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IQ Wrapped 2022


Thu Dec 29 2022

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It’s time for the IQ Wrapped 2022! Throughout 2022, we’ve seen IQ through bear and bull. It’s been a huge year for IQ with the launch of the new IQ.wiki site and the largest ever update to the IQ token. Which month do you think took the cake? Let’s take a look at some of IQ’s top moments of 2022 which covers IQ token news, growth, partnerships, and more!


In January, Binance Savings launched the IQ token on Binance Activities with up to 70% APY. All holders of IQ were able to lock up their tokens for 15 days to receive 70% APY with this product. January marked the start of our collaboration with Binance as we expanded with margin trading with up to 3x leverage options. Collaborations with Binance continued as demands for IQ on Binance continuously grew for IQ traders, holders, and stakers/farmers.

HiIQ stakers also hit a milestone of more than 270m IQ tokens locked in January of 2022.

The IQ token also expanded onto Klaytn, a leading blockchain built by Kakao. This enabled IQ holders to easily bridge their IQ tokens from Ethereum to Klaytn through the Orbit Bridge developed by Ozys. Klaytn itself has a large ecosystem of dapps and KLAY, the platform’s token has a market cap of over $1.7 billion. Klaytn is a public blockchain developed by internet giant Kakao Corp, which operates South Korea’s biggest messaging and social media service.

IQ and Zipcy’s SuperNormal raffled off 15 NFTs to IQ stakers using Chainlink VRF on Polygon to celebrate the Korean Seoullal/Chinese New Year. Zipcy, the artist behind the NFT collection, is a renowned South Korean digital illustrator. Each NFT consists of over 1000 traits. The collection of 8888 Generative NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain represents individualism by portraying elements of the diverse and unique.

In January, IQ was also covered by Cointelegraph. A group of editors at Wikipedia stated they do not believe NFTs are a form of art. The Wikipedia editors then removed notable NFT art sales including Beeple’s $69-million NFT sale from their list of top art sales.The news stirred some backlash from NFT artists and the crypto community. Cointelegraph covered our response to Wikipedia’s actions quoting us, “Everipedia editors have created over 100 pages on #NFT collections while Wikipedia is moving to mark NFTs as ‘not art’ across their platform. It’s time for NFT projects to move to Everipedia $IQ, a Web 3.0 encyclopedia which supports art and innovation.”


In addition to the launch of the IQ token on Binance savings and margin trading, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, enabled support for IQ on Ethereum. This was a historic moment for the IQ token as it made it much easier for anyone to get IQ on the Ethereum network.

Here is a guide on bridging IQ on EOS to IQ on ETH on Binance.

Through this, IQ holders can now deposit and withdraw IQ tokens on Ethereum on Binance.

HiIQ staking also reached a new milestone with IQ holders staking more than 300m IQ tokens in February of 2022.

IQ also launched a new Instagram dedicated to covering Web 3.0. The mission of IQ.wiki platform is to bring knowledge to the world and knowledge onto the blockchain. As part of that mission, @iqwiki_ was launched on Instagram dedicated to Web 3, NFT, and crypto news.

Last but not least, February was the first month that IQ teased the launch of the first Web 3.0 encyclopedia. This month marked the beginning of IQ.wiki.


In March, IQ holders hit a record-breaking milestone of staking more than 1 billion HiIQ by locking more than 340 million IQ tokens. The majority of the stakers locked their IQ up for over 3.5 years to earn maximum APR.

The BrainDAO Blue Chip NFTs proposal passed with over 685m HiIQ votes in March which was more than half of the total HiIQ supply at the time of the vote. With this proposal passing governance, the IQ team allocated 200 ETH worth of funds from the BrainDAO treasury to go towards the purchase of Blue Chip NFTs.


In April, IQ Bonds went live on Olympus Pro on Polygon, this allowed anyone to get IQ at a discount through bonding on Polygon. By expanding the Olympus Pro Bonds program for IQ, the IQ token was able to quickly develop long-term liquidity on Polygon, a plasma-based aggregator which is one of the fastest-growing Ethereum L2 scaling solutions.

CryptoSlate ranked IQ as the #1 education coin by marketcap, while the entire sector grew by over 30%. IQ token’s rapid growth in April was also covered by several cryptocurrency metrics accounts including CryptoCrunchApp, Dopamine, and PHOENIX. According to ViaNews, in March Everipedia (IQ) token price was above its average volume with bullish momentum by 50.56% on April 1.

IQ holders have staked over 200 million $IQ to the pool with total liquidity of over $6 million.

IQ and Shinsekai raffled off 6 Shinsekai NFTs to HiIQ stakers using Chainlink VRF on Polygon. Shinsekai, is a collection of 10,000 unique manga-inspired 3D NFTs. Each Trait was meticulously designed by Kashama, a 3D artist.


In May, BrainDAO acquired Bored Ape #9665 A.K.A BrainApe, the leader of BrainDAO and Brainies in bringing the Future of Knowledge to the Metaverse. BrainDAO acquired BAYC #9665 specifically because of its Pink fur trait which represents the brain, the center of all knowledge. $IQ holders and BrainDAO together will be the stewards of the Ape and will determine its course of action in the future. This was a historical moment for IQ and all the holders because it is the first Blue Chip NFT that IQ acquired.

Additionally, several outlets including Polygon Times, CryptoModulus and Polygon Daily,  featured the IQ token as one of the top daily gainers within the Polygon ecosystem for its price growth.


In June, the IQ token got listed on Fraxswap, the most innovative and capital-efficient Time Weighted Average Market Maker for trustless monetary policy in DeFi. IQ and Frax Finance continue to exponentially grow alongside each other. This news was very exciting to both communities as Frax Finance & IQ launched a liquidity program to reward liquidity providers last year. By expanding the collaboration, it allowed IQ to scale and further improve the growth of the IQ token.

IQ raffled off 100 of 100k club (5 digit ENS) domains to HiIQ stakers using Chainlink VRF on Polygon in June. This raffle of 100 ENS was our largest so far and gave all IQ stakers the chance to win 100k Club ENS domains and gain exposure to the fast-growing market.

IQ’s dev team continued to build on the all-new encyclopedia by including documentation for using the magic connector used for wagmi with RainbowKit. The purpose was for expanding our product with the inclusion of innovative functionalities like a gas-less experience and smooth integration with Metamask. June was an important month as we hinted at a public beta of the new encyclopedia website.

In June, IQ holders hit a milestone of staking more than 1.4 billion HiIQ by locking more than 400 million IQ tokens.


July was definitely a great month for the IQ token. The IQ volume absolutely exploded as IQ saw over $541 million in volume over the weeks Upbit alone. On decentralized exchanges, the IQ token showed impressive growth in volume with more than $11,490,000 on Ethereum via Sushiswap, $5,170,000 on Fraxswap and more than $313,000 on Polygon via Fraxswap. The demand and liquidity for the IQ token on both centralized and decentralized exchanges grew rapidly. DEX demand and liquidity have grown rapidly with IQ’s yield farming integration with Frax Finance on Fraxswap.

Rewards for IQ/FRAX pair on Fraxswap also went live in July. The proposal to launch FXS rewards passed with overwhelming support, this enabled anyone to earn FXS and IQ tokens on Frax Finance by providing liquidity to the FRAX/IQ pair on Fraxswap.

The IQ token also got listed on 1inch, the leading DEX aggregator with 253 liquidity sources. This allowed all IQ holders to swap their IQ tokens for all the tokens that are offered on 1inch. 1inch is one the most capital-efficient trading platforms and optimizes users' trades across hundreds of DEXes on multiple networks such as Ethereum, Gnosis, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom to ensure the best prices for users.


In August, the IQ token hit a milestone of gaining over $3 million in liquidity on Fraxswap in a month's time since its listing in June.

Back in July, IQ raffled off 100 of 100k Club ENS to HiIQ stakers using Chainlink VRF on Polygon. The winners of the largest ENS giveaway in history were announced on the IQ Dashboard and the ENS were distributed out to the winners. In July, the floor price of the 100k Club ENS was 0.02 ETH when we acquired the ENS and hosted a giveaway for the ENS. Last week the floor price doubled to 0.04 ETH it has since tripled to over 0.06 ETH.


In September, the BrainDAO treasury reached a record $2 million in wrapped ethereum and over $5 million in total assets. The IQ token is backed by the BrainDAO treasury and the treasury is fully governed by IQ token stakers. BrainDAO holds a diversified portfolio of IQ tokens, ethereum, stablecoins, blue chip NFTs, and other assets.

IQ has been accumulating ETH over time through Olympus Pro bonds. ETH isn’t the only asset that BrainDAO has accumulated since its launch. The BrainDAO treasury has also been accumulating FRAX stablecoins through the Time-Weighted Average Market Maker (TWAMM) on Fraxswap.

Lastly, the IQ team hinted the finish line for the all-new crypto encyclopedia, IQ.wiki along with the waitlist for the public beta.


October was a huge month for IQ as Everipedia became IQ.wiki - The Largest Crypto Encyclopedia and expanded to the Ethereum Ecosystem. The IQ team designed IQ.wiki from the ground up to serve the crypto community. For full transparency, every edit or change to the encyclopedia will be recorded on the Polygon blockchain with the transaction hash stored on-chain. The data and images uploaded as part of each wiki are stored on the IPFS network and the hashes are included on each page for the users to verify. IQ.wiki pages on cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, and exchanges like Binance automatically pull relevant statistics from Coingecko and other reliable APIs. The new site also integrated Ethereum Name Service (ENS). All users who resolved their ETH address to an ENS name their ENS will automatically show up as their profile name when they log in to the new IQ.wiki site. To allow contributors to log in with their email or social media, the IQ team also integrated Magic, a leading user authentication and private key management solution. Additionally, the team also integrated The Graph, a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data in networks like Ethereum and IPFS. To ensure IQ.wiki is fully Web3 we’ve set up a new IQ.wiki Blog which is powered by Mirror, the leading Web3 publishing solution.

The IQ team decided to build IQ.wiki on Polygon, the leading Ethereum scaling solution, to ensure that the platform is at the heart of the Ethereum ecosystem and can scale to support large numbers of contributors. To ensure a gasless experience for all IQ.wiki contributors we’ve integrated the OpenZeppelin defender relayer.

To ensure the rapid growth of the IQ token in addition to the launch of the new IQ.wiki site, the IQ team proposed setting up new tokenomics for the IQ token.


In November, BrainDAO introduced the largest-ever update to the IQ token with the launch of BrainDAO.org and the brand-new BrainDAO IQ Dashboard. In addition to the launch of the all-new IQ.wiki platform in October, these changes represent the largest improvements and upgrades to the IQ infrastructure to date.

The IQ token’s new halvening tokenomics model increased the rewards for IQ stakers and early contributors to IQ.wiki over the next 12 months. The model provides higher initial emissions to incentivize early adopters and gradually lowers emissions to ensure long-term sustainability.

In addition to providing greater rewards to early adopters, the new model makes the IQ token more sustainable. Every year IQ emissions will halve, sustainably decreasing emissions over time until they dip below 1 IQ minted per month in August of 2050 ensuring that the IQ token’s maximum supply cap of 21 billion tokens is never breached.

The new tokenomics will also help grow BrainDAO’s diversified treasury with assets such as IQ, Ethereum, stablecoins, and blue chip NFTs which back the IQ token. As part of the tokenomics update, IQ tokens will also go to the IQ.wiki company allowing for hiring more developers and directing greater resources toward growing the IQ.wiki platform and the IQ ecosystem. The new model also dedicates IQ token rewards to the upcoming NFT gauges system and the Brainies NFT collection. Brainies will be the first NFT collection with real DeFi rewards and will bring new value to the IQ ecosystem. Over time there are plans to add more blue chip NFT collections to the NFT gauges.

BrainDAO launched a brand new IQ Dashboard which includes a wide range of new functionality and information for the IQ token, such as staking, bridging, voting on governance proposals, stats, where to get IQ tokens, the NFT raffles, as well as the assets held by the BrainDAO treasury. BrainDAO also launched a new homepage, braindao.org where more information will be shared on the progress BrainDAO is making in building out the IQ ecosystem.

The IQ token saw over $1.9 billion in volume across centralized and decentralized exchanges including Upbit, Binance, Crypto.com, Fraxswap, and Sushiswap.

IQ holders have staked a record 2.1 billion HiIQ, with the average stakers locking up their tokens for more than 3 years. IQ holders have staked more than 597 million IQ tokens with HiIQ.

In November, IQ.wiki Chief Brain Navin Vethanayagam was interviewed by Liam 'Akiba' Wright of CryptoSlate. They talked about the launch of IQ.wiki and our plan to build the leading crypto knowledge base with the $IQ token.


In December, several outlets including Polygon Daily, Crypto Insights and Coin.fyi, featured the IQ token as one of the top daily gainers within the Polygon and BNB chain ecosystems or its price growth.

Additionally, Staked Queen, a renowned DeFi twitter influencer wrote a thread highlighting the growth of IQ’s ecosystem.

Zapper.fi, a leading dashboard for keeping track of hundreds of DeFi portfolios, including assets, debts, liquidity pools, staking, and yield farming activities integrated the HiIQ staking system.

StakeDAO, one of the leading proof-of-Stake infrastructure providers and validator that allows users to stake crypto and earn rewards on Ethereum listed IQ. veFXS stakers can earn $IQ bribes by voting to incentivize FRAX/IQ liquidity on Fraxswap.

This is just the beginning, we have a lot more planned. 2023 will be the year of the IQ token!

About IQ

The IQ token powers a knowledge ecosystem including applications such as IQ.wiki, the world's largest cryptocurrency and blockchain encyclopedia. IQ is a DeFi and governance token with native staking enabled through HiIQ. The token is governed by BrainDAO which also includes BrainDAO's treasury of digital assets.

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