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MXC (MXC) (Founded in 2018) is an  utility token used for device transactions conducted through the MXC Supernode network. MXC adds value by giving the MXC community a chance to share in Supernode profits through staking.[1][2]


MXC is a German non-profit organization based in the country’s start-up and blockchain capital, Berlin. MXC is partnering with various LPWAN companies. MXProtocol is a revolutionary design that solves the problem of LPWAN and bridges the data gap between different infrastructures.[3]

MXC is a -based decentralized platform designed to revolutionize three core functions based around the basic financial theory: Lend, Send and Spend. MXC built MXProtocol as an inclusive platform where all participants are encouraged to contribute. MXProtocol is a distributed network protocol backed by monetization of the resources and incentives from enterprises and individuals based on permissionless blockchain.

The decentralized infrastructure upon which MXC’s system is based in the future of Low Power Wide Access Network (LPWAN) and the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol). $MXC token is listed on the world’s biggest exchanges: , , OKEx, Bithumb, , and BiBox.[4][5]

MXC Economy

Machine eXchange Coin (MXC) offers a unique and specifically designed decentralized technological “Data Trade Network” to the global Token economy. Data can be shared on a mass scale whilst ensuring a complete end-to-end privacy.[6]

The MXC intends to be distributed amongst data owners, data receivers and data network hosts, allowing for a facilitated cross-over from a “commodity” based Coin into an everyday trading Coin currency.[7]

Machine eXchange Coin is the first Token designed to bridge current commodity-based trading of cryptocurrency tokens and the cash-based global economy. Utilizing the “sharing economy,” MXC uses this as an axis, allowing large businesses, SMEs, and individuals to borrow or rent assets owned by someone else.[7]

MXProtocol Stack

MXProtocol infrastructure consists of both sensor and end devices, Gateway and cloud. Sensors and end devices collect data from “things,” and send it to the cloud via the Gateway. This is uniquely designed to specifically be a decentralized solution allowing for everyone to suit their/the market’s needs.[8]

MXProtocol gives network participants incentives to use, deploy and trade their network elements. In addition to that, it is a people-owned secure and private network that won’t suffer from public congestion like what Ethereum encountered with .[1]

MXC Token

MXC is an ERC20 utility token used for transactions conducted through the MXC supernode network. MXC adds value by giving the MXC community a chance to share in Supernode profits through staking.

MXC token is used to promote the new-age Global Data Network, sustaining growth and availability to future network users, devices, and sensors. The MXC is a utility token (Blockchain) uniquely designed to become a global payment method for data transmissions, allowing future data growth and effortless connectivity.[9]

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