Matrix AI Network also known as Matrix (MAN) is a next generation open-source  that leverages Artificial intelligence to support more secure and easier to use  and increased transaction speeds.[1][2][3][5]

Innovational Approaches

Intelligent Contracts

The Matrix AI Network has an integrated AI which allows the system to convert language into code. This means that a user with very limited programming skills will be able to write a smart contract and the AI will translate that into useable code.[1][3][6]


The AI built within the Matrix Network will help to protect Digital assets from malicious attack by constantly monitoring the network's code for loopholes that could potentially be exploited.[2][3]

This security feature will consist of four different components:

  • a rule-based semantic and syntactic analysis engine for smart contracts
  • a formal verification toolkit to prove the security properties of smart contracts
  • an AI-based detection engine for transaction model identification and security checking
  • a deep learning based platform for dynamic security verification and enhancement  .

Wormhole Network

The Network claims that their blockchain will be able to handle 1 million transactions per second, making it even faster than Visa. They aim to enable high-speed transactions by generating a hierarchy in the blockchain network. Nodes are clustered into disparate groups and a delegate is voted for in each group with an evaluation function considering both fairness and randomness.[3] This should ultimately ensure that any device on the Matrix Network is managed efficiently and any spare resources are put to good use on other projects. One such example is an application that has been developed to assist in cancer diagnoses. It is already under development together with the Beijing Cancer Hospital and other large hospitals in the area.[4]

Darwinian evolution

The AI element of the network is designed to ensure that the software can evolve and adapt as market demand changes without the need for a hard fork.[1]

The Matrix Team

  1. Owen Tao (CEO)
  2. Steve Deng (Chief AI Scientist)
  3. Tim Chi (Chief Chip Scientist)
  4. John Zhu (Senior VP):
  5. Bill Li (Chief Network Architect)
  6. Dr. Donglin Wang(Advisor)
  7. Tony Surtees (Advisor):

Current Partnerships

  • Matrix AI Network Lab
  • SmartMesh
  • Blockchain Expo
  • Coingogo
  • Block Show
  • China Youth Credit
  • Ge Cheng & Co
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