Blackpool Finance

Blackpool Finance is a hedge fund that operates in quantitative management. Founded in 2021 by , the organization applies financial engineering and portfolio management techniques to the world of NFTs. [1][2]


BlackPool owns and manages a range of digital assets from play-and-earn game items to metaverse plots. The platform operates as a (DAO) built solely for gaming and trading where individuals can actively participate in the project through tokenization. [1][2]

BlackPool aims to make assets and strategies more accessible, allowing a broader audience to potentially benefit. They introduce on-chain protocol, combining long-tail investment analysis, , and self-organizing team guilds to generate passive income. [1]

In July 2023, Blackpool Finance announced its investment in [7], an NFT fantasy football game. The partnership involved Blackpool Finance becoming a strategic advisor and a  for Sorare, as well as launching a joint scholarship program for new players. [8]

BlackPool's game library includes , Sorare Baseball, Sorare Basketball, Immortal game, Big Time, MetaFight, Cometh, and . [1]

The BlackPool Lab

The Lab is BlackPool’s research & development arm and it serves three purposes: supporting strategic decisions, incubating new gaming verticals, and providing advisory services. [5]

"BlackPool is a pioneer in the future of web3 gaming and the BlackPool Lab is its R&D and team incubator arm." - the website states[5]


BPT () is the governance token of BlackPool. It ensures distributed decision-making. xBPT allows shared ownership of NFTs, value capture, and member exclusives. [3]


In December 2021, Blackpool Finance acquired over $6 million in funding led by DIGITAL. DIGITAL was joined by Bitkraft, Delphi Digital, Play Ventures, Backed, and Cherry Ventures while existing contributors Fabric Ventures doubled down on their commitment to the DAO. [6]

“It is exciting to have these new partners on board with Blackpool’s vision. They bring diverse gaming and investing experiences. With this additional capital, the DAO will be able to speed its growth to support more games, attract more leading managers, and much more … back to building!” - , founder of BlackPool[6]

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Blackpool Finance


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