THE9Company is an organization in the Web2 and space that develops and provides KIOSK payment systems powered by their platform native token called THE9. Their focus lies in enhancing payment efficiency and convenience through integration, catering to various business sectors and aiming to ensure stability through collateralization. [1]


Founded in July 2019, THE9Company uses its in-house token, THE9, to incorporate mileage systems and mobile certificates to promote the use of its KIOSK systems and platform. Through their KIOSK platform, they aim to further grow their ecosystem by adapting to the needs of certain individuals/businesses, ultimately increasing adoption. They have also established strategic partnerships with prominent service-related corporations, primarily in South Korea, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam, to integrate their payment systems with these industry leaders. [1][2]


THE9 token represents the core of THE9 Company's payment ecosystem. This digital token is designed to facilitate seamless transactions and empower various sectors. By incorporating mileage and mobile gift certificates, THE9 token enhances convenience for users and unlocks new revenue opportunities for businesses. It plays a central role in THE9 Company's vision of creating a unified mileage service accessible nationwide, transforming the traditional concept of mileage into a global currency. The token's collateralization mechanism was implemented with the aim of ensuring stability and fostering confidence among users and partners. Additionally, the token is used within the ecosystem to facilitate exchanges between storable values and values at risk of dissipation. [3]


The primary objective of THE9Company's project is to establish a robust mileage token system, facilitating payment support for customers who accumulate mileage and offering marketing assistance for franchisees. This initiative aims to foster the growth of businesses, promote the idea that consumption can be a form of income generation (KIOSK TO EARN, K2E), and build an ecosystem rooted in the principles of the sharing economy and activism.

  • Customers: THE9 Token is used to support mileage accumulation and utilization across all KIOSKs, dedicated devices, affiliated e-wallets, and other swap platforms. It also offers avenues for customers to earn real income through their consumption activities.
  • Franchisees (KIOSK-installed stores): Franchisees benefit from mileage services provided without platform operator fees. Moreover, they gain access to service-related technologies that aid in enhancing operational stability and sales through in-depth analysis of product sales data related to consumer purchases.
  • Global Mileage Usage: Through blockchain technology, mileage tokens are developed to enable seamless integration and free usage of mileage earned via KIOSKs among merchants worldwide. This approach supports merchant operations and ensures fair compensation for customers who have earned mileage through their selective consumption behavior.


Mileage System

The THE9 mileage service is a program that rewards customers with THE9 tokens for making payments at merchants equipped with KIOSKs, with the aim of promoting the use of THE9 tokens by directly incentivizing their utilization. Merchants adopt this program as part of their marketing strategy, aiming to retain their existing customer base and attract new ones. Initially, THE9 tokens may be distributed by the reward foundation to activate marketing efforts and raise awareness of the mileage program. Over time, token distribution and reduction may be adjusted in alignment with individual merchant marketing policies. [8]

One key benefit of the mileage program is its ability to cultivate customer loyalty by distinguishing participating merchants from non-participants. Merchants bear the responsibility of ensuring that customers can redeem their mileage up to the total mileage provided by the merchant. Customers can employ their mileage at any participating merchant. However, if a customer's total mileage exceeds what they use at a specific merchant, the excess mileage cannot be utilized there. To mitigate inconvenience for customers and maintain the program's global utility, the Foundation steps in by purchasing the surplus tokens from the merchant and compensating them accordingly. The Foundation may retain these acquired tokens, offer them for sale on exchanges to customers in need of mileage, or employ them for inflation adjustments in a transparent and trustworthy manner. [8]

Token Structure

THE9Company's token structure is designed to facilitate store marketing by enabling the integrated usage of mileage between stores and to develop a mileage token backed by the store, ensuring exchangeability for goods and transferability to other users.

  • ERC-20: The token adheres to the standard protocol on the , offering compatibility, liquidity, and ease of creation and management. This standard is widely adopted for and token sales and plays a role in facilitating token exchange within the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Nature: The token represents store-backed mileage that can be exchanged for goods when customers redeem their accrued mileage. Individuals can transfer or trade this token without losing its value, even if they do not immediately utilize the mileage they possess.
  • Expansion: Future plans include expanding the token's utility as a reward concept for all participants within the THE9 token ecosystem. This encompasses the creation and utilization of extensive data, such as KIOSK-based purchase information, sales data, product details, distribution information, and product reviews.
  • Supporting Technology: To streamline accumulation, usage, and transactions, a comprehensive support system for THE9 tokens will be established. This system will include a user-friendly app linked to KIOSKs for consumer convenience and a member wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange to offer related services.


Token Distribution

The total supply of THE9 tokens is capped at 10,000,000,000 and they are distributed as follows:

  • THE9 Mileage / Ecosystem (80%): The majority of the total token supply, equivalent to 8,000,000,000 tokens, is used for THE9 mileage payouts. These tokens serve as rewards for customers who engage with THE9 tokens across various merchants and service providers within the ecosystem.
  • Team/Advisor (8%): A portion of the total token supply, totaling 800,000,000 tokens, will be assigned to team members, advisors, and developers who actively contribute to the development and prosperity of the THE9 token ecosystem. These tokens will undergo vesting periods to ensure a sustained commitment.
  • Tech Dev./Marketing (8%): An equal share of the total token supply, amounting to 800,000,000 tokens, is dedicated to technical development and marketing support. These tokens will fuel advancements in platform technology, enhance user experiences, and bolster marketing endeavors aimed at attracting a wider participant base.
  • Merchant Support (3%): To encourage increased merchant acceptance, 3% of the total token supply, or 300,000,000 tokens, will be directed towards providing support to merchants and creating a conducive environment.
  • Foundation Operation (1%): A reserved portion of the total token supply, totaling 100,000,000 tokens (1%), will cover the operational expenses of the foundation. These tokens will fund administrative costs, community initiatives, and other foundation-related activities.[7]



THE9 Company's KIOSK payment system is powered by THE9 token and is designed to cater to various sectors, including small retail stores, hotels, and local markets. It forms an essential part of THE9 Company's mileage ecosystem, allowing businesses to install THE9 Token Integrated Mileage KIOSKs, offer mileage rewards to customers, and participate in the value-sharing system. Their KIOSK is a self-service interactive device where customers are able to select options for payment, ticketing, access to data, and ordering, through their touch screen interface. The KIOSK platform's main goal is to simplify payment processes. [1][3][6]

For small businesses, the KIOSK platform offers a cost-effective operating solution with integrated mileage and pre-sale voucher systems, which can enhance revenue and customer engagement. In hotel settings, it streamlines the distribution of specialty products and tickets, creating additional revenue streams. Furthermore, THE9 Company collaborates with governments and local producers to sell regional products through strategically placed KIOSKs in high-traffic areas and tourist destinations, even offering home delivery for added convenience. [6]


  • KT
  • HiteJinro
  • Lvmama
  • WellNow
  • CCIK
  • UN-Habitat
  • DOKU
  • Telkom Indonesia
  • GitDeun Alliance



  • Charles: Chairman
  • Jin: Director
  • Robin: CEO
  • Jack: Vice President
  • Yoon: Business Strategy PM


  • Y.H Song: CEO at Kiosk Operations China
  • I.H Kim: CEO at BOSagora
  • D.B. Bang: CEO at Lvmama
  • Alan Liu: CEO at Shanghai Chulian Tech
  • O.K Lee: Director at Oplus
  • Brightest: Blockchain Marketer
  • MANTA: Blockchain Marketer
  • STAY: Blockchain Marketer
  • O.C Kwon: Lawyer at Ohcheon Law


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