Falconswap is a Layer 2 protocol for trading and crowdfunding. It is a low-gas protocol for token swaps and token pools with 2-3x lower gas fees.[8]

The falcon cryptocurrency is represented with the symbol "FSW". It is the native currency of the Falconswap platform. FalconSwap is designed to offer instant low gas fee swaps to users without compromising on the user experience. It is building the World's most gas-efficient Layer 1 DEX.[1][2]

Built on , FalconSwap further extends to aggregate other platforms like , , , , etc.[9]


The Falconswap platform, besides being used for token swaps, also has token pools with added benefits including privacy, lower gas fees, and aggregation. Falconswap is built on . It is further extendable to aggregate other platforms such as Balancer, AirSwap, Mooniswap, Bancor, and Kyber Network. FalconSwap solves the gas and slippage issue by aggregating orders before sending them to underlying liquidity pools.

Without the existence of Falconswap, all users will pay for their gas fees and the total gas fees spent will be 6x the gas fees per order. Each user will also experience slippage based on the order of their transaction. These traders will end up paying even higher transaction fees if their orders are distributed among multiple liquidity pools.

However, with FalconSwap, orders executed will not experience any slippage and any remaining sell order will be transferred to or multiple liquidity pools. Generally, the slippage will be optimized for all orders with a minimum gas fee per user.


There are trading fees saved besides the gas fees and slippage optimizations for 20 Ethereum worth of orders executed on FalconSwap. While 10% of the trading fees generated on the FalconSwap protocol will be used to buy FSW tokens from the market and burned, a part of the fees will be used to buy FSW tokens and distributed to stakeholders. All FSW staking holders will also receive additional fee discounts to trade on FalconSwap protocol.

FalconSwap Features

  • Low-cost trading: Save 50–70% in gas fees when you trade on FalconSwap
  • Low-cost Pool creation: Create new token pairs with 20x lower gas fees when compared with Uniswap.
  • Permissionless: FalconSwap is permissionless and anyone can create a trading pair
  • Decentralized: Falconswap is fully decentralized
  • No deposits needed: FalconSwap does not require any deposits or withdrawals to save gas fees.
  • Instant Swaps: Users can Swap tokens in a single transaction.[12]


FalconPool is a layer 2 fundraising protocol that will streamline the complete fundraising and token distribution process.

FalconPool allows users to pool tokens without paying gas fees and eliminates gas wars in the contribution process. FalconPool aggregates all the transactions before sending them to the recipient saving massive gas fees and transactions on Ethereum. FalconPool also incorporates innovative ways for token distribution, locking tokens, and streamlining the complete fundraising process.[13]


FSW token has a circulating supply of 37,429,794 FSW and a total supply of 100,000,000 FSW. The token recorded an all-time high of $1.03 on February 13, 2021, and an all-time low of $0.02753 on December 10, 2020.[6][7]

Users can Earn staking rewards from trading fees on FalconSwap, Mine FSW tokens when they trade on FalconSwap, and also Participate in FalconSwap Governance.[10]


Falconswap token is listed in the following exchanges:

Token Distribution

NameTotal Distributed
DEX Liquidity3,000,000
Private Sale 115,000,000
Private Sale 215,000,000
Seed Round5,000,000
Liquidity Mining Pool12,000,000
Future Growth10,000,000
Marketing & Partnerships10,000,000
Company Reserve10,000,000
Team & Advisors20,000,000[11]


Partnerships with TrustSwap:

FalconSwap has partnered with TrustSwap to work towards the growth and adoption of decentralized smart escrows, token issuance, and trading options. As a part of the integration, both firms will be working in multiple areas such as FalconSwap supporting the $SWAP trading pair on day 0 of the FalconSwap protocol launch and enabling low gas fees trading for $SWAP as well as FalconSwap enabling liquidity mining for $SWAP traders and mining $FSW tokens by trading $SWAP. The partnership also enables TrustSwap to provide a time-released payment service to the FalconSwap team for releasing tokens, and also FalconSwap will use the TrustSwap suite of products for future token payments.

TrustSwap is a decentralized finance solution for automated smart escrows, smart swaps, and smart locks.  offers a suite of products to simplify token issuance, token sale, and dynamic time-locked token distribution models.[3]

Partnership with DEXTools:

FalconSwap has also partnered with  and the duo now works together on multiple fronts for the growth and development of the ecosystem. The partnership between FalconSwap and will work together in several areas such as FalconSwap listing $DEXT on the launch day and supporting lower fees trading for $DEXT trading pair, Falconswap including $DEXT trading pair for its liquidity mining program which will enable users to mine $FSW tokens by trading $DEXT on FalconSwap, DEXTools integrating FalconSwap when the exchange is launched and will include trading data from FalconSwap exchange, and FalconSwap providing an integration option to DEXTools and allowing users to trade on FalconSwap directly from DEXTools website.

DEXTools is a front-runner in building new tools that are needed to provide information in real time about what is happening in the new markets.[4]

FalconSwap announced it will be integrating the industry-leading Chainlink Price Feeds live on testnet, with plans to soon launch on mainnet. FalconSwap’s L2 platform matches orders on-chain and submits a batched set of trades to the Uniswap AMM, significantly reducing gas costs. When there is sufficient liquidity available, users can swap assets directly on falconswap. the exchange at the current market price (as reported by price oracles) for near zero gas costs, no slippage, and at much greater speeds.

The integration will ensure that falconSwap users can swap tokens at fair market prices with no slippage directly on FalconSwap.[14]

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