iExec is an open-source, decentralized cloud computing platform, running on Ethereum blockchain. iExec allows decentralized applications (dApps) and on-demand access to computing resources and technologies on iExec cloud.[1]


iExec headquartered is located in Lyon, France. It was founded by Gilles Fedak and Haiwu He, both are serving as Chief Executive Officer and Head of Asian-Pacific Region of iExec, respectively.[2]

Similarly, Haiwu completed his M.Sc. and PhD from the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille, France. On April 19, 2017, iExec launched its token sale and raised more than $12 million in exchange for 86,999,784 RLC.[3]

The first presentation of the platform took place at the Ethereum Devcon2 conference in Shanghai, China in September 2016. A couple of months later, the team demonstrated a demo of the platform at the Super Computing Exhibition 2016 held in Salt Lake City.[3]

Overview intends to use its platform to offer blockchain-based distributed applications as a reliable, secure, and easy way to get access to the computing resources required for their execution.[1]

The blockchain enables the creation of a market network where everyone has an opportunity to monetize servers, applications, and data-sets. This technology extends the Ethereum smart contracts allowing the creation of virtual Cloud infrastructure that provides High-Performance Computing (HPC) services on-demand.[3]

iExec makes it easy for anyone to deploy their own Decentralized Oracle, allowing developers to leverage the terabytes of data available on the WEB 2.0 to build a whole new range of useful and impactful DApps without compromising on the security.[1]

The iExec decentralized marketplace is where the offer meets the demand for computing power. The marketplace leverages state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, which offer a high level of trust and traceability. [3]

iExec Token: RLC

RLC is the native token of the iExec cloud Platform. In exchange for RLC tokens, users can utilize the network to rent servers, data, and applications. RLC is an ERC20 compliant digital asset on Ethereum. RLC utility tokens bring significant benefits to decentralized platforms, including better-aligned incentives, improved security, and new governance models to name just a few. [3]

iExec Products

iExec Marketplace: iExec introduces a new paradigm for cloud computing. Cloud resources can now be traded on a global market, just like any other commodity. Instant access to a large capacity of computing power from the provider offering the best rate.[2]

iExec SDK: iExec offers CLI and JS libraries for developers. Execute ‘off-chain’ computations through the iExec decentralized cloud and overcome Ethereum scalability issues.[1]

Dapp Store: Decentralized applications powered by iExec are featured on the Dapp Store. Developers can monetize their dapps and increase their visibility, while users can execute these applications thanks to the marketplace.[3]

Data Wallet: Data providers can monetize their valuable datasets or AI models datasets with the highest level of security [2]


  • Gilles Fedak, Ph.D
    • CEO, Co-Founder
  • Haiwu He, Ph.D. - Co-Founder Head of Asian-Pacific Region
  • Oleg Lodygensky, Ph.D. - CTO
  • Jean-Charles Cabelguen, Ph.D.
    • Chief Innovation & Adoption
  • Lei Zhang, Ph.D. - Expert on Cryptography
  • Ugo Plouviez
    • Lead Java Developer
  • Vladimir Ostapenco
    • System Administrator
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