Atomic Wallet Coin

Atomic Wallet Coin is a  token that was first issued by Atomic Wallet, a  crypto-wallet for the Ethereum . Users of the token earn benefits such as discounts on exchanges, staking, and bounty rewards.[13][14]


Atomic Wallet was founded in the early part of the year 2017 by Konstantin Gladych, who was also the former Chief Executive Officer of Changelly instant exchange. Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet, which supports more than twenty blockchains and also over three[1] hundred tokens. The body has been able to produce rapid growth and increase in just only a few months of its existence, being established also among the first set of companies that were able to effect cross-chain Atomic Swaps.[2] The company is self-funded.[3]

The Atomic Wallet Token has established itself as one of the most popular tokens, since being created by the crypto wallet, Atomic Wallet. Launched in 2018, the value of the Atomic Coin Wallet has rapidly increased, recently hitting an all-time high price of $1.25, and has also recorded more than 100,000 token holders. The token has been found useful already on so many platforms from cashback to bounty programs, to affiliate/airdrop, and the most recently affected staking has about 23% yield per annum.[4]

The Atomic Wallet Token (AWC) was announced among the pioneer projects moved onto the . The Atomic Wallet token is listed among the trade tokens on , this allows full control by the user over funds in the entire process of exchange. This brings to the table improved security, a better rate of the transaction, and a more enjoyable trading experience in general.[5]

Atomic Wallet Business Model

The Atomic Wallet has remained profitable against all odds with prolonged price declines, causing a price fall below 20%. Atomic raises its revenue from commission on exchange and also the service process of obtaining cryptocurrency with a bank card. The Atomic has continued to have a widespread move in about three years of existence moving from over 50,000 downloads in 2018 to about 150,000 downloads in 2019 and sits currently at more than 500,000 downloads on all platforms (mobile devices and desktops) as of September 2020.[6]


At the helm of affairs in the team of experts steering the Atomic, Wallet Ship is Konstantin Gladych[7] who is the Chief Executive Officer and also co-founder of (a reputable company that boasts of more than two million active users, producing a massive $0.5bln in revenue monthly.[8] He has to his profile about thirteen years of experience in Information technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies combined.[9]

The Team

The team includes about 24 full-time employees (support staff, marketing staff, software developers) a team that presents expertise, experience, and efficiency to provide services uninterrupted for users.[10]

Atomic Wallet Token metrics

Atomic Wallet is fueled with its underlying token, called AWC.

Total Supply(AWC)Circulated Supply(AWC)Locked AWC
  1. In its distribution, about 5.5 million AWC are shared among advisors, airdrop/affiliates, and investors and it has been discovered that a larger percentage of the token is owned by more than 30,000 smallholders.
  2. The Atomic also plans distribution of less than 4.5million AWC in the next year for affiliate rewards and airdrops.
  3. Until demand is made by a professional investor, the company seeks to keep 80% of its funds under lockup, with a release due after five years if there is still no such investor in view.
  4. There has been a reservation of 10 million AWC equally dispersed in ERC20 and in BEP2 for swapping purposes.

Buying Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC) – A Guide

Outlined below are steps to follow to buy the Atomic Wallet Coin:

  1. Purchase Ethereum or Bitcoin through exchanges using a Credit/debit card or bank transfer interface on platforms like , , or .
  2. An account should be opened in an exchange that trades the Atomic Wallet Coin, any of the outlined can be used: , DEX, MXC, IDEX.
  3. Cryptocurrency purchased (Ethereum or Bitcoin) should be transferred to the created account in the exchange.
  4. At the price of the user’s convenience, the BUY transaction can be enacted using a limit order.
  5. The wallet that has compatibility with the Atomic Wallet Coin is to be set up.
  6. Atomic Wallet Coin can now be transferred out of the exchange to the created wallet, ensuring the safety of private keys.

Atomic Wallet Token utility value

Atomic Wallet Coin is currently majorly used for community rewards. But work is ongoing in a bid to effect and establish the Atomic Wallet Coin into the wallet ecosystem, granting holders rewards for staking and also enjoyable discounts on services like purchasing cryptocurrency with a bank card, instant exchanges, etc[11]

Migration to the BNB (Binance Coin) Mainnet

Atomic Wallet Coin started first on the Ethereum blockchain with a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens. Later on, in  2019, in April 50% of the total supply was burnt on the Ethereum and the equivalent value was minted on . Atomic Wallet Coin remains one of the most sought-after middle-of-the-road tokens on the Binance Chain having recorded so far more than 500,000 transactions. It currently has 50 million AWC on the Mainnet and the remaining part of the supply total on the  .

Binance DEX listing

Atomic Wallet Coin became a pioneer member of the projects listed on the Binance DEX in May 2019, the platform provides Users with better security, saves time on transactions and trading, and also offers them a more customer-friendly experience. The tokens have been dispensed to seventy thousand user addresses already with about 15% of the users having an estimated $100 Atomic Wallet token worth.

One of the first and even largest contests for the AWC was hosted on the 20th of June, 2019, the 400,000 Atomic Wallet Coin Binance DEX Trading competition lasted for 35 days and had over a thousand users in participation. The competition could indeed be said to be the biggest for Binance DEx so far, by an external body. The competition aimed to be partakers in the Binance Community listing campaign and the AWC did eventually come out as the winner, but they had what to rejoice about the publicity brought awareness to the Atomic Wallet Coin and in turn, a lot of new token holders joined up.

Other than , the Atomic Wallet Coin has also been listed on AtomicDEX and also on the HOO

How to swap AWC from ERC20 to Binance Chain

For user convenience and a better trading experience, the token swap has been arranged by the Atomic Wallet on ChangeNOW. The swap works from ERC-20 to BEP2 Atomic Wallet Coin.

Staking Atomic Wallet Coin(AWC)

The AWC token was implemented on the Atomic Wallet in June 2020 with an annual yield ranging between 17% and 23%. From the foundation pool of tokens rewards are given out on basis of allocation and reservations were made to act as incentives for the publicity of the token. The staked tokens on Binance Chain run on a special freeze platform, still availing customers with total control over their funds with the private keys granting them access to unfreeze tokens at convenient times. The rewards are later on calculated manually in proportion to staked balances before distribution is made with the multi-sender utility. Just about two months after its initial launching, an estimated 3,000,000 Atomic Wallet Coins (approximately more than USD 3 million) was staked by more than 3900 customers.[12]

Affiliate Airdrop Program

The Atomic Wallet Coin token had its first usage on the Binance Coin mainnet on the platform of the affiliate project. The community was majorly sponsored by the revenue gotten from downloading the wallet, creating a user account for airdrop, and referrals. Incentives of 10 AWC are given for referrals and other rewards after signing up with vouchers later on. The project has now gained reputation and popularity among Users from writers to YouTubers to podcasters and even to influential users but has been put on temporary hold due to improper uses and illegitimate users, the team is currently working rigorously to improve the interface and to henceforth verify legitimate users.

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Atomic Wallet Coin


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