DCBuilder.eth is a pseudonymous developer and engineer at , an iris biometric project, launched by the CEO of OpenAI, . He also maintains, a public development guide. [1]


DCBuilder.eth got into through a self-driven learning process. During his high school years, around late 2017, he was interested in mathematics, and started learning through YouTube videos in order to fully understand machine learning. He was particularly interested in a mathematics explaining YouTube Channel called "3Blue1Brown", and got introduced to cryptography through their explaining video that they uploaded one day. This led him to do more research and watch more videos on different and technologies such as , , and more. [2]

"got me interested in mathematics because machine learning like in order to understand it or to build anything with it you do need to have like some solid mathematical background so I was learning like calculus linear algebra and that led me to a YouTube channel called three blue and brown"

He later ventured into web development, progressing from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to React and TypeScript. His curiosity and interest in cryptography led him to explore layer twos and different projects. In July 2020, he became a blockchain researcher at , a web3 development platform, researching and publishing his work on the Blockchain Review until March 2022. [2][3]

"I got into the habit of learning things for myself and on my own... I was doing completely unrelated things, and so I got into web development."

DC Builder's interest in zero-knowledge cryptography and Rust programming language prompted him to engage with experts, eventually contributing to the field and creating resources like, a Guide to Becoming a web 3 engineer, in August 2021. [2][3]

After leaving Moralis in March 2022, he joined Alongside, a crypto market indexing project, as a blockchain researcher until July 2022. At this position, he was responsible for providing research on different architectures for building the crypto market index, focusing on decentralized custodians, secure multi-party computation, governance structures, L2 deployments, and more. [3]

After learning and exploring the space, and applying to different positions, he was able to meet some members of the team at an event through his friend Miguel who also was part of the team. They talked about the different projects going on behind the scenes, and decided to join the team in July 2022, as he thought Worldcoin was a protocol he wanted to be a part of, in order to become a better engineer. He also established the Zero Knowledge Machine Learning Community to bring experts together and explore applications like ZKML. [2][3]

 "I met them (the Worldcoin team) at an event in person and we talked a bit and after like talking about like all the different projects all that they were working on. I thought that was a good fit for me to become better as a researcher, cryptographer like learn cryptography and become a better engineer"

On top of his role at Worldcoin, he is also an event Co-organizer for ETHPrague, a position he has held since December 2021. At this role, he is responsible for securing sponsorships, managing the Twitter account, reviewing hacker and speaker applications, and judging submissions for the hackathons. [3]

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