XT.COM is a global cryptocurrency that incorporates social features. It supports over 800 tokens and 1,000 trading pairs, offering spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, OTC trading, and crypto purchases with credit cards.[1][2]


XT.COM is an international founded in July 2018 by and , and registered in Seychelles. The platform operates globally with centers in Singapore, Europe, and other regions. The current CEO is . XT.COM has over 7.8 million registered users, more than 1 million monthly active users, and 40 million users in its ecosystem.

The platform supports over 800 tokens and 1,000 trading pairs, offering services such as spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, OTC trading, and cryptocurrency purchases with credit cards. XT.COM aims to provide secure, efficient, and professional digital asset investment services. The exchange's headquarters are in Dubai, and it maintains a significant presence through multiple international communities in various languages.[1][2][3][4][5]


Spot Trading

XT Exchange's spot market aims to enhance trading with an advanced , a matching engine capable of handling one million transactions per second, and various order types like limit, stop, market, post-only, and iceberg. It supports over 100 projects and 300 trading pairs, aiming to maintain high liquidity and competitive spreads.

The platform provides up to 20x leverage for major and multiple gateways for purchasing crypto. XT Exchange also aims to offer high-yield financial services and a competitive fee structure. Users can act as market makers or takers, facilitating immediate transaction settlement at current market prices.[3][6][7][8][9][10]

Margin Trading

XT Exchange aims to facilitate margin trading, allowing users to trade with borrowed funds, which can amplify both profits and losses. Borrowed funds must be repaid in the same currency, with interest repayments prioritized.

Longing involves buying assets expected to rise in value, while shorting involves selling borrowed assets to repurchase at a lower price. The platform supports up to 20x leverage to expand trading capacity.

Margin trading carries significant risks, including potential losses exceeding the initial investment. XT Exchange uses a forced mechanism at a 30% margin rate with the intend of managing these risks. [3][11][12][13][14][15]

Future & Derivatives Trading

XT.COM offers a platform for futures and derivatives trading, including -margined and coin-margined perpetual and quarterly contracts. It includes tools such as copy trading and futures grid trading.

  • Cryptocurrency Futures: XT.COM facilitates speculation on future prices, allowing traders to take long or short positions without owning the asset. This method enables control over large positions with a small margin, potentially leading to higher returns.
  • Futures Contracts: XT's futures contracts, settled in , , and , differ from perpetual contracts with fixed delivery dates and no funding fees. Trading fees include maker and taker fees. The settlement price is determined by a weighted average index to reduce manipulation risks.
  • Reverse Position Feature: The Reverse Position feature enables users to close existing positions and open opposite positions at market price, aiding transitions between long and short positions, subject to sufficient funds and market conditions.
  • Grid Trading: Futures grid trading employs automated bots to execute trades based on predefined parameters, assisting in risk management and maintaining stability in volatile markets.
  • Funding Rates: Funding rates adjust long and short positions by crediting or debiting trader accounts, aligning perpetual contract prices with spot market prices.
  • Insurance Fund: XT Exchange's insurance fund aims to protect traders from significant losses due to forced , ensuring that profitable trades are secured even in volatile conditions.
  • Trading Process: To trade futures on XT.COM, users need to open a futures trading account, enable 2FA, and fund their futures wallet. They can choose between -margined and coin-margined futures, select leverage, and place orders. A demo trading environment is available for practice.[16][17][18][19][20][21]

Copy Trading

Copy trading on XT enables users to replicate trades from experienced investors seamlessly. The platform provides real-time data and automated operations for informed decision-making. Top traders undergo vetting for reliability and stability, potentially earning bonuses from followers' success. The one-click feature simplifies trading for both professionals and novices, eliminating manual processes. It benefits lead traders with loyal followers and potential profit sharing.[24][25]

ETF Zone

XT ETFs, offered by XT, function as financial instruments tracking asset prices via derivatives such as futures, aiming to amplify returns by a fixed multiple through managed rebalancing. Margin-free trading aims to maximize capital efficiency, resembling spot trading in its streamlined process. Compound interest, beneficial in unilateral trends, and manageable risk, ensured by the absence of liquidation, are notable features. Prices are determined by net asset value (NAV), calculated from spot prices and leverage multiples. While suitable for one-sided trends, caution is advised in oscillating markets to mitigate potential capital loss.[22][23]


XT Smart Chain

XT Smart Chain functions as a decentralized public designed for compatibility with and optimized for high-performance transactions. Employing the HPoS consensus mechanism, it intends to offer reduced transaction costs, low latency, and increased concurrency. In addition to its role as a public chain, XT Smart Chain aims to foster innovation by supporting developers and projects within its expansive trading ecosystem.

Key features include an open and decentralized network for enhanced security, support for programmability and , meta-transaction functionality to minimize fees, and the capability for cross-chain asset transfers.[6][26][27][28]

XT Incubator

XT Incubator is a program designed to accelerate and nurture early-stage projects, providing support in market entry, strategy, legal, and development areas. Through advisors and service providers like Brightnode, it aims to empower startups to collaborate effectively and foster innovation. Key resources include access to marketing professionals, developers, crypto lawyers, data aggregators, media outlets, and mentors, creating an environment conducive for startups to thrive.[6][29]

XT Labs

XT Labs functions as the venture capital division of, specializing in , digital assets, and . With a focus on facilitating long-term, sustainable growth, XT Labs aims to invest diverse industrial resources to support startups. Through its team of investment and operating professionals, XT Labs collaborates closely with portfolio companies to cultivate exceptional value. The firm concentrates on assisting projects in both Asian and overseas markets to flourish and achieve enduring success.[29][30][6]


XT Starter functions as a fundraising launchpad, facilitating Initial Offerings (IDO) and discount flash sales, with the aim of enhancing project visibility and token liquidity through active user engagement.

XT Starter employs rigorous screening to select projects not yet listed on major exchanges. It offers early token access at rates below market prices, accommodating both retail investors and institutions. The absence of lock periods and an inclusive approach aim to reduce market volatility risks.[6][31]

Polaris Combinator

Polaris Combinator operates as an investment firm specializing in various sectors within the industry. It invests across different stages and sectors, with a particular focus on technologies. The firm aims to enhance the influence of projects through investment, incubation, branding, and community operations. Serving as a connector between Web2.0 and , Polaris Combinator seeks opportunities in areas such as , , Gamefi, , and technologies.[6][32]


XT functions as a centralized platform for aggregated trading, facilitating IGO/INO blind box transactions, initial launches, and for NFTFi. Depositing involves selecting the , connecting to a , depositing the using the contract address, and confirming the transaction.

In XT's context, the channel emphasizes centralization and aggregation, addressing challenges in decentralized ecosystems such as protocol disparities and high transactional costs. XT aims to simplify purchases, provide cost-efficient transactions, and offer benefits like copyright fees for creators and enhanced exposure opportunities. Users can register an XT account, access the platform, bid for desired , and withdraw assets using the provided wallet address.[6][33][34]

XT Academy

XT Academy is designed as an open-access platform, providing a broad spectrum of fundamental and advanced knowledge for individuals interested in . It aims to cater to both beginners and those with existing knowledge, offering educational resources free of charge. Additionally, the platform aims to offer opportunities for users to earn through their participation in educational activities.[6][35]

XT Partner Program

The XT Partner Program is designed for those aligned with XT's values to promote the platform through unique referral links. Partners earn commissions on trades made by their referrals, with adjustable ratios for both XT Spot and Futures. Eligible participants include content creators, websites, and promotional entities.

Partners share their referral links, earning commissions from their referrals' transaction fees. They can also customize referral links with different fee discounts for more effective invitations.[36]

Bug Bounty Program

XT.COM has introduced a Bug Bounty Program with the goal of strengthening the security and reliability of its trading services. The initiative invites individuals to identify and report vulnerabilities on the platform, aiming to promptly address potential threats and prevent malicious attacks.

Open to all, the Bug Bounty Program offers rewards for eligible vulnerability reports, with the amount ranging from $50 to $2,000 USD based on the severity of the issue and the quality of the report.[37]

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