Yi He

Yi He is a Chinese entrepreneur, and investor best known for founding , the world's largest  exchange, with . She serves as the company's Chief Marketing Officer leading business, marketing, and branding strategy at . [14] [5]

She was previously a co-founder of the exchange, , and also served as Vice president for the leading mobile video tech company, Yixia Technology.[8]

Early Life & Education

Yi He was born in 1986 in China. She grew up in a rural area in Sichuan province in western China, where her parents worked as teachers. She said in an interview with a new media company:[13]

“I'm from a very small village and a very poor family,”

But there is not much information available about her early life and education.
Yi He, who used to be a travel TV host, hosted 'Beautiful Destination' and 'As Far As You Can Go', two of people's favorite travel programs. She is also a member of the "Only You《Chinese:非你莫属》" BOSS group. She is popular with many viewers.
She was the co-founder of , the world's largest digital asset trading platform by volume, as of 2015, and has been nicknamed "the First sister of ".[4]


Yi He's first job was promoting a new soft drink by standing outside a supermarket and offering consumers a free taste. "

It was a hard job and all the talking and hawking led to a hoarse voice,”

Yi He started her real career in the entrainment industry. She joined the Chinese Television Channel in 2012 and worked as a TV Show host for a travel show. She left the media industry in July 2014 and joined a startup.

Yi He came to know about  in 2013 while working for the start up.

In 2014, She started working in the cryptocurrency space and was one of the co-founders of . She led OkCoin’s branding and marketing strategy. OKCoin was the largest Chinese cryptocurrency-to-fiat exchange as of 2015. Yi He responsibly handled user operations management, online marketing management, social media management, PR management and branding management and helped OKCoin to obtain 60% of the Chinese market share.[6] [14]

In December 2015, Yi he joined the leading mobile video-sharing tech company, Yixia Technology and helped them to achieve firm’s $3 billion USD valuations. She served as Vice president and handled the product management and marketing operations for the company and its subsidiaries. She created the live-broadcasting platform “Yi Zhi Bo which was later acquired by a social network company, Weibo.
At that time, she said, in a blog post:[8][9]

“This world is crazier than you think, and I am part of this crazy world. Therefore, I would like to go back to my battlefield, join Binance, in order to complete my mission.”

She also led successful marketing campaigns, one of her most successful campaigns reached 2.8 billion views and 21.4 million discussions.

Yi He had been responsible for many of key initiatives, including the launch of Binance's platform and its educational initiatives aimed at promoting the adoption and understanding of and .

In August 2017, she co-founded popular  exchanges,  with . Yi He and Zhao knew each other from long time. Yi He was the one who persuaded Zhao to come onboard the crypto exchange,  as CTO. Under her leadership, became one of the largest exchanges in the world in just a few months, offering trading services for a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Since 2017, Yi He has served as CMO of the managing Binance's venture investment arm and all marketing efforts, including online marketing operations management, social media management, PR and branding management. Yi He and CZ together lead  to become the largest exchange by volume.[7]


Yi He is also a and thought leader, regularly speaking at industry events and contributing to the development of the industry.


Yi He is also actively involved in a number of charitable activities. Some of notable ones include:[10][11][12]

  • Charity Foundation: This is a non-profit organization founded by in 2018, with the goal of using technology to enhance transparency and efficiency in the global charity sector. It has carried out several initiatives, including providing relief aid to disaster-stricken areas and helping to educate underprivileged children.
  • for Children: This is a campaign launched by Charity Foundation in 2019, aimed at helping children in need around the world. As part of this initiative, Binance has donated funds to organizations working in education, healthcare, and other areas to support children's development.
  • COVID-19 Relief Fund: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, established a relief fund in 2020 to provide financial support to organizations and individuals affected by the crisis. The company also launched a fundraising campaign, encouraging its users to donate funds, which were then distributed to those in need.

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Yi He


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