Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade

The Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade is a utility-based PFP (non-fungible token profile picture) community created by and . The community consists of a collection of digital artwork depicting the Bufficorn, a creature that embodies the best of both unicorns and buffaloes. [1]


The Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade is a community centered around the creation and sale of Bufficorn NFTs. The project was created to experiment with creating value for a community through selling PFPs and adding value around the art and meme of the Bufficorn, which combines the strength of the buffalo and the magic of the unicorn. The community aims to create positive-sum games and other utilities to add value to the NFTs. Holding a Bufficorn NFT provides access to rare swag, priority access to events like EthDenver, and a special Discord channel. The rarity of the NFT determines the tier of access and potential benefits, including access to the community's native token, Spork. The Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade also plans to sponsor t-shirts and build smart contracts for trade swapping on-chain. [2]

"Creating the NFT project was about experimenting with that how do you create value for the community in the form of selling PFPs which actually creates sustainability of economics but also then creating value around the art, the meme of the Bufficorn"

According to the lore, the Bufficorn was created through a treaty between the Unicorns of Etherea and the Buffaloes of Colorado centuries ago, resulting in a community-oriented, magical, and fantastical animal that #BUIDLs for positive-sum outcomes and encourages the expression of unique creativity from each member of the community. [3]

The Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade community encourages its members to express their inner creativity in a way that creates fulfillment and value for both themselves and the community. The community also offers opportunities for members to win prizes and get whitelisted for exclusive access to the digital artwork collection. The collection is available for minting at the website provided, and the contract address and rarity tools are also provided for reference. [1]


The roadmap for the Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade is community focused that includes several steps to add value to the Bufficorn community and increase the utility of the NFT project. [2]

The Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade plans to sponsor custom t-shirts for Bufficorn NFT holders to wear at events like EAT Denver. They will retroactively add the custom shirts to existing NFTs and may do more of this in the future.

Manual Trade Swapping

The community plans to beta test a manual trade swapping feature in their Discord server. This will allow NFT holders to trade certain features or attributes of their Bufficorns with other holders for a nominal fee.

On-Chain Trade Swapping

The community plans to build out actual to automate the trade swapping process on-chain. This will eliminate the need for manual swaps and create a more seamless experience for NFT holders.

Bufficorn DAO

The community plans to create a Bufficorn to give NFT holders more control over the project and its future direction. The DAO will be governed by Bufficorn NFT holders and will have a treasury to fund future initiatives.

Bufficorn Utility

The community plans to create utility for Bufficorn NFTs beyond just their collectible value. This may include things like access to exclusive events, discounts on merchandise, or other benefits for NFT holders.


Holding the Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade NFT comes with several benefits for the holders. Firstly, all Bufficorn NFT holders will receive a special role in the SporkDAO/ETHDenver Discord, which grants them access to token-gated Discord channels. In addition, on June 18th 2022, 25 randomly selected Bufficorn NFT holders won signed physical artist prints of their NFTs when all 10,000 NFTs were minted, as promised by the team. [4]

Furthermore, there will be random $SPORK token that are distributed based on the rarity of the NFTs held by the holders. The rewards for the airdrops will be tiered, with Tier 1 receiving the highest drops, followed by Tier 2 and Tier 3. All Bufficorn NFTs are eligible for the $SPORK airdrops, with the rarity tier based on rank at Rarity.Tools. [4]

Additionally, there will be random drops for ETHDenver 2022, which includes the 25 $SPORK whale (VIP) tickets that was announced on January 27th 2022, 100 Bufficorn plushies, and exclusive access to B³-holder swag. Finally, holding a Bufficorn NFT provides pre-mint access to future SporkDAO events, and holders can also expect additional giveaways in the B³-holder channels of the Discord and other Easter Eggs in the SporkDAO ecosystem. [5]


Out of the 10,000 NFTs in the collection, there are 244 possible traits that are available to mint and trade.

  • Background: 14
  • Fur: 22
  • Horn: 10
  • Headgear: 30
  • Back: 14
  • Threads: 46
  • Eyes: 42
  • Mouth: 22
  • Earrings: 8
  • Handheld: 21
  • Full Set: 15



The B³ (Bufficorn #BUIDL Brigade) was made available for minting through two separate events. The first event was a whitelist pre-mint, which opened on November 3rd 2021. The pre-mint was only available to whitelisted addresses that had met the requirements of holding 1,900 $SPORK by November 2nd 2021. The pre-mint allocation was limited to 5,280 mints, and the cost to mint was 0.05280 . [4]

The second event was the public mint, which opened on November 4th 2021 . The public mint allocation was for the remaining 4,720 mints, and it was available to everyone. The cost to mint during the public mint was 0.1 ETH. [4]

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Bufficorn BUIDL Brigade

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