Pitch is a DAO that builds governance and economic infrastructure for and s across .[1] Pitch Governance integrates , , and Saddle Finance.


Pitch, a DAO that builds governance and economic infrastructure for web3, was launched in February 2022.[2]

Pitch has an incentives product, Pitch.Money, and a liquidity product, pitchFXS. Pitch.Money is a generalized marketplace for vote incentives. It allows protocols to incentivize voters to allocate token emissions to their gauge. Pitch actively supports the ecosystem with pitchFXS, a synthetic form of that provides native yield while retaining its governance power.[3] There is also pitchSDL for Saddle Finance, a liquid wrapper for locked veSDL positions to retain governance power. pitchSDL is currently in the first phase of its soft launch. It's further development is expected throughout Q4 of 2022.[7]

In July 2022, used Pitch.Money to set up bribes for stakers to vote in favor of FXS rewards for the IQ-FRAX liquidity pool on . Temple DAO and also setup bribes through Pitch.Money in July. In October 2022, added additional bribes through Pitch.Money. [8]


Vote Market Dashboard

The vote market dashboard displays the top four gauges on a given ecosystem. Pitches can be placed using the "Pitch Incentive" button on each gauge card, which will initiate an intuitive pitch process. The console needs to get several criteria: reward token (the currency in which voters will receive their rewards), pitch amount (the total amount of rewards that are to be paid), and capital efficiency ratio (the number of rewards per dollar of emissions that the project will disburse to voters).[4]

Gauges Dashboard

The gauges dashboard will display statistics for each gauge and a list of active pitches on each gauge. The workflow to pitch from this dashboard is identical to pitching through the Vote Market Dashboard.[5]

Priced Pitching ($/veToken)

The Governance Console's Priced Pitching mechanism allows protocols to specify the precise dollar amount they are willing to pay per veToken vote for their gauge. Priced Pitches allow protocols to eliminate the risk of their incentives spending by only paying for the votes they earn. Fees are only charged on the converted money at the end of the period.[6]

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