Ivan on Tech (YouTube Channel)

Ivan on Tech is a YouTube channel focused on technology, , and . The channel is hosted by , a software developer and expert. [1][2]


In 2017, Ivan began his YouTube channel Ivan on Tech, where he discusses , , programming, and other related topics. One day he made a video about which performed better than the other videos. He saw that people needed crypto content and since he loved crypto, it was a good fit. [5]

“I didn’t expect crypto to have that much of an audience on YouTube,” said Ivan.

“That day, when I created the Ethereum video, I didn’t know what else to create. So I thought, let me do a video on Ethereum just to get a video out today. Good thing I did that, because it completely exploded.” [5]

As of February 2024, the channel has 515k subscribers and 900+ videos. [1]

Ivan's videos explain how different  work and function, including , , among others. He also started Ivan on Tech Russian, a cryptocurrency-themed YouTube channel for Russian-speaking audiences. [3]

Temporary YouTube Ban

During the YouTube purge of 2019, many creators of crypto-related content had their videos and channels removed from the platform, including Ivan on Tech. As a result of the suspension, Ivan on Tech was prohibited from uploading videos, live streams, or stories for a certain period, depending on the number of strikes or violations received. [4]

believed that the purge had a silver lining. It prompted him to urge his YouTube subscribers to sign up on the Ivan on Tech mailing list for updates. Additionally, it forced influencers to come together and strategize on how to regain their channels. After the crypto community's uproar on Twitter, YouTube reinstated the affected cryptocurrency channels and videos. [4]

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Ivan on Tech (YouTube Channel)

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