Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro is a generative art project created by , the CEO and founder of Art Blocks. It is the genesis project of Art Blocks, Chromie Squiggles became the symbol of the Art Blocks platform.[1][2]


Released on November 27, 2020, the Chromie Squiggle collection consists of 10,000 unique Squiggles, each generated by a smart contract on the . 9,675 Squiggles were minted and unminted Squiggles are distributed to the community over time. The project initially launched with a 0.035 ETH mint price. [2][3]

The Squiggles are simple, easily identifiable artworks that some consider a personal signature. These generative art pieces are automatically generated when a user interacts with the Squiggle code, displaying a unique image on one's browser, which responds to keyboard strokes. The Squiggles change in color and direction, providing an immersive visual experience. [1][2][3]

"Simple and easily identifiable, each Squiggle embodies the soul of the Art Blocks platform. Consider each my personal signature as an artist, developer, and tinkerer." - Snowfro


The genesis of Chromie Squiggles can be traced back to a moment at Coachella 2012, where , the founder of Art Blocks, discovered the immersive potential of generative art. Inspired by this experience, Snowfro began to explore the possibilities of generative art as a form of creative expression. [4]

In 2017, Snowfro's encounter with solidified his belief in the power of for proving ownership of digital assets. Recognizing the potential, Snowfro sold 34 of his CryptoPunks to fund the creation of Art Blocks, a pioneering platform for generative NFT art. [4][5]
However, Snowfro faced another challenge after launching Art Blocks: he needed a project to showcase the platform's unique user experience. Unlike traditional NFT marketplaces, Art Blocks pieces do not exist until they are purchased and minted. Collectors receive the unfiltered output generated by the artist's script, and the rarity of each "piece" can only be determined once minting is completed. [4]

This led to the creation of the Chromie Squiggles NFT collection, one of the two generative art collections crafted by himself. With Chromie Squiggles, Snowfro aimed to demonstrate the distinctive approach of Art Blocks to generative art. Initially conceived as a proof of concept, the collection expanded in scope over time, offering collectors 9,000 opportunities to claim an output from Snowfro's script at launch. [4]


Chromie Squiggles exhibit a variety of distinctive traits that make each artwork unique. While most Squiggles fall under the Standard category, there are also Slinky, Fuzzy, Ribbed, Bold, and Pipe variations available. Each type possesses its own distinct characteristics, setting them apart from one another. [3][6]

The different traits are: [3][6]

  • Standard or normal
  • Slinky
  • Fuzzy
  • Ribbed
  • Pipped
  • Hyper-standard
  • Hyper slinky
  • Hyper-fuzzy
  • Hyper-ribbed
  • Hyper-bold
  • Hyper-pipped

wikiThere are also different characteristics with each Chromie Squiggle that make them react differently to the interactions from keyboard strokes. These characteristics are: [3][6]

  • Color direction
  • Color spread
  • Height
  • Spectrum
  • Steps between
  • Start color
  • End color
  • Segments
  • Steps

In terms of rarity, there are special versions of the Standard Squiggles known as Perfect and Full Spectrum. These variations are considered rare. Additionally, there is a limited number of highly coveted "Hyper" Squiggles, which are sold at a significant premium. Notably, Squiggle #4697, a Hyper Bold variant, holds the record as the most expensive Squiggle ever sold, fetching a staggering 945 Ethereum. [2][3]

Another particular feature of Chromie Squiggles is their ability to move when clicked on , a fact that many collectors may not be aware of. By interacting with the Squiggles, users can witness their dynamic movement. Furthermore, the background color can be toggled between black and white using the Spacebar, while the speed of the animation can be adjusted with the Up/Down keys. These Squiggles utilize vector graphics, allowing them to scale to any size without compromising their quality. [2][3][7]


The establishment of SquiggleDAO took place in March 2021 when five individuals contributed their Squiggles to the . In November 2021, the DAO introduced its , $SQUIG, enabling members to participate in DAO governance with each token representing a single vote. To become a SquiggleDAO member, individuals must hold a Squiggle or acquire 1,000 $SQUIG on , although non-members can still engage with the DAO and its activities. [2][3][8]

The primary goal of SquiggleDAO is to acquire as many Chromie Squiggle as possible, foster loyalty to the project, and promote its cultural significance. Additionally, holders have the opportunity to claim a governance token, $SQUIG, which grants them voting rights in determining the direction of the DAO. [2][3][8]

While the DAO is governed by Chromie Squiggle holders, it welcomes participation from anyone through its Discord community. This community serves as a friendly platform for connecting with generative art enthusiasts, discussing the project, and exploring potential trades. Members can also pool their resources to engage in fractional purchases of Chromie Squiggles. [2][3][8]

"We believe in bold exploration. Where design meets discovery. Planning meets chaos. Simplicity meets beauty. The place of genius. We don’t ask what’s normal. We ask what’s possible. Supporting the reimagination of art and its ownership. Inviting new voices to shape and share the legacy of Squiggles. We’re not here to live the future. We’re here to build it" - SquiggleDAO

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Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

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