BUIDL is a term that refers to the concept of actively contributing to and building the and ecosystem. It is an intentional misspelling of the word "BUILD" similar to that entered the crypto vocabulary in 2018. [1][2][3]


The notion of "BUIDL" encourages crypto enthusiasts to contribute to the growth and enhancement of the ecosystem. This idea emerged in response to the tendency of individuals entering the crypto space primarily for wealth accumulation or protection, often without a deep understanding of or willingness to contribute to the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Therefore, BUIDL is an embodiment of the spirit that stresses creating value, creating applications (DApps), creating new businesses, and improving functionality.[1]

The BUIDL movement advocates for active participation in the space, emphasizing the importance of contributing to adoption and ecosystem enhancement, rather than solely focusing on accumulating or trading cryptocurrencies. [3]

The activities involved in BUIDLing the cryptocurrency ecosystem include using cryptocurrencies for their intended use, beta project testing, playing games, using , writing articles, creating new cryptocurrencies, building (DApps), creating crypto wallets, exploring ideas, and designing . [1][4][6]

While the exact origin of the term remains unclear, prominent figures within the blockchain and crypto industry frequently use it to endorse the comprehensive advancement of the ecosystem. In 2018, , the founder of , used "BUIDL" in his tweets to reference progress. , the founder of , similarly employs the term to inspire the crypto community to actively contribute to the ecosystem rather than solely focusing on .

BUIDL Network

The BUIDL Network represents a community of developers. Within this network are advocates, startups, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts of and . Every segment within the community organizes meetups that foster the growth of knowledge and skills among its members. The BUIDL Network aims to be at the forefront of enabling a decentralized future.

In addition to this, there is also a BUIDL Asia conference, which is a technical conference dedicated to sharing technical and business developments in the crypto space. It’s hosted by and has been held annually since 2018. The conference provides an opportunity for builders to interact and find diverse opportunities in terms of business development, employment, and insight sharing.[5][8]

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