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Pixer Eternity is a Sports-to-Earn (S2E) platform that aims to enable users to earn from their participation in sports content, including games and experiences. It incorporates S2E functionalities, Game-Fi elements, and supports issuance and trading, offering various earning opportunities.[1][2]


Founded in 2021, Pixer Eternity is a global sports community that utilizes as community equity. The platform encompasses Sport-to-Earn, , Game-Fi, , and Market features, aiming to encourage a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and engagement.

Users equip and earn PLP/PXT by participating in sports votes, treasure hunts, and games. PLP is used within games, while user-generated content helps to increase platform activity. The marketplace allows users to buy and sell freely, and partnerships with game studios aim to provide additional benefits to holders. PXT is used for in-game purchases, and users can earn rewards through Play-to-Earn mechanisms.

In the football game, players manage teams to compete and earn PXT rewards. Future plans include adding social networking and work platform features to enable community developers and gamers to build within the ecosystem.[1][3][4][5]


Pixer Eternity operates on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), , and , with transactions requiring gas fees in , , or . Users must maintain these tokens in for interactions with . Originally launched on , Pixer Eternity migrated to BSC, , and in 2021 to enhance scalability.

The platform aims to provide a secure and efficient asset trading environment with a tamper-proof ledger. Initially developed as a centralized application, Pixer Eternity intends to gradually transition to a fully -based system, emphasizing transparency and verification. It guarantees 99.99% uptime and ensures asset protection during DDOS attacks.[6][7][8]



In 2021, Pixer Eternity assembled its core team and began researching and developing the PIXER ETERNITY Sports To Earn project. Simultaneously, it launched the PIXER ETERNITY PROJECT and formed partnerships with major networks such as Binance Smart Chain, , and . These collaborations were aimed at integrating Pixer Eternity into various ecosystems.[25]


In 2022, Pixer Eternity focused on establishing its community and operational framework. It formed a partnership with football player Robin van Persie and developed its platform architecture and smart contracts, laying the groundwork for its integration into sports and technologies.[25]


In 2023, Pixer Eternity achieved significant milestones in its development. PXT was listed on MEXC Global, a major exchange platform. The platform conducted beta testing to gather user feedback and improve functionality. It also expanded its sports content production and negotiated partnerships with affiliates. Additionally, Pixer Eternity broadened the availability of PXT by listing it on additional global exchanges.[25]


Pixer Play

Pixer Eternity provides users with opportunities to earn income through sports and play. In the Vote feature, users predict sports match outcomes with PLP bets, aiming to earn rewards based on their accuracy. The Hunt activity involves a global treasure hunt where users discover hidden treasures and stones, earning PXT or PLP rewards.

Additionally, the platform offers Game, online sports games where users can earn PLP based on participation and performance. are integrated to potentially enhance earning opportunities within Pixer Eternity, offering users various engaging activities to participate in and benefit from the platform.[9][10][11][12]

NFT INO and Trading Platform

Pixer Eternity hosts an Initial Offering (INO) and trading platform where users can acquire digital assets known as under the 721 agreement. These include SportNFTs and others linked to sports IP and stars. Users can engage in activities like receiving prizes, interactive games, and offline meet-and-greet events with stars.

Pixer are unique digital assets traded directly on the , offering functions such as value storage, application in interactive experiences, user circulation, and traceability of ownership. Transactions on Pixer Eternity's marketplace are secured by , allowing users to trade freely once acquired. [13][14]

Football Betting Platform

Pixer Eternity operates a decentralized football betting platform that utilizes technology for enhanced speed, fairness, and cost-efficiency. Users can utilize various as collateral for betting, supporting options such as backing (predicting a win) and laying (predicting a loss), alongside different markets like 1X2 and Asian handicap.

The platform features an automated gambling driven by AI algorithms, allowing users to potentially earn profits by providing liquidity. Experienced users have the opportunity to share strategies and participate as football betting KOLs on the "Follow the Winners" channel.

Pixer Eternity emphasizes benefits such as deep liquidity, broad market access, fair ownership, and resistance to censorship through its decentralized approach. Users have the flexibility to bet with (e.g., , ), mainstream (e.g., , , ), and PXT tokens. Betting amounts in are determined by the collateral deposited, with a structured liquidation process to safeguard against market fluctuations.

The platform applies a commission structure on winning profits, aimed at maintaining transparency and fairness within its decentralized betting ecosystem.[15][16][17][18][19]

Pixer Club App

The PIXER CLUB APP launched on June 5, 2024. It aims to enhance user engagement through sports activities and games, integrating for increased participation and rewards. Users will have the ability to manage their collections, participate in events, earn rewards, and connect with the Pixer community seamlessly within the app.[20][21]


Pixer Eternity utilizes a dual token system: PXT as its governance token and PLP as its . PXT is used for functions including , acceleration cards, transaction fees, GameFi consumption, advertisement fees, and governance roles. PLP is primarily employed for Sport-to-Earn rewards, reinvestment, GameFi rewards, and other utility-driven purposes within the platform, facilitating user engagement and participation.[23]


PXT serves as the within the PIXER Platform, acquired by users through participation in sports-related activities. It enables the acquisition of , enhances activity rewards, and supports rank maintenance or upgrades. Advertisers utilize PXT tokens to publish ads on the platform, with users receiving rewards for interacting with these advertisements.[22][23]

Use Cases

PXT plays a crucial role within Pixer Eternity's ecosystem, serving multiple functions:

  • NFT Minting: Users can create new using PXT tokens.
  • NFT Acceleration Cards: PXT can accelerate the attributes of .
  • NFT Transaction Fees: PXT covers transaction fees related to .
  • GameFi Consumption: PXT is used for in-game purchases and activities.
  • Advertisement Fees: Advertisers can pay for platform ads using PXT.
  • Governance: PXT is utilized for participating in governance decisions within the platform.[23]


Pixer Eternity has allocated a total supply of 10,000,000,000 PXT tokens, scheduled to be unlocked according to a predetermined release plan. The allocation breakdown is as follows:

  • GameFi: 30%
  • Ecosystem: 10%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Liquidity: 1%
  • Investors: 25%
  • Sale: 5%
  • Team: 14%

The platform has implemented a structured lock-up and release schedule for each allocation category to ensure the PXT circulation remains slightly below the unlock schedule as planned.[22]


PLP serves as the in-platform of the PIXER Platform, characterized by an unlimited total supply. Users accumulate PLP tokens as rewards for their participation in sports-related activities within the platform.[23][24]

Use Cases

As the , PLP serves multiple essential roles within the Pixer Eternity ecosystem:

  • Sport-to-Earn Rewards: Users earn PLP tokens as rewards for participating in sports-related activities.
  • Reinvestment: PLP can be reinvested into platform activities to enhance user engagement.
  • GameFi Rewards: PLP is used for rewarding users engaged in GameFi activities.[23]
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Pixer Eternity

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