Pepe Unchained

Pepe Unchained is a frog-themed meme coin inspired by the original created by Matt Furie. It aims to transform the meme coin sector by utilizing its own . Unlike typical  that rely on hype, Pepe Unchained offers real utility and scalability.[1]

As of the 8th of July, Pepe Unchained (PEPU) has already raised over $2.9 million in just over a few weeks, a testament to its strong early demand and high upside potential.[2][3]

The Lore

According to the lore, Pepe was once imprisoned in the Layer ONE server room. After breaking free from his chains, he created his own state-of-the-art Layer 2 solution, earning his freedom. Now, he is rewarding his legions of fans with marvelous gains.[4]


Pepe Unchained is poised to become the next major player in the meme coin sector, building on the legacy of the original Pepe created by Matt Furie. This frog-themed meme coin transcends being just a token; it represents an entire ecosystem powered by its native Layer 2 blockchain, which offers advanced features and practical utilities. By processing transactions off the main , Pepe Unchained’s Layer 2 solution significantly reduces network congestion and enhances transaction speeds, allowing users to stake, trade, and interact on the Pepe Chain more efficiently than with traditional tokens.[5][6]

Blending the fun and appeal of meme culture with cutting-edge blockchain technology, Pepe Unchained creates a dedicated ecosystem for meme coin enthusiasts. The project has already demonstrated strong investor confidence, raising $2 million within a few weeks of its . The presale occurs in several phases, with the token price increasing in each phase. Leveraging the iconic Pepe the Frog, Pepe Unchained capitalizes on the popular meme coin narrative, offering substantial upside potential. Built on the Ethereum network, Pepe Unchained enables users to stake, trade, and interact at unparalleled speeds while benefiting from significantly lower gas fees than Layer 1, maximizing returns for $PEPU investors.[7]
wikiPepe Unchained provides DOUBLE the staking rewards through its Layer 2 blockchain technology. The platform boasts the lowest transaction fees, making it highly cost-effective for users. It processes transactions at a rate 100 times faster than Ethereum, ensuring higher volume capacity. Users can view all transactions on the Pepe Unchained Layer 2 via a dedicated block explorer, further enhancing user accessibility.

The project has undergone a rigorous public audit conducted by SolidProof, a renowned security firm, ensuring its robustness and reliability. Additionally, Pepe Unchained has developed a dedicated block explorer for its , improving transparency and user accessibility for transaction tracking. The presale is currently ongoing, offering investors the optimal time to purchase $PEPU tokens. The tokens can be acquired using ETH, , or , with credit card payments also accepted. Once the presale concludes, the full release of the Pepe Unchained Layer 2 blockchain and ecosystem will usher in an exciting future for the project and its community.[8]


$PEPU, the native token of the Layer 2 and meme coin project Pepe Unchained, is currently in its thrilling presale phase. This token powers the entire Pepe Unchained ecosystem, with a total supply of 8 billion tokens. $PEPU rewards will be distributed at a rate of 608.82 tokens per block for 2 years, becoming claimable once the claim goes live.[1]

Token Allocation

Pepe Unchained has carefully planned how it allocates its 8 billion $PEPU tokens to ensure fairness and transparency.

Presale - 20%

  • Twenty percent of the tokens are allocated to early supporters, aiding Pepe in breaking free from his chains.

Staking - 30%

  • With rewards doubled on , a substantial portion is dedicated to staking rewards.

Marketing - 20%

  • Despite Pepe's widespread recognition, a significant effort will be put into marketing. BIGTIME.

Liquidity - 10%

  • A considerable is reserved for decentralized exchanges, ensuring free and easy trading.

Project Finance - 10%

  • Running and maintaining the chain requires resources, and this allocation ensures smooth operations.

Chain Inventory - 10%

  • This portion is reserved for the $PEPU , securing its functionality and growth.[9]


Pepe Unchained has introduced its staking protocol with a reward rate that far exceeds the industry standard.

The staking protocol promises regular passive income, with current estimated annual yields at a remarkable 1,200%. This attractive offer has not gone unnoticed, drawing both large-scale investors (whales) and small-scale investors to the platform. Early investors can immediately stake their PEPU tokens and start earning significant returns, further enhancing the appeal of the Pepe Unchained ecosystem. The high and potential for consistent passive income make PEPU staking a standout opportunity in the world of meme coins.[10]

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Pepe Unchained

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