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Art de Finance serves as a digital art platform emphasizing social curation, connecting artists and collectors through sales and social media features. It aims to foster artist-collector connections, facilitate artwork sales, and provide artist sponsorship. Additionally, the platform aims to promote art appreciation by offering cultural and educational content while exploring economic opportunities through RWA finance.[1][2]


Art de Finance AG, founded in Switzerland in March 2022, aims to merge digital and physical art within a community platform. It seeks to verify physical art efficiently using technology and introduce transparent valuation standards to digital art.

Understanding the unique characteristics of the art industry, Art de Finance aims to merge digital and physical art within a community platform. It seeks to verify physical art efficiently using technology and introduce transparent valuation standards to digital art.

Art de Finance provides global exposure to galleries and artists, facilitates community-building, and offers collectors a diverse marketplace for browsing and trading artwork. Through cultural and educational content, it aims to foster art appreciation and contribute to the art industry's development.

Positioned as a Art Platform, Art de Finance offers services such as an marketplace, social platform, Proof of Authenticity, and art storage for physical arts.

The platform has participated in Week Busan 2022 and signed a partnership with the Art Hub Consortium Project at Incheon International Airport. It released Proof of Authenticity for Physical Arts in April 2023.[1][2][3][4]



In 2022, Art de Finance was established with the aim of creating a platform for trading tangible asset-based and introducing a protocol for asset-backed loans. To mark its participation in BWB 2022, the platform collaborated with artist Lee Hae-gang to create a special named "Art de Finance LDL."

Additionally, it introduced a Fractional Art Trading Platform and released the $ADF token. Art de Finance also announced its integration with the ecosystem to develop an Art Financial platform.[5][6][7][8]


In 2023, Art de Finance achieved several milestones, including the launch of its official website, token sale, and partnerships with galleries. Throughout the year, it aimed to expand its range of services and collaborations.

During the second quarter, the platform focused on onboarding artists, releasing a white paper, and hosting a token generation event. It also introduced services such as Certification and ADF PARTNERS.

In the third quarter, Art de Finance aimed to launch THE FLUX and Artiside services, alongside implementing a Community Reward Program. Collaborations with the Seoul Metropolitan government and Seoul Design Foundation showcased partnered artists in exhibitions.

In the fourth quarter, Art de Finance initiated the Artiside 'Seeding program' and established the Art Alliance. It sought to expand global partnerships and participated in a metaverse exhibition with the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Additionally, exhibitions featuring partnered artists were hosted, and an Incentive Testnet Bug Bounty program was conducted.[1]


In 2024, Art de Finance aims to introduce various updates and services to enhance its platform.

In the first quarter, it integrated Multi Wallet and updated ADF PARTNERS. The Artist Launchpad and Artiside's UX/UI are also set to launch soon.

In the second quarter, Art de Finance aims to launch the ADF Vault Service for secure asset storage and introduce the Governance Protocol for user participation.

Moving into Q3, the platform plans to unveil Red Label to highlight premium artwork and offer Art Vault Subscription services.

In Q4, Art de Finance aims to implement Multichain Integration, develop the ADF Wallet, and introduce the "Stake to Advertise" feature for artwork promotion.[1]



Art de Finance offers Artiside, a platform that aims to leverage technology to facilitate digital ownership through in the art market. Recognizing the challenges of establishing objective value in digital art, Artiside focuses on providing Social Curation, allowing community participation in curating digital artworks.

Through ADF token staking, emerging artists can receive support and interact directly with fans on Artiside. Patrons engage in platform activities to support promising artists and assess artwork value, fostering meaningful artistic creation.[9][10][11]

Digital Art

Through Artiside, emerging artists can receive support from the community and distribute profits based on platform engagement. Artiside's features include "Seeding," a staking system connecting emerging artists with sponsors, and "Red Label," indicating artwork sales potential. The platform aims to promote decentralized curation through collective intelligence, with users expressing interest through "Like" and "Red Label" functions.

Additionally, Artiside provides a Subscription Service to assist artists in promoting and selling their work in one place. Art de Finance plans to collaborate with galleries for live streaming content, enhancing exposure for physical art exhibitions.[12][13][14][15]

Art De Finance Platform

Art de Finance aims to provide a platform for registering both physical and digital arts through Artiside. Once registered, these artworks can be freely traded or collateralized within Art de Finance's platform. The platform aims to allow artworks to be simultaneously listed on the marketplace or auction system and used as collateral for lending.

This integration is facilitated by the Artiside Patronage platform, ensuring proper curation and evaluation. Initially, valuations in USD-like currencies are supported, including USD itself and stable pegged to USD. Art de Finance manages the list of approved stable and ensures their stability to minimize financial risks for platform users.[2][1][16]


Art de Finance aims to introduce an ' Loan' service within its platform, which seeks to improve capital efficiency in the art market. This service intends to streamline lending processes for physical art and , attracting investors from traditional and crypto industries.

Moreover, Art de Finance aims to reduce entry barriers and enhance user experience by minimizing network utility fees for interaction. Through these initiatives, Art de Finance strives to establish Artiside, a decentralized Social Platform accessible to all community members.[17][18]

The FLUX Marketplace

The Flux Marketplace/Auction System, developed by Art de Finance, aims to facilitate the trading of community-validated arts from the Artiside Social Curation platform. Users can buy and sell representing physical and digital artworks. Owners have the option to set prices either fixed or for auction, with auction starting bids set at 80% of the fixed price and requiring 5% increments.

Relevant information is provided for collateralized items, and control shifts to the liquidation system in case of default. New owners can contact galleries for physical item ownership transfer within the stipulated storage contract period. Profits from sales are distributed among artists, seeders, patrons, and the ADF platform. In liquidation sales, profits are fairly distributed among lenders based on shares.[19][26]


Art de Finance presents NoS ( of Sealing), a blockchain-based solution intended to modernize the artwork warranty system.

NoS aims to provide:

  1. Swift issuance and transfer services.
  2. Efficient issuance without consuming physical space.
  3. Customization options for tailored warranties.
  4. Exemption from gas fees, enhancing user experience.

NoS benefits galleries by optimizing warranty history, automating transaction records, and exempting them from gas fees. Collectors also benefit from streamlined warranty management and secure transfers, removing barriers to artwork trading.

Art de Finance plans further expansion, offering a comprehensive solution including an marketplace, artwork management, and exhibitions with partnering galleries like the Seoul Design Foundation.[25]


Art de Finance Token ($AFD)

The $ADF token serves as a foundational element within Art de Finance's platform, facilitating a sustainable environment for digital art endeavors and incentivizing artist engagement. It aims to foster community participation and protocol development through the establishment of an ART , ensuring consistent token distribution.

Utilizing the -based standard, $ADF enables interaction with Art de Finance , contributing to the evolution of -driven art and markets. Initial token distribution and fair drop initiatives are integral for initiating community involvement and supporting the functionality of the ADF .[20][21]


The $ADF token functions as a bridge across Art de Finance's four platforms. Its primary utility is integrated within Artiside, a digital art platform. Patrons utilize $ADF for potential investment opportunities via the Seeding function, while artists engage with supporters to foster relationships that may lead to Seeding opportunities.

Other token utilities include covering registration fees, participation in Red Label activities, voting on platform governance matters, voting during live streaming events, earning rewards, accessing limited edition events and exclusive offline exhibitions, receiving fee discounts, and whitelisting.[20][21]


Art de Finance will release an initial supply of 90 million ADF tokens at Genesis, out of a total supply of 1 billion. The distribution plan is structured as follows:

  1. Investors (22%): A total of 220 million ADF tokens allocated for Seed (5%), Strategic A (7%), and Strategic B (10%) investors who provided financial support during the project's inception to bootstrap the ecosystem.
  2. Team & Advisor (13%): 130 million ADF tokens designated for the team and advisors, gradually unlocked to ensure the project's long-term success and expansion.
  3. Incentive Fund (31%): A pool of 310 million ADF tokens reserved for rewarding the Art de Finance platform's community and active users.
  4. Marketing (16%): 160 million ADF tokens allocated for various marketing and promotional activities to enhance awareness of Art de Finance.
  5. Development (10%): 100 million ADF tokens earmarked for research and development initiatives to sustain platform growth.
  6. Partners (5%): 50 million ADF tokens distributed to partner companies within the art and industries that contribute to the Art de Finance ecosystem.
  7. Fair Drop (3%): 30 million ADF tokens reserved for fair distribution to users, as previously mentioned.[21]

Lockup & Vesting Schedule

The lockup and vesting schedules for Art de Finance's token allocation are structured as follows:

  1. Seed: 10% of tokens are released at Token Generation, with 7% released monthly starting from the 7th month.
  2. Strategic A: 10% of tokens are released at Token Generation, followed by 5% monthly releases from the 7th month.
  3. Strategic B: 30% of tokens are released at Token Generation, with 4% monthly releases from the 7th month.
  4. Team & Advisor: Tokens are subject to a 24-month lockup period, followed by a 24-month vesting period. Afterward, 4% of the tokens are released monthly.
  5. Incentive Fund: Tokens undergo a 2-month lockup period, followed by a 118-month vesting period. Subsequently, 1.2% of the tokens are released monthly.
  6. Fair Drop: 25% of tokens are released at Token Generation, followed by monthly releases of 1.6%.
  7. Development: Tokens have a 24-month lockup period, followed by a 96-month vesting period. Then, 1% of the tokens are released monthly.
  8. Marketing: 10% of tokens are released at Token Generation, and 1% is released monthly starting from the 13th month.
  9. Partners: 1% of tokens are released at Token Generation, followed by 1% monthly releases from the 13th month.[21]

PASS NFT program

Art de Finance's PASS program aims to distribute $ADF tokens to active community members. It functions as a tool for , with planned events that started in May 2023. The PASS comes in three tiers: Connoisseur, Mecenat, and Patron, each with historical significance in the art industry. Community and Partnership events will distribute the ADF Pass .[22][23]

Digital Renaissance Fund

Art de Finance aims to establish the Digital Renaissance Fund to facilitate the evolution of the Art ecosystem. This initiative utilizes technology to bridge the gap between physical and digital art. With a fund size of 1,000,000 $ADF ($3M), the Digital Renaissance Fund is intended to focus on fostering partnerships with traditional art galleries, supporting emerging artists, and nurturing a vibrant ecosystem. Its goal is to contribute to the advancement of digital art.[24]

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