Share (TIME) (founded 2016) is a  and operates on the  platform. is a wide-ranging  project, aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries. [1]

Overview (TIME) is building a comprehensive ecosystem for Human resources and finance, helping reduce or eliminate the barriers to recruitment and payment processes for both workers and employers.

They believe that blockchain technology is the key to unlocking a new world of employment opportunities that anyone can access, wherever they are in the world, and ensuring they are paid on time and fairly.

History was founded in 2016 in Sydney, Australia with the vision of transforming the way Individuals access jobs and Businesses connect with contractors.

As a Fintech Company focusing on HR-solutions, reduces & eliminates the barriers to Recruitment and Payment Processes for both Workers and Employers by utilizing Blockchain Technology.'s achievements in development range from successfully launching like the job platform and the cryptocurrency exchange, up to working on its own side chain with custom consensus algorithm.


TimeX is a dApp launched by, it is a plasma-based exchange.

The platform combines both centralized and decentralized technologies, offering the best of both worlds in terms of speed, security, cost and protection against front-running and illegal activities.


LaborX is a dApp launched by, it is a global recruitment platform that connects individuals with work opportunities, wherever they are based in the world, and enables them to get paid in crypto.

The software offers efficient transactions and robust protections for both parties.


PaymentX is a dApp launched by, it is an automated cryptocurrency payroll solution for your business.

It is used to pay the team using crypto in one click, send and receive professional invoices, set up regular payment dates - all quickly and conveniently!


AUDT is a fiat-backed , underpinned with a 100% reserve of Australian dollars – meaning that each AUDT can be redeemed for real Australian dollars on a 1:1 basis at any time.


In June 2021, the Time token contract was also deployed on the (or BNB chain). Before this, it was only available on the Ethereum network. With this, the team also launched Time Bridge. By using it, a user can swap TIME tokens between Ethereum and the BNB chain.[4][5][6]
The Chromo team expanded Cross Chain availability in September 2021, and TIME token is now also available on the . A user can also bridge tokens from all three, i.e., Ethereum, BSC, and Polygon Network.[7][8]

TimeWarp Staking

It is a staking program for TIME. Users can earn a reward by locking their TIME tokens in the TimeWarp . Additionally, they can also earn rewards by locking liquidity provider (LP) tokens they have obtained from providing liquidity on decentralized exchanges such as , , or .[9][10]

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