Yield Farming Index (YFX) Protocol

Yield Farming Index Protocol is as a decentralized crypto hedge fund with the intent to generate robust returns through the application of trading strategies and risk management techniques.[1]


The Yield Farming Index Protocol, initiated by crypto Twitter yield farmer @delucinator and manager @BetsyKetz, develops single-stake vaults for the $YFX token.

These vaults are designed with the aim of efficiently directing a portion of the protocol's revenue to . With a conservative estimated 40% , YFX secured $2 million through a presale, engaging in private sales and launching on 's launchpad.

The protocol actively deploys funds across various applications, intending to enhance the relative fund value and fortify the token's overall worth. YFX is accessible on multiple platforms, including and .[1][2][3][4][5]

Revenue Models

Primary Model

The core revenue model of the Yield Farming Index Protocol is designed with specific objectives in mind. The protocol aims to generate revenue primarily through , utilizing its treasury to provide liquidity to a diverse range of protocols. This strategy seeks to achieve a predictable 2.0–2.5% monthly return on the value of the underlying treasury, establishing a stable income stream.

Additionally, the protocol allocates a portion of its generated income as incentives, intended to encourage the development of Solidity forks. By offering competitive to liquidity providers dealing with tokens exhibiting appreciating values, the protocol aspires to stimulate trading activity and volume.

This incentive structure is designed to attract user participation, fostering liquidity provision and, consequently, enhancing the overall usage and revenue of the platform.[6]

Secondary Model

The Yield Farming Index Protocol integrates a secondary revenue model focused on growth equity investments within the crypto space.

traders aim to identify and present potential growth opportunities to the community for collective decision-making. If the community approves an investment proposal, the protocol seeks to invest, with the goal of realizing returns on these investments as an additional source of revenue.

This model is designed to utilize the collective insight of the community in exploring and potentially benefiting from promising opportunities in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.[6]

Yield Farming Index Token ($YFX)

The is designed to facilitate participation in single-stake vaults of the , intending to streamline a portion of the protocol's revenue towards . The determination of the total market cap of is linked to the dollar amount raised during the presale, establishing a fixed total supply. For example, if $1,000,000 is raised, the total supply will be set at 1,000,000, gradually decreasing over time.[7][8][9]

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Yield Farming Index (YFX) Protocol


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