Orbs is a public built for the needs of apps with millions of users, from SLAs to adjustable fee models to on-demand capacity. Orbs is building a new infrastructure using blockchain virtualization and randomized to make scalability possible.[1][2]

Orbs combines its own scalability, virtual chain isolation, and low fees with the mature decentralized ecosystem of Ethereum to provide developers with everything they need to scale their decentralized blockchain applications massively.


Orbs runs on Randomized , which means that small committees are randomly chosen out of a large validator set for each round of consensus. It's called Helix and is balanced by Guardians and Delegators staking to elect Validators. Small random committees are chosen out of a large validator set for each round of consensus. The large validator set and randomization ensure security and decentralization while the small committees allow consensus to be fast and highly scalable.

The Orbs implementation of this model is called Helix – a Byzantine fault tolerant algorithm which relies on the Orbs Proof-of-stake ecosystem where Guardians and Delegators use stake to elect Validators.

Orbs smart contracts provide seamless cross-chain access to Ethereum state under consensus. This allows apps running on Orbs to leverage the power of directly without leaving the platform.

ORBS is an token and can be stored in any compatible wallet.

The ORBS project is a unique solution to scalability that allows businesses to create decentralized blockchain applications capable of supporting huge numbers of users, and without any technical knowledge since the Orbs team will take care of everything.[3][4][5][6]

Partnership & Investors

Orbs is in partnership with the following organizations;

Bitterex International, Bithumb, , Huobi, Liquid, coinone, world Economic Forum, Paradiqm Citadel, The Yomza Group, Terra, B – seed partners, PH Capital, Coinbit, GBBC, Chain Partners, Fair Lab,, 21Mcapital, Wings, Chainvalid8, StratX.[7]


Currently, Orbs has 4 team members.

Daniel Peled - President & Co-founder

Tal Kol - Co-founder

Netta Korin - Co-founder

Uriel Peled - Co-founder

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