CorgiAI is a community-driven project focused on creating and trading (NFTs) on the , offering effective performance and low-cost transactions. [1][5]


CorgiAI, launched in June 2023, is the first project on Cronos Chain, built with AI technology. CorgiAI was developed by which is not doxed publicly, but doxed to Cronos Labs, as this project is incubated in the Cronos Accelerator Program.[2][15] CorgiAI is a collective of individuals to collaboratively create, own, and govern digital assets. [3][4]

How CorgiAI Works

CorgiAI works by using the Ordinals protocol, which is a numbering scheme for satoshis, the smallest units of . The Ordinals protocol allows users to assign data to individual satoshis, such as images, text, or metadata, and to track and transfer them as unique and identifiable tokens. [1]

The Ordinals protocol uses inscription, which is the process of embedding data into the Bitcoin blockchain. Inscription uses a special type of Bitcoin transaction, called OP_RETURN, which allows users to include up to 80 bytes of arbitrary data in a transaction output. By using OP_RETURN, users can inscribe data into the blockchain without affecting the validity or security of the transaction. [1]

The Ordinals protocol also uses a technique called ordinalization - the process of assigning a unique number to each inscribed satoshi. Ordinalization works by using a deterministic algorithm that calculates the ordinal number of a satoshi based on its transaction ID, output index, and output value. Using ordinalization, users can identify and locate any inscribed satoshi on the blockchain, verifying its authenticity and ownership. [1]


CorgiAI x VVS Finance

CorgiAI launched its $CORGIAI token through VVS Initial Gem Offering (IGO) on June 8, 2023. The IGO will incorporate a Committed $VVS Refund mechanism, which ensures that the committed $VVS tokens will be refunded 90 days after IGO.

To enter the Gem Fair, each user has to stake in xVVS Vaults, with varying amounts based on the different vault lockup periods, the staked amount cannot be split across multiple Vaults.
In essence, with a longer lockup period in the Vaults, the amount of xVVS staked required to enter the Gem Fair will be lowered.


CorgiAI uses its native token, $CORGIAI token, with a maximum supply of 500B tokens.[4] It acts as the medium of exchange and the reward mechanism in its ecosystem. $CORGIAI is the first token, which is a standard for tokens that are compatible with the
CorgiAI uses Augmented reality (AR) technology to bridge the gap between the and the physical world, also allows users to embark on treasure hunts, uncover chests with $CORGIAI tokens, and even create their own challenges. It goes beyond community-building, providing a platform for exploration, education, and fostering creativity.[3]

Users can use their smartphones to scan their surroundings and discover treasure chests hidden in various locations. These treasure chests contain CORGIAI tokens, which users can claim by opening them. Users can also create their own treasure chests and drop them anywhere in the world, using CORGIAI tokens as the content. Users can share their treasure chests with their friends or the public, and challenge them to find and open them. This is similar to one of the non-crypto games Pokémon Go, an AR mobile game, that uses mobile devices with GPS to locate, capture, train, and battle virtual Pokémon, which appear as if they are in the player's real-world location.[1]

Meme Coin Vault

Meme Coin Vault is to welcome users to join the Corgi Social Club. Token holders can stake their tokens in app to earn native token $CORGIAI. The first batch includes some of the OGs, which are and $, to start earning $CORGIAI. It helps users to gain $CORGIAI as a community token to access to a wide range of community features such as Corgi Vault and Corgi Cre8r(Community NFT), Corgi Louvre Museum(NFT Gallery), Don't Let Your Boss Know(AI Markerplace).[7][12][13]


$CORGIAI Vault enables users to lock $CORGIAI to earn rewards. There are 4 locking periods for selection 1 month, 6 months, 12 months, and 48 months. The longer the user , the higher the , and the more the rewards. [6]

Membership NFT

The NFT collectibles hold the key to unlock an entire ecosystem of exclusive benefits. It enables VIP giveaways, early access to tools, and exclusive NFT mints. With a total supply of 2000 NFTs, this collection is given back to the community, which helped build and run this project. As a valued member, the user can have the chance to up to 2 NFTs each.[8]

NFT Staking on Minted Network

NFT Staking is the feature, in partnership with Minted network. Through NFT Staking, the users are invited from Minted and other partners' communities to celebrate the launch of CorgiAI together. NFT holders can stake their NFTs on Minted and earn $CORGIAI.[9][11]

Milestone Burns

A portion of $CORGIAI will be to celebrate the milestones that the team achieved and to incentivize the usage of projects' features while rewarding the and club members.
By strategically burning $CORGIAI tokens, they encourage active participation, innovation, and provide additional value to the community.[10]

Corgi Cre8r

In January 2024, CorgiAI (CORGIAI) launched Corgi Cre8r - a text-to-image generator of NFTs. The tool allows NFT enthusiasts to create unique artworks using text prompts. The AI tool’s output defaults to a comic book style, featuring a distinctive Corgi character in each piece. [16]

Gwyn, the founder of CorgiAI, stresses that this is one of the first attempts to merge the benefits of AI, , and in a single initiative:

"We are thrilled to introduce Corgi Cre8r to the world. This platform is more than just an NFT generator, it's a new way for people to express their creativity and passion with the NFT community. We believe Corgi Cre8r will be a game-changer, especially for those who love NFTs, AI tech, and the fun spirit of memecoins."[16]

To commemorate the launch, CorgiAI announced the inaugural ‘Top Dog Corgi’ collection, a limited series of 2,000 NFTs on the Cronos blockchain. The purpose of Top Dog Corgi is to offer users exclusive and early access to try out the Cre8r tool. [16][17]

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