BiLira (TRYB)

Bilira (TRYB) is a pegged to the Turkish Lira, owned by the . Designed to be accessible around the clock and globally, BiLira aims to facilitate seamless integration of Turkish citizens into the decentralized internet.[1][2]


The BiLira Token (TRYB) is a backed by , aiming to provide benefits such as increased transaction throughput, enhanced security, and reduced fees compared to conventional banking methods. It is fully backed by reserves held in custodian accounts, aiming to facilitate easy onboarding for exchanges, convenient transactions between wallets, and transparent donations to non-profit organizations.

As of February 2023, the total supply of BiLira tokens is 736,535,242.[3][1][4]

Use Cases


TRYB facilitates trading, enabling users to transfer funds without fees by directly inputting their TRYB address on exchanges during issuances. BiLira is listed on various exchanges and centralized platforms like , MEXC, and .

Additionally, BiLira launched TRYB on , aiming to enable faster, more secure transactions and scalability compared to its previous existence solely on the .[5][6][7]

Decentralized Finance

aims to leverage to empower individuals to manage finances independently, facilitating TRYB transfers to exchanges and non-custodial wallets. TRYB integration into platforms is intended to enhance Turkish users' engagement.

The team endeavors to bridge the gap between traditional payments and web 3.0, enabling seamless token transfers between digital wallets. This approach seeks to offer the convenience of text messaging with the borderless, fee-free nature of email for instant money storage and transmission.[5][6][7]

Community Aid

aims to enhance social welfare in Turkey by leveraging transparency. Through projects like Uçurtma Projesi, it seeks to connect philanthropists with students in need, providing financial assistance via -based .

TRYB also serves as a financial tool in platforms like HYVE, extending its utility beyond social innovation projects.[5][7]

Smart Contract

The BiLira token operates on the network, utilizing to execute predefined actions based on specified conditions set by the . These contracts incorporate additional functionalities and oversight to ensure stability, security, and compliance with regulations.

One feature is the ability to pause the entire contract in the event of a critical bug discovery or key compromise, temporarily halting token transfers, , , and minter additions.

Additionally, has mechanisms for blacklisting addresses under circumstances mandated by legal authorities, preventing designated addresses from sending or receiving BiLira tokens. The token's upgradeability is facilitated through the use of Unstructured-Storage Proxy contracts, allowing for upgrades while maintaining security measures.[6]


 prioritizes security through key generation and storage protocols. Keys are securely generated and managed using hardware storage systems, aiming to enhance overall security. Multisignature functionality ensures major decisions require approval from multiple signers, contributing to increased security measures.

Revocation mechanisms are in place to nullify pending actions and prevent malicious activities. High-risk keys are stored offline in cold storage, while robust authentication protocols are implemented to safeguard cryptographic processing.[6]

wikiMinting & Redemption

employs a supply of TRYB tokens, securely stored in the TRYB Pre-Mint Wallet, with issuance volumes determined historically. A mix of and Fireblocks managed wallets aims to ensure secure execution.

When users deposit TRY to issue TRYB, the specified amount is transferred from Pre-Mint Wallet to their wallet, aiming to facilitate prompt demand fulfillment while minimizing interactions with -privileged wallets.

TRYB redemptions and are user-centric, with redeemed tokens swept to the TRYB Wallet for removal from circulation. Operations are typically batched and executed weekly for efficient gas fee management. Transparency is upheld through scanners, enabling easy tracing of all TRYB transactions.[6][8]


A wallet enables users to send, receive, and monitor digital currencies, with aiming to facilitate secure, high-speed transfers.

Users require a digital wallet storing their public and private keys for transactions, recorded transparently on a public . Various types of wallets, including desktop, online, mobile, or hardware options, are compatible with TRYB. [6]

Merchant Payment

aims to facilitate fast, secure transactions between consumers and merchants by integrating digital wallet addresses into their network standard. This intends to enable seamless interaction between consumer wallets and merchant point-of-sale software, similar to web browsers accessing remote websites via the HTTP protocol.[6]

Stablecoin Design

implements a -collateralized approach in its design. This method aims to ensure that each unit of tokenized is backed by an equivalent unit of reserved , adhering to traditional regulatory standards.

It requires issuing members to maintain robust auditable reserve capability, typically through banking relationships.[6]


In April 2022, completed its seed funding round with a valuation of $125 million, securing a total investment of $2.50 million. The round was led by .[9]

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BiLira (TRYB)

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