

Siam Kempinski

The partnership between Konnect and Siam Kempinski aims to provide luxury experiences in Bangkok at affordable rates. Through this collaboration, travelers can access exclusive discounts at Siam Kempinski, available only to Konnect users. [4]

Key benefits include unique discount amounts reserved for Konnect membership users. With a special link provided to Konnect members, travelers can enjoy discounts when booking at Siam Kempinski. Additionally, the Konnect platform offers convenient booking and management options for hotel reservations. [4]

Moreover, Konnect membership unlocks various perks and services at Siam Kempinski, enhancing the overall experience for travelers. [4]

Marriott Da Nang Resort

The partnership between Marriott Da Nang Resort & Spa and Konnect offers special benefits to travelers. Through this collaboration, users receive discounted rates exclusive to Konnect members and various perks for a special experience at Marriott Da Nang. [5]

Some of the benefits include exclusive discounts for Konnect members, convenient booking and management, and diverse benefits and services. [5]

Meliá Vinpearl Nha Trang Empire Hotel

The partnership between Meliá Vinpearl Nha Trang Empire Hotel and Konnect offers special benefits to travelers. Now, through Konnect, guests can enjoy a luxurious travel experience at Meliá Vinpearl Nha Trang Empire Hotel at even more reasonable prices. [6]

Key benefits include special discounts for Konnect members, easy booking and management through the Konnect platform, and various perks with Konnect membership. [6]

Ramada Encore Gimpo Airport Hotel

The partnership between Ramada Encore Gimpo Airport Hotel and Konnect provides travelers with exclusive discounts and seamless booking and management services, enhancing their journey experience. Additionally, guests can enjoy the exceptional accommodations of Ramada Encore Gimpo Airport Hotel in a unique way through Konnect’s special offerings. Konnect members can access these benefits, making their travels more convenient and enjoyable. [7]

ibis Styles Ambassador Incheon Airport

The partnership between ibis Styles Ambassador Incheon Airport and Konnect offers travelers a range of benefits, ensuring convenience and perks throughout their journey. With exclusive discounts and seamless booking and management services, travelers can enhance their travel experience. Additionally, guests can experience the exceptional accommodations of ibis Styles Ambassador Incheon Airport uniquely through Konnect’s special offerings. Key benefits include special discounts exclusive to Konnect members, easy booking and management of hotel reservations through the Konnect platform, and various perks available through Konnect membership. [8]

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