BiLira is an organization that manages its native token . TRYB is a pegged to , intending to offer advantages like improved transaction throughput, heightened security, and decreased fees in contrast to traditional banking channels.[21][22]


BiLira was founded on the 19th of July, 2019[2], by , and Vidal Arditi (COO), and is a growing team consisting of software engineers, and  developers.

BiLira oversees the TRYB  pegged to the Turkish Lira, and aims to democratize finance, especially for Turkish citizens making them able to seamlessly integrate into . The BiLira organization is a joint-stock company incorporated under Turkish law with a vision to enhance the access of Turkish citizens to the decentralized and global financial network through the use of its price-stable cryptographic token.[1][14][21][22]


The BiLira organization serves as the primary entity responsible for overseeing and managing the network, with plans to transition governance responsibilities to certified network members and market makers in the future. Operating independently of network members and organizational partners, BiLira is equipped with its own working capital, employees, and technology stack. As the platform evolves, the team intends to assume a founding member role, offering the original open-source technology.

The BiLira Platform, a web application facilitating transactions, aims to function as a user-friendly on/off ramp gateway, offering a swift, secure, and cost-effective solution compared to other options available in the local market.[16][14][22]

"BiLira, acting as a ramp for peer-to-peer marketplaces, will make more accessible to the locals, especially backed by such reputable marketplace like Paxful, we can see this going far." - Vidal Arditi, COO of BiLira[3]


The BiLira organization aims to achieve four key objectives:

  1. Conducting research, development, and maintenance for the BiLira stablecoin and software implementation, while managing the organization's website and code repository.
  2. Overseeing business development, governance, and compliance functions for the BiLira Network, including efforts to promote product adoption.
  3. Ensuring fund safety, compliance, and due diligence for network participants to maintain trust and legal compliance.
  4. Raising awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology among Turkish citizens while contributing expertise to distributed ledger infrastructure.[22]


The BiLira team functions within a decentralized structure, distributing roles across diverse areas like software engineering, project management, finance, and compliance.

Supported by a board of advisors and private investors, the organization collaborates with academic and professional bodies, including regulators, experts, and investment funds.

Additionally, it partners with entities experienced in personal finance, compliance, and emerging technologies.[22]

BiLira (TRYB) Token

The BiLira (TRYB) token is a , issued and managed by the BiLira organization. It is directly pegged to the Turkish Lira at a 1:1 ratio, meaning one BiLira token is equal in value to one Turkish Lira. TRYB is designed to be compatible with the token standard, making it usable on -based platforms, and it is also available on the blockchain network.

The BiLira token (TRYB) is a fully backed that is based on underlying reserves that are held in custodian accounts.[1][2][17]


BiLira team consists of Turkey's most experienced developers and financiers. Their details are shown in the table below:[16]

1.Co-Founder & CEO
2.Co-Founder & CTO
3Vidal ArditiCo-Founder & COO
4.Berkay KangalChief Investment Officer (CIO)
5.Nafiz BayındırFull Stack Developer
6.Reşit KörsuSenior Frontend Developer
7.Doruk İşmenHead of Marketing
8.Oğuz DoğanProduct Designer
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