Vesper Finance

Vesper Finance is a platform of products that are designed for ease-of-use, longevity, and scale. VSP is a comprehensive ecosystem governed by the VSP token.[15][16]


Vesper provides a platform for easy-to-use decentralized Finance (DeFi) products. Vesper's DeFi products deliver ease-of-use in achieving your crypto-finance objectives. The Vesper token (VSP) is the core economic engine that facilitates the building and expansion of Vesper’s capabilities and its community.[17][18]

  • Vesper Products: Vesper offers a variety of interest-yielding that enable users to passively increase their holdings by simply selecting the desired aggressiveness of their strategy and the Digital asset held. The Vesper represent the first product on the Vesper platform. More will be developed and presented over time.
  • Vesper Token:VSP incentivizes participation, facilitates governance, and catalyzes user contribution. Users earn VSP through pool participation and, later, participating in Vesper's continuous improvement.
  • Vesper Community:Vesper is building a user community that sustains and grows the product portfolio, facilitates progressive decentralization, and enables users to build new products while earning a share of that product's fees.

VSP Token

VSP is the that serves as the basis for the Vesper ecosystem. VSP holders can vote on proposals, and additionally deposit their tokens to passively accumulate more VSP.[19]

There are three ways to earn VSP tokens:

Participating in Vesper pools: Each pool is assigned an amount of VSP tokens that are distributed to participants proportionate to size of stake. Initial Grow pools are incentivized for three months after launch.

Providing liquidity: Liquidity Providers to the VSP-ETH pair are incentivized with VSP similarly to the Grow pools. The trading pair is incentivized for one year after launch.

Staking your VSP: Users can deposit their tokens to the VSP treasury pool. A small percentage of withdrawals are allocated to the treasury box, and those funds are used to buy back VSP and award to pool depositors

vVSP Pool

The vVSP pool is a revenue-sharing mechanism. It rewards VSP holders with additional VSP when they deposit their tokens in it. Just like the other pools, where users deposit ETH to get vETH, or USDC to get vUSDC, users can stake VSP and get vVSP, a tokenized share of the vVSP pool.

After withdrawal and yield fees are collected in the pool (ETH, BTC, USDC, etc.), users can go to the Treasury Box and are used to buy back VSP on Uniswap.[20]

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Vesper Finance


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