AI Coins

AI Coins, also known as coins or tokens, are a type of that incorporates artificial intelligence technology into their operations.[1]


AI coins are digital tokens built on the that represent the intersection of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). These tokens usually power projects that aim to integrate AI solutions within the blockchain ecosystem or use blockchain to advance AI technologies.[1]

AI coins derive their value from various factors including the AI project's utility, the demand for decentralized AI solutions, and the innovative aspects they introduce, such as machine learning protocols, neural networks, or prediction systems. The allocation or use of these tokens can be employed to gain access to AI-driven services, vote on developmental decisions, or deploy AI solutions on the respective blockchain.[3]


AI coins' utilities include the following:

  • Access to Services: Like other utility tokens, AI coins can be used to access services within a given platform. This could mean using the token to pay for machine learning model predictions, accessing AI-driven analytics, or utilizing any other service the AI project offers. For example, the powers including , an AI-powered search engine. IQ token stakers ( holders) are given early access to the newly launched IQ GPT, focusing on providing real-time and contextually relevant information within the blockchain domain.[4][5]

  • Incentivizing Participation: AI projects often need data to train models. Tokens, such as OCEAN, can be used as incentives for participants to provide data, validate models, or share their own AI algorithms. OCEAN is a utility token of the , which is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform that allows the secure and transparent transfer of data for AI and machine learning applications. It allows publishers to monetize their data while preserving control and privacy. OCEAN can be used for trading data on the Ocean Market, as well as for .[6][7]

  • Governance: Some projects, like , let token holders vote on the future direction of the project, determining which AI models to prioritize, or how to allocate resources and funds. The AI coins can also be used to reward users for their computational contributions. Akash Network is a distributed, open-source cloud system that facilitates platforms and entities, in addition to supporting machine learning, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI). Akash Network Token (AKT) is the native utility token of Akash Network that is used as the primary means to govern the network, secure the blockchain, and incentivize participants.[8][9]

Major AI Coins

  • : a machine-learning ecosystem with a focus on being permissionless and decentralized. It aims to build a smart AI-based infrastructure with FET tokens as the incentive to use and offer services.[10]

  • SingularityNET: a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence (AI) services. It was founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel along with a team of other AI experts, scientists, and engineers. The platform leverages blockchain technology to create a decentralized ecosystem where AI developers can publish their services and users can access and use those services using the platform's native utility token, AGI (Artificial General Intelligence token).[10]

  • : an -based project that operates like a decentralized hedge fund. It uses AI technology to enhance the accuracy of financial predictions. Data scientists at Numeraire are encouraged to use NMR tokens, with blockchain technology employed to secure and protect the ecosystem from tampering. The project does not offer direct AI services but instead focuses on AI-based financial modeling.[10]

  • : a project created for querying data from platforms such as . While it doesn't directly offer or deploy AI services, it serves as a dependable resource for AI developers who need to request data from services associated with The Graph while building a model.[10]

  • : the project enables AI algorithms to be run on the blockchain, which allows for the creation of AI applications that are more secure and transparent due to the blockchain's inherent properties. Cortex uses its native cryptocurrency, called Cortex Coin (CTXC), to facilitate transactions within its ecosystem.[10]

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AI Coins

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