Moralis is a developer of a development platform for developers to build and launch apps, games, and cross-chain. It was co-founded by [4] and Filip Martinsson[5] in June 2021. [1][3]

Moralis provides a complete end-to-end application development platform powering (dApps), uniquely allowing developers and companies to focus on the front end while handling the entire back end of development. The company develops software and application programming interfaces (APIs) that combine user authentication, identity management, historic and real-time transaction information, and session management to make it easier for developers to make the transition between Web 2 and . [1][2]


Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

  • Web3 Data API: Moralis Web3 Data APIs are a scalable set of APIs designed to address common challenges faced by Web3 developers. These APIs index blockchain data in a structured format, making it easier for developers to query, fetch, and understand the data. [6]
  • Streams API: Streams API enables users to monitor real-time events on the . Users can set up notifications for new events in their contracts or for specific wallet address activities, such as NFT transfers or transactions. Native and internal transactions can also be monitored, and notifications are delivered through webhook requests specific to the user's stream configuration. [7]
  • Authentication API: Auth API is a feature that enables users to authenticate and verify signed messages using their wallets on a dapp. The API is compliant with the EIP-4361 standard and facilitates off-chain authentication using EVM or Solana-compatible wallets to establish user sessions on the dapp. [8]
  • NFT API: The Moralis NFT API is a tool that can be used by Web3 developers to easily create and expand NFT dapps. This API allows access to comprehensive information on NFTs across various blockchains. [9]
  • Token API: The Moralis Token API enables Web3 developers to build and scale dapps. This API allows access to comprehensive information on ERC20 tokens across various blockchains. [10]
  • Balance API: The Balance API helps Web3 developers get the native balance for a specific wallet. [15]
  • Transactions API: The Transactions API enables Web3 developers to get transaction data from multiple blockchains, in order to help them build and scale their dapps efficiently. [14]
  • Block API: The Block API enables Web3 developers to get data on specific blocks across multiple blockchains. [13]
  • DeFi blockchain: The DeFi API enables Web3 developers to get liquidity reserves and pair data across multiple blockchains. [12]


  • Firebase
  • Parse Server
  • Supabase
  • PlayFab [16]


$40M Funding Round

On May 11, 2022, Moralis raised $40 million in a Series A funding round. Investors in the round included European fund EQT Ventures, , Fabric Ventures, and Dispersion Capital, among others. [20]

EQT Ventures led the $13.4 million seed round for Moralis in 2021. The money raised is said to be used to ramp up product development, improve the user experience, and increase capacity for more and larger clients.

“We are very excited to be continuing our journey with Moralis,” Laura Yao, a partner at EQT Ventures, said.
“Ivan and Filip have built an ambitious team committed to democratizing the current Web 3 landscape by opening it up to more and more developers." [20]

Moralis Academy

Moralis Academy (previously Ivan On Tech Academy) was founded in 2017 by [4] and Filip Martinsson[5] in Stockholm, Sweden. Ivan and Filip met at KTH The Royal Institute of Technology in 2014 where they studied computer science together. Besides sharing a passion for programming they also shared one for , , and entrepreneurship. [17][19]

Ivan and Filip realized that the knowledge of Blockchain technology that was available was poor and not easily accessible to everyone. Therefore, they decided to establish Moralis Academy with a mission to empower people all over the world by educating them about blockchain and programming. [17][18]

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