Siddhartha Dutta

Siddhartha Dutta is a software engineer, co-founder, and CEO of Marlin Labs, creators of the , a verifiable computing protocol. [1]


Dutta graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, with a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. [1]


Dutta began his tech career as a researcher at Adobe in 2015. While there, he gained two US patents for automatic illustration and text enrichment. In 2016, he became a researcher at Inria, the French national digital science and technology research institute. [1]

After leaving Inria, Dutta became a software engineer at Microsoft, working for the Cloud and Enterprise Group until 2017. In the same year, he became a core developer for , a high-throughput public platform. [1]

He left in 2018 and founded alongside Prateesh Goyal and . Together, they gained support and financial backing from large venture capitals and exchanges, including , , and Michael Arrington. [1][2]


About Marlin

On June 10th, 2019, published an article about gaining $3 million in seed funding from , Arrington XRP, , NGC, and other investors. In the article, Dutta discussed how the was making improvements to bandwidth on using relayers: [3]

is a leader in a new class of infrastructure startups in that are -agnostic and will dramatically increase network performance...If anyone is able to bribe just those single-digit relayers, you have brought down the network because they’re the ones responsible for all this communication. Now, if every tries to do this, every introduces these single points of failure.”

“Most of the miners, miners or even those professional companies, they already have good bandwidth connections. All those would be interested in merging along with so that they can also get paid for that bandwidth their spending anyways.”

At the end of the article, he shared main focus: [3]

“The project itself is about high-performance networking infrastructure for the decentralized ecosystem. … The faster can communicate, the faster you can get things done.”

In an Accesswire article from June 12th, 2019, Dutta commented on the future of and their service to communities, stating: [4]

“Networks are the backbone of applications. Several billion-dollar networking enterprises have enabled the largest Web 2.0 companies of today. The opportunity to be at the forefront of building the foundational technology necessary for the fast growing industry excites us the most.”

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Siddhartha Dutta

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