DefiLlama is an aggregator of Total Value Locked (TVL) in the field. Its data is open-source and overseen by a team of contributors representing numerous protocols. Created by the anonymous , DeFi Llama offers data on , encompassing current price levels, along with Total Value Locked (TVL) information for various DeFi sectors such as , lending protocols, operations, staking pools, DeFi insurance, and other related products. [2]


DeFi Llama functions as a tracker for multiple chains and their associated applications (). It monitors and provides data on various elements of the DeFi ecosystem, including DeFi applications, DeFi chains, DeFi , DeFi forks, DeFi , and . [3]

The platform obtains its information directly from more than 80 layer-one , along with hundreds of decentralized apps, , and . CoinGecko, a leading data aggregator, monitors over 400 exchanges and tracks 5000 DeFi assets, making it one of the largest in the world. Uniswap, on the other hand, serves as a significant , providing data on thousands of cryptocurrencies and boasting a total trading volume surpassing $100 billion. [4]


Chain Breakdown

DeFiLlama enables users to access Total Value Locked (TVL) data for a specific protocol across multiple chains. This breakdown allows users to gain insights into the deployment of the protocol across different chains and the distribution of its TVL among these chains. [5]

Market Cap Data

DeFiLlama offers market capitalization (Mcap) data for protocols, enabling users to assess the protocol's performance by comparing its market cap to its TVL (Mcap/TVL ratio). [5]


The charts provided by DeFiLlama assist users in comprehending and monitoring the total inflows and outflows of a protocol, which offers insights into the future prospects of a DeFi project. [5]

Chain TVL

DeFiLlama monitors and records data on the Total Value Locked (TVL) for more than 130 blockchains. Users have the option to click on any of the tracked chains to access a list of DeFi projects operating on that particular blockchain. [5]

Stablecoin Market Cap

DeFiLlama offers a comprehensive breakdown of the total market capitalization (MCap) of , categorizing them by asset and chain. This detailed information encompasses MCap figures, chain details, stablecoin prices, and more.

Yield Rankings

Yield Rankings are organized into three categories: Pools, Overview, and Projects. Under Pools, users can access information on projects, chains, Total Value Locked (TVL), the percentage change in TVL, and the predicted outlook for Annual Percentage Yield (APY). The Overview section includes a heatmap displaying APY across various protocols and charts illustrating the average APY compared to market volatility. Lastly, the Projects category provides details on the number of pools within a protocol, combined TVL, audits conducted, and the median APY.

DeFi Llama Token

In March 2023, a public dispute emerged between and 0xLlam4, the two pseudonymous co-founders of DefiLlama, regarding a potential token launch. [6]

0xngmi created a forked version of the blockchain data platform after following the employee's accusation that the company's founders had introduced a token without adequate backing. Prior to this incident, DefiLlama had alluded to a token airdrop on Twitter, which had garnered opposition from some contributors who believed it contradicted the team's original intentions. [7]

During the course of the conflict between the two co-founders, members of the DefiLlama Discord server expressed apprehensions regarding the potential compromise or hacking of the website. However, as the announcement was made, the initial confusion among members gradually transformed into a sense of relief. [6]

“There is no LLAMA token currently planned, and any airdrop will be discussed with the community, as every important decision is,” DefiLlama on Twitter.

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