Marina Protocol

Marina Protocol is a global tutorial platform, providing users new to and web3 with useful content and advanced interfaces for activities like , , launchpads, and transfers. [1][2]


Launched on December 22, 2023, Marina Protocol allows users to experience and receive rewards for their engagement. [3]

"Our vision is to onboard people worldwide to experience and engage with Web 3.0 through Marina Protocol." [3]

On February 27, 2024, Marina Protocol launched Wallet Checker where users can verify their whitelist status and eligibility for PFP OG. [9]

On March 1, 2024, Marine Protocol partnered with OPNS, an omnichain naming service that works as public goods for , powered by Star Protocol. [10]

"With OPNS, Marina Protocol will expand the ecosystem and build Name Service for user convenience." - the Marina team tweeted[10]

Other partners of Marina Protocol include XPLUS, Flooz, TaskOn, World Net, Star Protocol, Pomerium, Bitcoin Dog, , , and . [2][11]

SURF Token

The SURF token is an asset converted from SURF points. SURF points can be generated by clicking the SURF button on the Marina Protocol app once every 24 hours. The more friends a user has, the higher the production volume. The generated SURF points can also be used to purchase surfboard items or transfer them to others in a 1:1 conversion to SURF tokens. [4]

BAY Token

The BAY token is an asset converted from BAY points, which are obtained from surfboard items purchased with SURF points. Surfboard items have different BAY point production rates based on their grades. The acquired BAY points can be converted to BAY tokens at each conversion point, proportional to the individual's BAY point ratio compared to the total planned BAY points for conversion. BAY tokens can be transferred or traded with others. [5]


All users aim to accumulate SURF points, which can be directly converted into SURF tokens on a one-to-one basis or used to surfing board within the app at specific tokenization points. [6][2]

Supporting SURF tokens ensures unrestricted user-to-user transfers and trades while safeguarding a user's assets for their exclusive use. Surfboards NFTs, created with SURF points, can be wrapped into NFTs for trading on NFT exchanges or within the app to generate BAY points. [6]

These BAY points, obtained through staking, are then converted into BAY tokens at tokenization points, proportional to the user's share of total BAY points. BAY tokens grant decision-making authority for onboarding projects to Marina Protocol, in addition to user rewards and operational decisions. As a crucial asset within Marina Protocol, BAY tokens are slated for listing on major exchanges. [6]

$SURF (Utility Token)

SURF Token (SURF) is Marina Protocol's and it operates on the (). SURF Token is issued unlimitedly, but it prevents excessive inflation by placing a weekly total issue limit (supply cap). [7]

Users get SURF Point through SURFING every 24 hours. Users can convert from SURF Point to SURF Token during tokenization. SURF Token can be created when converting points to tokens and can be when converting tokens to points. [7]

$BAY (Governance Token)

The BAY Token (BAY) serves as Marina Protocol's and operates on the BNB Smart Chain (), with a total issuance of 1 billion tokens. [8][1]

Users earn BAY Points by SurfBoards, with the efficiency of BAY Point production depending on the SurfBoard grade. These BAY Points can be converted to BAY Tokens during tokenization, based on the user's ratio. [8]

As the primary asset, BAY Token holders can engage in decision-making regarding the direction of the Marina Protocol and the ecosystem's health. [8]


Out of the 1 Billion BAY tokens issued, 46% was allocated to Staking Rewards, 15% to the Team, 10% to Partners, 8.5% to the Ecosystem, 8% to Marketing, 5.8% to Private Sales, 5% to Operation & Advisor, 1.2% for Liquidity, and 0.5% for IDO. [8]

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Marina Protocol

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