The Crypto Dog

The Crypto Dog is the Co-founder of the health & wellness company, Betterbrand Health, and a crypto X (formerly Twitter) personality who regularly provides insights and commentary on a wide range of subjects surrounding the industry. As of April 2024, he has over 770,000 followers on the social media platform. [1]


The Crypto Dog discovered in high school in 2011. He was able to mine his first using a PC with a Radeon HD 6970 graphics card, which was considered high-performance at the time. [2]

In 2015, he invested some of his student loans in Bitcoin. By 2016, he became deeply interested in trading Bitcoin as its price surged. Needing money for books in 2017, he reluctantly sold some Bitcoin and ventured into , tripling his investment within months, leading him to question the value of traditional education compared to the potential of cryptocurrency. [2]

"I dove into crypto headfirst and spent all my free time consuming everything I could find. I wasn’t going to sacrifice my career, so every waking moment was dedicated to studying and research for school or learning everything I could about crypto" - he wrote[2]

The Crypto Dog joined crypto Twitter in 2017 when looking for a community of like-minded people to interact with and learn from. [2][3]

"So, I started The Crypto Dog to join in and connect with others to learn more about crypto and trading."

After a while, he dropped his studies to pursue a career in business and cryptocurrency investments.

"I took a hiatus from my doctorate program and a big risk spending a year going all in on becoming an entrepreneur. For months I floated on crypto savings, exploring different options until finally I found an opportunity I believed would change my life. I moved thousands of miles, leaving academia behind to work at a fledgling but well funded accelerator, a startup itself."[2]

The Crypto Dog has been involved in various business ventures and projects across esports, health and wellness, venture capital, and cryptocurrency and . He also co-founded a wellness company called Betterbrand Health[7]. [2][3]

Crypto Twitter Journey

In 2021, The Crypto Dog experienced significant growth on X (fka Twitter), increasing his following from approximately 250,000 to over 700,000 by January 2022. While some of this growth can be attributed to Bitcoin's remarkable price surge throughout the year, The Crypto Dog's insights remained valuable for traders during market fluctuations. [3][4]

Throughout the year, The Crypto Dog expanded his coverage beyond Bitcoin and , discussing emerging assets like and trends such as the rise of (NFTs). He also provided commentary on regulatory developments impacting the crypto market. [3][4]

The Crypto Dog also encountered obstacles in 2021. In March 2021, his X account, along with several other prominent crypto accounts, was temporarily suspended, sparking speculation within the crypto community about potential motives behind the incident. [4]

After his X account was revived, The Crypto Dog continued to voice his opinions on projects and sociopolitical issues. In December 2022, he advocated for the release of Ross Ulbricht, the former administrator of Silk Road, who had been imprisoned since 2013 for his involvement in the darknet marketplace. [4]

Additionally, The Crypto Dog discussed the real-world utility of cryptocurrencies in Nigeria during the same month. [4]

"Nigeria seems like an incredible emerging economy to set up a new crypto venture. A place where adoption finds a real need. With my very little access I've experienced much enthusiastic, fun, very passionate interactions from naijas in crypto." - he tweeted in December 2022 [5]

In January 2023, he shared some notable updates, like that former Three Arrows Capital executives Su Zhu and Kyle Davies were involved in a new crypto trading platform called GTX. The two were accused of failing to cooperate with 3AC liquidators after the firm filed for bankruptcy in late June 2022. He also noted the increased support for regulation among crypto traders while sharing an update on the U.S. Department of Justice’s arrest of the person accused of manipulating Mango Markets and extracting $100 million worth of tokens from the platform. [3]

At the beginning of 2024, The Crypto Dog announced he would publicly share and support some crypto projects he had invested in as time goes. Some of these include Botanix, Farcana, Xai Games, etc. [6]

"This year you're going to see me support projects my team invested in over the last few years. I'll give a heads up about tokens we're an early investor in..."[6]

The X influencer is known for his spot-on commentary on the Bitcoin market and for being long-term on crypto no matter how rough of a patch the markets are going through. He consistently tweets his thoughts and analysis while interacting with the crypto Twitter community. [1]

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The Crypto Dog

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