NIRVANA Project is a decentralized game publisher on the , aiming to support community-centric games. It seeks to connect points and digital assets across various platforms, creating an integrated ecosystem. [1][2]


Established in 2022, the NIRVANA Project is a decentralized game publisher operating on the . It endeavors to connect points and digital assets across diverse platforms and games. Through its SDK, Virtual Swift, it facilitates the conversion of points into and implements temporary record servers to bolster security measures. The platform's objectives include enabling point NFTization, VANA token exchange, and fostering interaction with various platforms.

Additionally, it hosts game competitions and events to promote community engagement and incentivize participation. Acting as a hub for the Asset Trading Market, NIRVANA seeks to provide a secure environment for trading in-game assets as .

Furthermore, it functions as a Game Discovery and Distribution Hub, offering a platform for game promotion and discovery. In pursuing these aims, NIRVANA aims to integrate technology into the gaming industry, providing new value propositions and experiences while contributing to the growth of the ecosystem.[1][2][3][4][5]



NIRVANA Project was established in 2022. In the same year, the Curious Ape Launch on July 7th marked the users' initial encounter with Virtual Swift's functionality. This launch allowed users to experience converting points to and exchanging them for VANA tokens.[10][13]


In 2023, NIRVANA Project reached several significant milestones. Development of the VANA LAND Game Platform commenced in the first quarter, aiming to offer users virtual reality experiences utilizing VANA tokens. Self-testing of Virtual Swift services occurred in the second quarter, ensuring smooth functionality for activities such as point NFTization and VANA token exchange.

By the third quarter, the project initiated the process of listing on international exchanges and began preparations for global expansion. In late 2023, Virtual Swift was officially launched, providing users with the opportunity to experience point NFTization and the utilization of VANA tokens. [10]

Towards the end of the year, intensive marketing efforts targeted the Asian market, with the goal of facilitating user onboarding and fostering platform growth.


In 2024, NIRVANA Project envisions key developments:

It plans to distribute game guides within the community and introduce a platform staking feature with a 1% transaction fee.

By late 2024, recommended game advertisements will be implemented to generate revenue and enhance community rewards. A staking feature for individual game transactions will also be introduced.

Additionally, enhancements to game matching and curation features are planned to prolong user engagement.
Towards the year's end, a Power Leveling SDK will be introduced for stable transactions. Exclusive badges and rewards will also be offered for participation in the NIRVANA Create Program.[11]


Virtual Swift

NIRVANA Project offers the Virtual Swift SDK for integration with games or platforms, with the aim of enhancing communication beyond conventional point systems. It includes a temporary record server to bolster security and ensure seamless processing within the integrated wallet system. Virtual Swift facilitates point conversion into , VANA token exchanges, and interaction with various platforms.

  • User Interface (UI): Accessible through web applications or mobile apps, the UI allows users to check VANA token balances, perform conversions and exchanges, and purchase platform products and services.
  • Points NFTization: Developers can utilize Virtual Swift plugins for Unreal Engine, Unity, and web applications to convert points into easily.
  • VANA Token Exchange and Usage: Users can convert points into and exchange them for VANA tokens, which can be used for purchasing platform items, premium services, and benefits, or traded on virtual asset exchanges.
  • Platform Integration: Virtual Swift integrates with various platforms through connections, aiming to enable functionalities like point creation, VANA token exchange and usage, and item purchases.
  • Smart Contracts: Deployed on the , related to VANA tokens aim to ensure transparency, security, and automated transaction processing.[2][6][7]



The NIRVANA Ecosystem aspires to reform point systems, providing users with increased flexibility and value. Through plugins and swap capabilities, NIRVANA establishes connections among partner companies, aiming to grant users access to VANA tokens, , and novel services:

  • Point NFT Conversion and Token Exchange: Within Virtual Swift, users can convert points into tied to VANA tokens, facilitating transactions beyond traditional points.
  • Purchase of Platform Items and Services: VANA tokens enable purchases across platforms, from in-game items to digital content.
  • Interaction with Developers and Platforms: NIRVANA collaborates with developers through Virtual Swift, offering plugins for point-to- conversion and token exchange, with the goal of enhancing platform value.
  • Trust and Transparency: Automated transactions and transparent seek to ensure trust in point conversion and token transactions.
  • Compensation and Discount Benefits: VANA token holders may receive rewards and discounts within Virtual Swift, increasing with token holdings to enhance user value.[2][8][9]



NIRVANA Platform

The NIRVANA Platform seeks to innovate gaming experiences through technology, functioning as a marketplace for asset trading, a hub for game distribution, and a center for competitions and events, fostering connections between developers and users.

For Players, the NIRVANA Marketplace provides a platform to trade game assets using VANA tokens, and engaging in tournaments and community discussions. Developers utilize NIRVANA for game distribution and asset listing, while creators can earn rewards through participation in the NIRVANA Create Program. Investors have opportunities to explore game popularity and trading volume within the platform.[2]


Vana Land aims to converge virtual and real-life activities, offering a luxury experience. It features open spaces and exclusive areas accessible only to users who have verified their identity.

The Teleport Zone, a unique immigration service in Vana Land, enables users to move between global cities. Users in Vana Land can engage in personal relationships, experience new activities, integrate their daily lives into virtual items and content, and retain possession of these digital assets.[14][15][16]

NIRVANA Marketplace

The NIRVANA Marketplace aims to simplify the collection listing process with a standardized framework based on prevalent market practices.

Collections are required to comply with and standards and follow Metadata Standards. Interested parties submit applications through the Game Partner Application Form, which are then reviewed by the NIRVANA Partnership Team to determine eligibility.

Applicants must provide logistical details, collection information, relevant links, contract details, and royalty information. Strict guidelines maintain marketplace integrity, with delisting possible for intellectual property infringement, harmful behavior, or blatant copying[2]



The VANA token, issued on the mainnet using the standard, facilitates the conversion of points into . With a fixed supply of 1 billion tokens, it ensures a capped circulating supply.

Users can convert points into and exchange them for VANA tokens, which can be used to purchase platform items, premium services, and benefits. Additionally, they can be traded on virtual asset exchanges for other or , providing flexibility within the ecosystem.[2][12]

Token Allocation

The VANA Token ($VANA) has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. The distribution plan includes the following allocations:

  • 16% ecosystem pool: 10% released after 6 months of the Token Generation Event (TGE), followed by linear vesting over 120 months.
  • 20% Virtual Swift incentive pool: 10% released after 6 months of TGE, followed by linear vesting over 20 months.
  • 20% NFT holders: 10% released after 6 months of TGE, followed by linear vesting over 120 months.
  • 10% team: linear vesting over 36 months after a 24-month cliff.
  • 10% private investors: linear vesting over 24 months after a 24-month cliff.
  • 3% advisors: linear vesting over 24 months after a 24-month cliff.
  • 15% reserve fund: linear vesting over 36 months after a 12-month cliff.
  • 5% marketing events: 10% released after 6 months of TGE, followed by linear vesting over 120 months.[2][12]


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