TokenFi is a platform designed for the creation and tokenization of assets, utilizing a user-friendly WYSIWYG interface that allows users to generate tokens without any coding requirements. The platform supports the tokenization of . TokenFi is a project under the brand and is governed by the Floki DAO. It is managed by the Floki Core Team, known for their work on the Floki token. [2]


TokenFi Token Launcher

The TokenFi Token Launcher is designed to simplify the process of creating cryptocurrency tokens, allowing users without developer experience to create tokens in as little as 1-2 minutes without writing any code.

The TokenFi Token Launcher addresses this need by making it easy for users to create various types of audited , and tokens on top EVM blockchains with just a few clicks. The platform uses $TOKEN as its main utility token and is operational on the mainnets of six major EVM blockchains: ,, , Blast, and opBNB. [1]

TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot

The TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot enables users to create tokens quickly and easily on several top blockchains directly from their mobile devices via Telegram and Discord apps.

The TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot allows users to create tokens by sending simple commands through their Telegram and Discord apps. The bot uses $TOKEN as its main utility token and is operational on the mainnets of six major EVM blockchains: ,, , , Blast, and opBNB.[3][4]

TokenFi LaunchPad

TokenFi Launchpad allows users to raise funds for their tokens in a decentralized manner, simplifying the process and reducing technical complexities. The initial version of TokenFi Launchpad is available on the mainnets of , , ,, Blast, and opBNB, with plans to expand to other major EVM blockchains.

The launchpad will also integrate with Floki’s crypto locker protocol, FlokiFi Locker, enhancing the security of tokens promoted through the platform. TokenFi Launchpad uses $TOKEN as its main utility token. [5]

TokenFi Generative AI

TokenFi Generative AI enables users to quickly generate high-quality artwork for their NFTs using artificial intelligence.

The platform allows users to conceptualize their NFTs, generate the artwork, and launch their NFT contracts within minutes using either the TokenFi Token Launcher or the TokenFi QuickLaunch Bot.

TokenFi AI Smart Contract Auditor

TokenFi's smart contracts are audited by , a leading security auditor in the industry. Additionally, the framework for TokenFi's token launcher is currently undergoing an audit by Certik, providing users with confidence in the security of the contracts launched through the platform.

TokenFi offers the AI Smart Contract Auditor, enabling users to conduct immediate audits of the tokens they create. Users can also generate a branded audit report to share with partners and users, enhancing trust in their tokens.

TokenFi Connect

TokenFi Connect facilitates direct connections between users and key industry players, including market makers, exchanges, funds, and influencers. This tool helps token issuers, regardless of their experience, to achieve greater liquidity and broader reach for their tokens.

As a vital component of the TokenFi ecosystem, TokenFi Connect bridges token creators with the broader financial and crypto market infrastructure. It is particularly beneficial for newcomers to the crypto space who may lack connections or expertise in marketing and integrating their tokens.


TokenFi Connect enables users to collaborate with various market participants:

  • Market Makers: Ensure sufficient liquidity for tokens, facilitating smoother market operations.
  • Exchanges: Help token creators list their tokens, making them accessible to a wider audience.
  • VCs and Funds: Provide potential investment opportunities and partnerships.
  • Influencers/Key Opinion Leaders: Enhance the adoption and reputation of tokens through influential endorsements.

Key partners already on board include , Yellow Capital, Kairon Labs, and Coin Liquidity Solutions.

TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module

The TokenFi RWA Tokenization Module facilitates the tokenization of Real World Assets (RWA) that do not fall under the category of securities. This functionality offers users a fast method to tokenize real-world assets via the TokenFi platform.


TokenFi Staking

The TokenFi Staking Program enables users to stake their TokenFi tokens to earn rewards in $TOKEN.

Users can choose staking durations of three months, one year, two years, and four years on both the BNB and ETH chains, with longer staking periods offering higher rewards.

Upon the launch of the TokenFi token, 7% of the total $TOKEN supply was allocated to the TokenFi Staking Program to fund staking rewards.

This program aims to enhance the stability of the TokenFi token and mitigate token emissions, making $TOKEN more appealing to users.


$TOKEN serves as the primary utility token of the TokenFi platform, powering every transaction conducted on the platform. A portion of successful transactions automatically purchases and burns $TOKEN, enhancing its utility and ensuring eventual hyper-deflation of the token as the platform gains mainstream traction.


  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 $TOKEN
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000 $TOKEN
  • Token Tax: 0.3%; 80% directed to the treasury, 20% to the Liquidity Pool


  • 54%: Allocated to staking pools, earnable over four years
  • 2%: Reserved for Floki NFT holders and Diamond Hands holders
  • 10%: Allocated to the initial liquidity pool on the ETH and BNB chains
  • 20%: Reserved for the Floki treasury for development and operations
  • 2%: Allocated for team incentives, vested over four years
  • 5%: Allocated to the TokenFi User Incentives System, boosting TokenFi adoption over four years
  • 7%: Allocated to the TokenFi staking program, earnable over four years


TokenFi has formed partnerships with various industry leaders who share their vision of becoming a prominent tokenization platform in the rapidly expanding tokenization sector.

Among their partners are:

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